Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm in deep shit


I m in deep shit.

Holidays are coming to the end and I am still on my honeymoon mode..

So many works undone..

So much time to play yet so little time for thesis..

Hohoho~~ And soon it will be Christmas..sure no mood wanna do thesis!

OMG i m screwed~

Why la I am so playful?

(At the same time this is what happens in my brain)

Right : Should I tell them this?

Left : ERm.. I think better dont

Right : But I wanna share with them...

Left : Tsk tsk tsk, Image dear...Image!!

Right : Ok lorrrrr...

(Before hitting on the "Publish Post" button,....)

Heart : If you guys dont have the guts to tell.. let me do it!!

Wahahahaha this is not a joke.. Seriously happened in my brain. Heart and brain fighting again as usual..

Seriously hesitating... but heart won in the end..

SO a gentle reminder for all.

Be prepared for everything and in order to be sure that u are fully prepared, go Youtube and type for "2cups1girl" and watch most of the reactions first...

I am not gonna give you the link cos it depends on ur curiosity.. and I am giving u a chance to turn back too.. The decision is in ur own hand.. MUAHAHAHA

I m evil. I know.

And just in case you watched that.. Not my fault ar.. I am also curious like you. A gaming friend told me to watch it. So i went. Took me a long time to search for the link though.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Life or death?

I wonder what death is like sometimes,

Is it painful?

Do we still get to remember our names?

Our family?

Our friends?

Or a new life begins in a new world?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Funny Mum

I love my mum so much!



Me, the driver (ever since I got my driving license) while my mum, The Queen aka The Boss's wife (taukenio) aka the Chatty Box aka the PR Officer aka Mrs. Friendly aka Tigeress aka ... erm.. I don't think you guys wanna read more of the details. Muahahaha

So me and my mum was having this little conversation in the car with some environmental noise by Colbie Caillat singing Bubbly.

I remembered we were joking like mad cows when I suddenly stepped on the brake which of course startled my Queen. Once startled, my Queen, due to her nature, motherly behaviour will shout and demand for explanation.

Mum: Oi~ Ah moi, what were you thinking ha!? You know you are trying to kill us? If both of us die how? If accident how? If dad's here how now? Do you have any idea of what are you doing? Are you out of you mind?

And like usual, after reprimanded poor me (though not my fault) she continued with the reckless driver now.

Mum: ...And this fella ah! I wonder how and which institution he got his driving license from!? Ha, never watched where he was going, never see the car (us) properly, he was supposed to stop at the junction (ooo! she knew it wasnt my fault see?) because he has to let us pass first...... bla bla bla bla bla bla..

The best part,

Mum: ...bla bla bla... &*#$^*&*@^&#$^&*@# (before looking at the reckless driver)

After found out who he is,

Mum: Eh, that's ABC leh~ Aiyo (voice started to lower down) what happened to him ho? How come he drives like that? Ai yo must be really tired being the sole bread winner of the family... bla bla bla...

I remained silent because I need to wait for my turn to talk cause there is no way my mum will listen to me when she's in her panic mode. So I waited.

My permission to talk was granted after few minutes.

Me: Eh ma, you know that stupid fella meh?

Mum: Haha bad girl. Calling people stupid.

*raised eyebrow*

Me: You know him meh?

*ignored my question*

Mum: You think he's handsome? I think he is handsome. Very handsome ho?

Me: *faint*

Mum: What!? I know him la (finally answered my question). He owns a shop selling baju kurung, sari and clothes one. Neh.. *pointing-to-God-knows-where* there. His shop is there.

Me: Mhmm.. O.. Okay..

Mum: ....

Me: Eh, ma. What is handsome ah?

Mum: ha?! You sot ka?

Me: I mean, how do u regard a person as handsome or ugly?

Mum: Well for me that driver just now is handsome.

Me: Ha? WHat's so special about him leh? He has 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, a mouth and a normal body. Everyone has. How do you differentiate ugly and handsome then leh?

Mum: Well... (silent for 5 seconds).....well..... (another 3 secs)... HANDSOME is HANDSOME lah! Why bother so much?! As long as my eyes like them, then handsome lah! *frustrated and completely forgotten the earlier incident*

Me: *laugh real loud* Ma, you are so cute la sometimes! What would I do without you, hmm?

Mum: Cilaka punya budak, tricked me ho!

And she lifted her index finger, bended in a C-position and knocked her driving-daughther.

Yeap! She's my Queen. Our Queen. Sweet Queen of Ling's Family.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thinky Thinky

Been thinking a lot since I am back home.

After reading KS's entry on "How Do Couples Keep The 'Spark' Alive In Their Relationship?"

I am kinda "awake" as in not being ignorant in matters like this anymore. I used to ignore and think, "Nah, I don't need those things yet."

But now, "Bah (yesh Chrissy, am using ur famous word again haha), I better start thinking and choose which path I wanna go".

How do couples keep the spark alive in their relationship ya?

I wonder too.

Mum's like asking me a lot bout marriage since I am turning 22 real soon (that's an obvious hint for pressies too! MUAAHAHAHAHHAAHA).

Well you know, questions like...

1) Have you been thinking of getting married after you graduate?
2) Are you ready for marriage?
3) What do you think of marriage?
4) Etc Etc...

Something like those...

From the surface, I dont care much about 'marriage', but I have to admit, those questions are disturbias.

And when I let my thoughts run wild, I see fear and as a result I chicken-out.

No joke.

I would go like this.

My thought:

If my bf proposed to me one day, will I say yes on the spot and then began to reconsider my decision when I get back home? Or will I say no and rejected him, making things turn awful? Or will I say yes and regret right after? And the list goes on and on... I cant list all of the possibilities. There are so many of them!!

If yes, am I really ready for marriage? Am I willing enough to vow and give my true love to him for the rest of my life? Am I willing to (like the experienced said) step into the world of sufferings and bid freedom bye-bye?

And this is where I start to chicken-out.

Maybe too many divorce cases, too many family problems, too many child abuse cases freak me out effortlessly.

I told myself that if I wanna build a family, it's has to be a stable ones, no hesitation.

I am still touching my out in the dark so far.

I see no light in the dark tunnel.

Touching and rubbing my way out.

Thinking about the future is scary sometimes because I am so afraid to end up lonely.

Contradictingly, I dont wanna give up my dreams. I still wanna fulfill my dreams... Bah~ (again, Chrissy, I know). This is it ladies, when you reach ages like these, you are at the most critical point... this is where your sacrifice counts!

And I just realised how lack of self-understanding I am!! And this is crucial for my future.

Because I will be graduating next semester and every decision I make will affect my LIFE! And I can never turn back time if what I have decided is already done.

Scary T_T

Now I know what is the real meaning of the big word- R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-T-Y!!!

Shoulders are feeling the burdens already.

No wonder I get sore-shoulders so easily lately and would demand Chrissy to send me e-choppys and e-massages! Eh, shreky?

Monday, November 05, 2007


Was feeling bored so I grabbed this frm Cibol's. ^^

You Are Ruby Red

You are warm and inviting - yet a little wild and outrageous.

Well aware that you have a dual personality, you work it as much as you can!

You like for people to be comfortable around you, but not at the expense of you stealing the limelight.

Popular and well known, you make friends easily. You have your big personality to thank for that.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mummy's Birthday

my favourite~~ ^^

Asparagus, my second favourite~~

Munchy, munchy

Thursday, November 01, 2007


If you asked me what will get on my nerve the most, I must say it's the infamous MALAYSIAN's attitude!!

It was rainy since dont-know-what-time this morning and no doubt there's gonna be traffic jam all the way down the Repok Road when I am picking up my little bro during the after-school hours. I can still tolerate the traffic jam but I really cant stand the attitudes of Malaysian's drivers! To be specific, SARIKEIan drivers!!! Yesh I am the local people here, but I DONT CARE! Sarikeian drivers deserve no respect from me~

I was trapped right at the junction when I turned into the road on my left only to know that there was a car on my opposite direction broke down. There were cars stucked in front of me already (because they are not following the rules) and when I want to reverse (so that the cars in front of me can reverse too), guess what?

None of the cars will let me reverse!!! They could have stop and give me some space to reverse then the whole jam incident can be SOLVED! Simple action like that can only take up 1 minute. BUt NO!! That was not the case!!!! They drove passed me leaving me and the other cars remain stucked in the jam.

And if it was not me little bro who went down and asked the opposite driver, we never knew that his car broke down! And viola~ we will be stucked there for like forever!!

See?? This is how Sarikei ppl drive nowadays! Ignorant and arrogant!!

I am very very upset. Why oh why?

Nevermind the zebra crossing because Malaysian drivers will never stop when they see people standing on the zebra-crosser, nevermind the show-off attitude when they drive and nevermind the simply-parking attitude as if they are some kinda big shots who can park anywhere. Nevermind all those~ I can still tolerate! But THIS!!!?!! This?!! A simple give-way attitude would have solve the problem and save us lots of time and everyone will end up happily ever after.

And know what's making me more upset and disappointing? Even my secondary school teacher will not give way too. She drove pass us too. Bah, what is this?! They are the one teaching us moral values but at the same time setting bad examples by breaking the rules too!



Everywhere is the same. Malaysian drivers are not friendly and kind AT ALL! *loser sign*

My tolerance for this country is slowly peeling away.


Friday, October 26, 2007


yays~ today marked one of the happiest days in my life!


Cause under certain circumstances, my dad brought us a web cam!! Yays!!!

Daddy is the best!

Ta dah~ Penguini says HELLO to all of u with his red eyes~~ ^^

I named our web cam, Penguini. Reason being is that I like Linguini from Ratatouille. I particularly like his name. I thought his name is sweet, special and nice to hear. So I kinda named my web cam after him. Muahaha

Soon daddy will buy us dvd burners too. Yays more nice songs to listen.

Ahh... pampered ears~~ muahahaa

Okay.. so how does this Penguini came about eh?

It was last night when Chrissy and Choy (another friend I met in Nostale) made a deal to see each other through the web cams that I got trigered. I cant just miss the fun when they are having fun in front of me right right right? So I told daddy that I want a web cam too~ plus web cams are cheap nowadays. Daddy said ok. So before me daddy changes his mind I better take actions fast. So I went to town and bought Penguiniback home with me.

This is so much fun. Now I can see Chrisy and Chrisy can see me too~ and we cant wait to see Choy! :P

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running out of time!!

Busy Busy Busy.

24 hours a day is totally insufficient!!


Just in case you guys are wondering what I am doing everyday..

Well, first thing when I wake up in the morning, I have to dry the family's clothes under the sun. And they are not only 2 pieces as I got to dry in PJ, it's like a basket of them!! Wa lau eh. PPl said if house got baby only then the house is full with clothes to dry. But MY HOUSE??! MY HOUSE??!! No baby leh.. all tua-tua one~~ Still so many clothes!! *sigh* Ok ok..enough elaborations i think? Hehehe

After that, proceed to wash dishes and it's rare to see no dishes in the sinky. Aduh aduh..

Then hor, vacuuming the floor lo. Mop them sometimes.

Water the plants like 2 days once. I dunno whether that's the right tradition or not but hey, my plants are still alive! So I assume that the tradition should be continued muahahhaa.

And then, bathe my two rascal pets like 2 days once too.

After that rest a while, cook lunch.

Bring out lunch for my mother. After lunch help her with business right until 5pm sometimes 6pm.

Reach home. SOmetimes I need to cook dinner too.

After that, if the clothes are dried, fold them. Baskets remember? *faint*

After dinner, bathe.

After bathe, my happy-hour time!


Online gaming!!!!!

Gaming with my partner-in-crime, Chris - American. He's so cute I tell you *chatting away*

Oh.. I'll elaborate that in another entry :P

In conclusion, I must praise my family members for "using" me to the fullest while I am still in Sarikei.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woo Hooooo

I'm officially back. Back in Sarawak, back in Sarikei, back to blogspot.

I just realised that I left my blogspot like for a month or so..

Gosh, if I were to earn money by blogging, I am sure I am gonna starve to death.

Well, learnt a lot of stuffs during my absence from blogspot. (I know, I always said so)

Went to Muar, Pontian, Kukup and Melaka right after finals. Well.. was thinking whether or not wanna put any pictures here and there.. but I am too lazy to do so. But Angel did a good work. So you can always visit her blog and read the details.

After Johor-Melaka trip, I went to Genting for vacation II before flying back here. Muahahaha Totally enjoyed myself to the fullest cause i know I am gonna miss PJ and KL at least a little for this 3 months holiday in Sarawak.

Well if I were to blog about every single thing that I encountered during my period of absence, it's gonna take agessssssss.

There were shitty Air Asia guy incident, whacky-prone children incident in the plane (they really got on my nerve!! and I feel like choke-slamming them so hard!) etc etc.

A minor accident happened today.

Well, I was being too "kepo" looking at my mum driving and me driving another car.

I didn't realise that the car stopped in front of me. So my car kissed their car's butt lo.

Was so worried that the car in front will hammered me on the spot, so I was like totally blank that time.

SO I quickly went down to check out how bad the damage is.

It was a MIRACLE.

Not a single scratch was found.

The owner of the car couldn't believe it. So she kept on inspecting and asking her daughter to double check, triple check and zillion gazillion check some more.

Well, what can I say?

1068 Aunty, trust your eye sight la.. what you see is true leh. No scratch memang no scratch la..

Muahahaha. I am so blessed today. THanks for protecting me my good Lord.

CAnt imagine the consequences if the opposite takes place.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Title-less Entry

Current situation in my room: blankie and pillows scattering all over the beds

Background noise : Angel's Kenny G and Plantasia's (PC game) sound effect plus my own winamp playing non-stop songs.

Current mood : Blue-y

I didn't eat for the whole day until dinner today.

Let me recap what I did today.

Brain occupied with dizziness caused by the drilling noise at the back lane this morning for 30 seconds.

Rejoined my dream after 30 seconds.

After 5 minutes, Angel hoping into the room with cheap Genting vouchers. Beaming with smile from one cheek to the other cheek.

Completely awaken. Brushed teeth and switched on my laptop.

Did some research. Read some blogs. Checked my mails.

Studied for not more than 2 hours.

Mum called. Stop studying. Talked on the phone for nearly an hour.

Completely distracted by family problems.

Decided to sleep.

CAme back to reality at 8pm something with blocked nose and more dizziness.

Galloped 500 ml of water.

Procratinating as usual and now, blogging 'em all out.

Yeap, that's basically what I did today!! My precious Saturday~~



Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exam Ghost

It's coming back again.

I wonder why.

I mean, everytime at the crucial moment like this, I am sure I'm gonna end up with last minute revisions and in the end regreting, hating and blaming myself to pieces for not putting more efforts and wish I made full use of my study week.

I think I overenjoyed this study week - plus Merdeka Public Holiday I have extra 3 days added into study week.

In fact, too much time to study doesn't do any good. Mampus aku..

Is there any medicine for de-procrastination?

Injection, the best.

I really need it!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Check this out


I love it when weekends are approaching,

I get to get rid of Amu,

I get to get rid of my troubles,

I get to get rid of my unhappiness,

I get to be Alice Ling on the weekdays,

I also get to be the previous Alice that I had always wanted on weekends,

Isn't it great to have double personality?

Now that I am busy changing my personalities,

I had no time to worry about petty stuffs anymore,

And that makes me feel...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Rainy Day!

What a rainy and cold Thursday!

We were having our Mamak session this afternoon when the uninvited rain poured down.

Not only that we got cold feet, drenched in sky juice, we were shaking like wet dogs while sheltering at PF. Wa lao eh.. The whole road was covered with mud water from the construction site. Sien~

We lost our patience when YT and I had enough sheltering at PF (PF block is just next to our faculty but too bad it is being separated by a gate). We were rushing for class at 1pm and it was still raining. And because the whole walk way was covered with mud water, I had a naughty idea.

We decided to do our own 'Prison Break' episode. Hehe

I can't really take pictures that time. So, I drew the picture out.

Look, I know it's a bit like Siu Kiong la, but that were exactly how we looked like just now.

Yt thought I was crazy when I said, "Let's climb".

But when I actually climbeb, she didn't protest. She followed.


It was so much fun! With the mud water pouring endlessly, and the fear that we will fall into the mud water, we climbeb along the gate and to the other side of the gate and jumped on the dry spots to get to our faculty. Damn adventurous.


By the time we reached our faculty, we were all wet. But the most important part is, we had FUN!

We are indeed crazy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here are the rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

8 facts about me:

1. I am a girl!

Hahaha ok ok.. i know that's so lame. But..that's the fact ma. Don't boo me leh.

2. My cupboard is dying!!

This happened last Friday night lo!

I was in such a good mood; decided to tidy up my cupboard (the fact is I want to find my missing-in-action MP4 la, I thought I left my MP4 inside ma) and suddenly in the middle of putting all the clothes back into the cupboard, that freaky thing squeaked and thus, collapsed. The best thing is, I was trapped inside the cupboard and Angel was not around the other night to help me out! Don’t laugh la~ Not funny at all la, can? I got so frustrated that I kicked the cupboard when it collapsed AGAIN when I tried to fix it.

Collapsed with all my clothes pouring out...

Stop laughing la~~

Hopeless cupboard

3. I have a friend who knows a lot about Thai Boxing.

Goodness Gracious

The name is HS.

The whole class was shocked when this fella, who is usually nerdy nerdy one with his endless philosophies (craps) and a big head rupa-rupanya so violent inside! HS did put us into our shaking boots when he jumped with his knees aiming so high upwards. It's like the kick that Ken and Ryu, in the Street Fighters always do. Fui yoh~~

4. I no longer use Motorola V3i lo~~~

I changed to Nokia phone dy! Hehehe So good to have a bro who passes down everything to me when he got himself a new gadget. It saves my pocket from burning all the time!

*greedy grin*

5. I am crazy into manicure lately.

I realise that there is a BIG change that you can do to your finger nails. By clearing all the dead cuticles and polish up your nails, they will look perfectly clean, tidy and smooth. When you learn that, you will never leave your room and present yourself to the public with your dirty and dull nails.

6. I am in the process of collecting money and waiting for the price of a PSP to drop!!

Ya la, ya la, call me aunty whatsoever la. I am definitely not one of the fools who would dash and kill among each other on the launching day of new gadgets when it was damn obvious that the launching price is always throat-cutting though I am crazy over gamesssss.

7. I sleep a lot in the afternoon nowadays when I don't have to attend any class because I realise that I won't be able to enjoy this luxury when I start working next time. Thanks for the testimonials and comments that I heard from Charles and Jimmy. I think I better enjoy my life as a student to the fullest lo..

8. Finally, I am a PURE Malaysian Chinese who listens to English songs, Chinese songs, Malay songs, and Hindustani songs.

And my 8 victims will be…
You x 8.

Don’t forget to inform me in my comment that you are gonna do this tag ok? Cos I will really read your tag in your blog. ^^

Have a jolly day, folks~~

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Missing You

"So tell me tell me, what did the doctor say? Boy or girl?"

"Hehe. It's an active boy!"

I can't wait for my big brother to online the other night as my sister-in-law's brother who just came back from UK told me that they are going to know the gender of the baby after doing the scanning thingy on Monday.

Thus, he did online on the time I expected and I threw away my assignments for a while to have a full-time chat with him. He is gonna be a dad real soon and I couldn't throw my tantrum at him anymore cos he would only look at me at annoyance and say, "Grow up, will ya?". Sien. I lost another "victim". Hehe

I was happy to know that it's a baby boy and couldn't wait for the next morning to break the news to my mum. At the age of 45, my mum is gonna be a grandma, me - an aunty, my dad, who still argues with my two younger brothers (when mum is not around) over a computer is gonna be a grandpa! Mum, on the other hand was very very funny. When she heard from me that it's a baby boy, she couldn't believe it. She was overjoyed. Calling me four times a day to confirm the news whether my brother really said that, whether the doctor made any mistakes, whether the scannings were clear and bla bla bla... It took her one day to actually calm down with the news. What a cute family I have.

But I miss my brother a lot and at the same time feel very sorry for them. They are on their own at Plymouth. No relatives, no family members around taking care of them. We can't do anything to show that we care except emailing and chatting through internet and long distance calls. My sis-in-law is now pregnant heavily with my nephew. All of us are worried if my brother, a pre-dad, knows how to take care of a person or not since he is the one being taken care by my sis-in-law all the while. But to my greatest relief he does a good job as a husband and a daddy (I did my homework by interviewing my sis-in-law, you see). No doubt, my sis-in-law is well taken care of together with their precious diamond in her womb.

Feel so sad that we can't be able to be at their sides when the baby is born next year. He will be so far away from us and only get to know us through pictures when my bro points and says, "Baby, this is grandma, grandpa, aunty Alice, uncle Jeff and uncle Jerome"

Sad, but true.


I miss them a lot. Wish UK is just a stone's throw away so that I can fly over to pay them a visit whenever I miss them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Life is all about POWER

Man, sometimes it's hard to deal with injustice.


I'm just a human, a human with feelings, the only thing is that I am a bit abnormal. Abnormal in a way that I am born with a more sensitive feelings than normal human. I get upset easily, I get jealous easily, I give up easily, I broke down easily, and I gain hatred easily.

And life is testing my patience and also teaching me how to deal with it.

When G banged his door, L didn't utter a single syllable. Not a single fart.

But when we couldn't get hold of the door from banging because of the wind, we got scolded. Scolded for our rough-ness, scolded for not treating her property nicely.


Life is so unfair!

Just because G is working and we are students, he gets the best treatment.

L carries his balls like nobody business; full of love and understanding.

Just because G can afford to pay more, we get to wash all the yellowish stains on the toilet bowl every morning.

And the best part is L doesn't seem to make any move in telling him to clean his own mess although we voiced out for uncountable times.

She said, "He's a guy, and it's kinda sensitive to bring up this "hygene" issues to him".

And thus, the "hygene" issues that we brought up quite often some time ago remain in ignorance.

WTF?!! Just because he is a guy, who has a gf living next door, whose gf's dad is a friend of L, we got to clean up the motherfucking mess every morning after he used the bathroom la!?!

Huh, but we (Angel and I) didn't clean the toilet for nothing la.

We get something in return.

It's not that we dislike G, we have nothing against him.

We dislike L only. For being so kiam siap in everything!!! Like the saying goes, "The richer a person is, the more stingy he becomes". L is super damn fucking rich, can?

Below are some examples of her kiamsiap-ness and her bitchiness,

1) Ceiling fan cannot switch to 5 mode, max is only 3 even though the weather is like hell outside.

2) Cannot put too many stuffs in the fridge as we're making her fridge congested. (but the truth is that, she occupies 90% of the storage though she stays alone with us and when we OCCASIONALLY buy some fruits to put in the fridge, she starts to throw that laser look at us when we approach the fridge).

3) Cannot use her kitchen.

4) Cannot talk too loud in the house.

5) Door must not be closed without a single sound as the door will break.

Lesson learnt: I will never ever rent a room with owner staying in the house as long as I am still breathing. I had enough. All that were promised before agreement was achieved are all BIG FAT LIES after you moved in.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In the middle of finding the right thing...

While "war" is happening furiously at Angel's, I am having my "slow-paced" life over here.

I can start to feel the gap that is getting bigger than a leap distance between my fellow friends.

Been really really busy since months ago, I don't have enough time to sleep! I can feel time is ticking away so damn fast like lightning. Too fast till I haven't really get the chance to breathe in and breathe out properly. Man, this is making me really tired.

My countless acnes on my cheeks and forehead and some at my chin, dark eye circles and swollen eye bags are heavy evidences for the punishing nights I went through all these while.

It's been a long time since I last sleep before midnight.

Seriously running out of energy, beauty sleeps, time and not forgetting, $$CASH$$.

Joke of the day:

Brian pulled over the car by the side of the road and showed Jed where he'd first had sex.
"It was right down there by that tree. I remember the day plainly. It was a warm summer day. She and I were so much in love. We walked down to the tree and made love for hours," Brian recalled.
"That sounds wonderful," said Jed.
"Yes. It was okay until I looked up and noticed her mother was standing right there watching us."
"Oh my God! What did her mother say when she saw you making love to her daughter?"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back-dated post

I was supposed to post this entry last thursday one.. but then ho.. the wireless connection in my room sucks to the fullest after Go Go (the guy renting the room next door) moved to Seremban.

Sien lo~ No internet liao lO! Cannot read blogs lo cannot do assignment last minute lo.. but in a way good also la. Cos I tend to plan ahead to finish my neverending assignmentsssss. Wahahaha OK ok..

Back to business..

This happened exactly last Thursday night.

The sky was already dark as the sun was hardly to be found when Angel, YW and I were heading back home after YW and I pampered ourselves with Mc D burgers for dinner after spending long dreadful hours in the campus, except for Angel as she is disciplining herself to adhere strictly to her diet schedule. YW baited her to join our indulgence. Her reaction?

Well, a very cool “No thanks. I am on diet.”

I was like “Wah… the power of love”.

Oops… this will be another different episode altogether therefore, I shall not elaborate more.

Back to the incident.

As usual the 3 of us chatted on our way back home. We crossed the busy roads and headed into the dark lanes. Well usually we have to walk only one lane to reach home but unfortunately every Thursday, Metrobus will only stop at the front of Poh Kong as they don’t wanna go inside Chow Yang (I stay around that area, you see) due to the heavy traffic jam caused by Thursday Chow Yang Pasar Malam and those impatient bus drivers are smart enough NOT to drive into the Chow Yang area and got themselves stuck in the jam.

So, all the bus drivers will only drop us in front of Poh Kong jewellery which is the nearest walking distance back home. In order to reach home, we need to pass 3 dark lanes compared to only one on other weekdays.

The first lane, a lady in her office wear was walking with us. In order to keep track behind her, we increased our paces to a faster rate while the 3 of us chatted to create a relaxing atmosphere and at the same time keeping guard on our surrounding.

The second lane, 3 men were walking in our opposite direction. We panicked for a quick second and walked further away from them. Any suspicious figures approaching us can be the potential robber, raper or murderer, you see. Fortunately, nothing happened.

*wiping sweat off forehead*


The third lane; also the last lane.

As we were passing half through the third lane, I saw a motorbike parking behind the lane of my house. I don’t know why my stupid instinct asked me to turn to my right and checked out what the motorbike was doing there.

Right when I turned my head, I thought I saw a woman in helmet adjusting her vegetables in the basket at the front part of the bike that she probably bought at the night market and prepared to ride her bike home. But I was horribly WRONG.

It was quite dark that time so I tried to adjust my eye sight to capture a clearer picture of the “woman”. I was thinking why the “woman” is so stupid to park her bike way too far from the night market and I am pretty sure that every woman staying in SS2 will have the basic conscience that parking at the far, quiet and dark lane behind the houses is actually giving out a golden opportunity to get robbed or raped or even murdered in the end! So I suspected something’s fishy.

I looked back again and saw that actually it was a MAN.

It was an Indian man clad in a yellow shirt complete with a Bermuda with his helmet still on his head and was seen facing the white wall separated by a small drain behind the first terrace house. Okay, I was thinking he was answering his urgent nature call. FINE. That’s one of the advantage that men earned since they were born though that was quite a disturbing sight.

Mana tahu…

I was WRONG again.

If he was peeing, why on earth did he hold his birdie in full with his right palm rubbing it with a front-to-back-and-back-to-front action while revealing half of his backside?

The moment that I figured out that he was actually masturbating in his own world, I guessed he had already sensed our presence as he turned his head towards us. I didn’t realise that YW was actually looking at the same direction as mine. The moment I wanna tell her and Angel, she was horrified at the sight and I guessed my facial expression was clear enough to show that we have to RUN!!!

Don’t ask me why but that was the first thing that popped up when I saw that disgusting sight.

That maniac was staring at us while comforting his 6-7 inches birdie downstairs. SHIT! What a “multi-tasker”.

Both YW and I were so damn scared that he will chase after us for compensation after we found out what he was doing over there and I am damn sure that that was his intension to do by the way he stared at the both of us.

Too bad Angel missed the whole drama. She was blindly being grabbed by me and pushed by YW from behind into our small Olympic home-run. She clearly did not have any idea and started to panic why were we running like mad cows even though I shouted, “SHIT! That fella is masturbating la. RUN, girls, RUN!!!”

Guess she wasn’t aware of anything and still got time to complain that we dragged her into that sudden marathon while running. It was funny to think back but scary to experience that.

Hence my question is,

Are we making a big fuss out of this incident? Cos aunty (our landlady) said, we could have just ignore that guy and let him carries on with his exciting activity and walk calmly home instead of running home like lightning. But my point is, what if he attacked us pulak?

Any better suggestion or experience to share as what is the right way to respond to this kind of situation if we come across it again in the future?

*touch wood, touch wood*

Who knows your feedbacks can save one precious life.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Latest update from me ^^

Layer 1 : On the outside...

Name : Alice
Birth date : 28.12.85 (Since I blog this out I will expect lots and lots of presents this year! Wahahahahaa)
Current status : Happy single
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : In the process of becoming dark
Righty or lefty : Righty

Layer 2 : On the inside...

Your heritage : Chinese (Sarikei Hu Jiu Neng)
Your fear : Weight loss!!
Your weakness : Losing my temper at the wrong time
Your perfect pizza : Cheese and pepperoni (same with Angel's)

Layer 3 : Yesterday, today, tomorrow...

Your thoughts first thing when you wake up : Huh? What day is today?
Your bedtime : Not later than 3am EVERY night (Good thing mum doesnt read blogs wahaha)
Your most missed memory : JAC

Layer 4 : Your pick...

Pepsi or Coke : I don't like soft drinks but if I really have to choose, it will be Sprite
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's
Single or group dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or vanilla : Definitely chocolatoooooooooo
Cappucino or coffee : I prefer Soya Bean drink

Layer 5 : Do you ...

Smoke : Unless I don't want my life dy, then I might want to kill myself slowly..
Curse : When things go wrong
Take a shower : Twice a day~
Have a crush : Got over it
Think you've been in love: No
Go to school : Yesh
Want to get married : Absolutely everybody~~
Believe in yourself : Most of the time
Think you're a health freak : Hell no.. I eat all those fatty stuff without even think of it!!

Layer 6 : In the past month...

Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall : Yeah
Been on stage : Yes
Eaten sushi : Erm..the last time I ate was when Angel asked me to finished her unfinished sushi
Dyed your hair : Not anymore. Suffered a bad hair damage

Layer 7 : Have you ever ...

Played a stripping game : Nope
Changed who you were to fit in : That would be really silly

Layer 8 : Age...

You're hoping to get married : No idea..never ponder on this though

Layer 9 : In a girl/guy...

Best eye colour : Crystal Blue
Best hair colour : Depends on the skin tone
Short or long hair : Again, it depends..

Layer 10 : What were you doing...

1 min ago : Sending files to Rose
1 hour ago : Chatting with Rose and Jen
4.5 hours ago : Slept like a PIG
1 month ago : I hardly remember!!
1 year ago : Staying in UT, suffering brain torture with the bastardious, shit-face securities and management people!

Layer 11 : Finish the sentence...

I love : travelling, adventures, arts, surprises, uniqueness, pressies, flowers, happiness n peaceful moments!
I feel : so so damn nice right now with the cool breeze circulating in my room
I hate : being occupied by the past
I hide : my secrets in one of the dark rooms in my heart
I need : new adventure!!!

See, Angel? I DO reply la.. Hehehe

Thanks for tagging me anyways, a good excuse for me to update my blog, though.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yo YO yo~~

Wahahaha I'm back!

Spotted this great MTV in Monkey Wong's latest entry, which gave me a strong urge to post it up here to SHARE.

NOTE: My pure intention is to SHARE, not to CONDEMN ya. *Displaying Puss's, the charming cat in Shrek, well-known-innocent look and an angel ring above me head*

THe lyrics were FANTASTIC! Hillarious! A mood-breaking one!! :)

Negaraku is very normal, but Negaraku-ku??-add one plus point! wAhahaha (If you get what I mean)

Like he said, "PLease don't sue me, saya takde duit". :P

Friday, June 22, 2007

Unexpected Fun

Wednesday is a day to rest and to sleep to the fullest! (for this semester la). But, unfortunately I don't think I am that "lucky" since I have society meetings to attend nearly EVERY wednesday afternooN~~ *sigh*

But then, glad that I handed over everything to my "descendant", the newly elected English Language Society's treasurer~~ Hehe. Been waiting for this very day since the day I became the treasurer of ELS. YEAPY~~~ That means, I can sleep like I never sleep before for the coming Wednesdayssss this whole semester lu.... YEAH~~!!

Yesterday adternoon was the last English Language Society meeting for old committees and as usual, while the chairperson was busy talking in front, I was busy sms-ing at the back row. Wahahaha BO bien..very wu liao. But I believe the next batch will do a good job! At least better than us~~ Cause I can see their capabilities and that is why they deserve our votes the other day.

After meeting adjourned around 1630, Pei Xian and I were heading to the internet lab when we bumped into Pui Ling (the Buddhist Society's committee member). Pei Xian was so excited when she saw Pui Ling cause Buddhist Society was holding a mega function upstairs. So PX was hoping to watch the show hosted by the Buddhist Society members. Pui Ling was kind enough to let us in for free because from what I heard from my other friends, they need to pay for the entrance tickets.

So there we were, ended up sitting among the crowd, knowing nothing about Buddha but somehow acted cool like experts.

I really have to praise the actresses involved in the performances. They are really talented~ Can cry anytime, anyhow and the best part was they made the audience cried, feeling touched.

There was this section where the MC invited a monk (their si fu) to recite prayer for all those who were there. I was panicked cause I am not a Buddhist and the same goes with PX. By the time both of us wanna "cabut", it was too late. The committee members were too efficient. They noticed that only the both of us do not have water lily candle to lit and to hold the candle on our palms so, they gave us the candles even when we said it was ok cause we were leaving anyway. But they we might as well co-operate lo.. Frankly speaking, I wasn't comfy at all.

But don't worry God, I still love you very much. The feeling I have for You remains unchanged.

Both PX and I suffered a long 30 minutes (or maybe longer) moment of awkwardness. Others were so busy and concentrated praying except the 2 of us. So there we were, stood real still, dare not to utter a single word, playing eye contacts with each other, exchanging messages like, "When will this gonna end ar? Feeling very awkward leh.. What's gonna happen next oh? Why isn't anyone movE? Why do we have to stand? How come pray so long one? And when is this gonna end??? I wanna go home leh. Can we cabut now? What happen if we leave right now? Will they feel offended?...."

After the praying session, both of us really got ready to escape dy. But hor...suddenly we heard the MC asking for a round applause to welcome the 2005 Astro Talent Quest Champion, Kwok Fai (Vois) to come on stage. The crowd went wild!

I was like.. "Ha?! Who's that?"

Before I can hear PX talks, the crowd were crazy! Especially girls.
*shaking head*

Everybody was screaming their hearts out. Guys too leh!
Well, apa lagi?
You can hear the usual "Arrrggghhhhh, Zheng Guo Hui!! Wo Ai NI!!! Argghhhhhh!!!" *girl fans shrieking*. And also "Zheng Guo Hui, ni hao bang!!"

Thought who so "ba bai", I stayed back again. Hehe

Through my discovery, this local star actually has a good vocal. Some of his songs are quite nice though. The lecture hall in UTAR (PC203) suddenly turned into a concert hall. And to my great surprise, UTAR actually allows Vois to promote and sell his cd after his mini-concert. Which is very ironic to its well-known tedious and stringent management principles and rules. Hmm.. got autograph signing session somemore!! *faints*

Here is a video to share with you all, it's a bit shaky in the beginning..and it's only part of the song he performed that Mei Wah managed to record cos her camera ran out of space dy.

Courtesy of Mei Wa

Banyak concentrate signing autograph

Vois's (Not Vios) Fan

Being kiasu enough, I also took picture with Vois since everybody was squeezing themselves through the crowd to take photos with him. I managed to take his side look only. Dare not to ask him to take photo with me cos I didn't buy his CD. Wahahaha

Side view enough la~~

Then hor, Aunty (Chia Yun) suddenly asked us to take group photos. So once again, taking photo with vague purpose. Wahaha

From the left: Ah Hua, Mei Wa, Pei Xian, Me, Aunty (Chia Yun), Yuan Wen

Yesterday was a MCC (mong cha cha) day~ Everything happened on the spot. PX and I "gan dai dui" (following the big crowd) without any sense of direction. They went left, we also went left, they jumped, we also jumped. They took group photos, we also took group photos. Hahaha

Not bad also la. Though blur blur, we get to see leng jais from other faculties also. HAPPY~ UTAR is finally entertainment-friendly!! HOORAY~~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am living in fear these few days since I have been hearing bad news from friends concerning the safety level in ss2.

Few days ago my friend, Ai Loon told me that her housemate was being robbed by an Indian and he is a GUY. And guess what? They stay right behind my house on the other lane!!! Scary or not?! It's like I was online chatting with friends while my friend's housemate got robbed by that bastard and it happened just like that at the other lane so so so freaking close to my house!!! Even my hair still stand up when I think of it now! He suffered some bruises and wounds here and there because he tried to run away from that bastard when he threatened him with a knife saying, "Bagi saya telefon!"

BASTARD!!!! Why don't they(robbers) get a life?! Instead of robbing people and causing damages to people's lives, why don't you work harder!!!??!! People also own their phones with their hard earned money ok! BASTARDY PIECE OF SHIT!!!

To make the story more interesting, yesterday, Chinese newspapers reported that there was another case happened in ss2/39. So freaking near to the place I stay ok?! I didn't know about the whole thing untill my friend smsed me and told me the whole story! And guess what? This time the robber+rapist is a Chinese!! DAMN! Mem-per-sia-soi-kan chinese! Ma lih! Chinese also wanna rape chinese. Chinese are supposed to be united as one family la!!! What?! Are you animal or something?!! And hor, and hor, the accomplice of the rapist is a chinese GIRL!!!! WTF!?!! Girl betrays girl! You nuts or something? Or are you ah gua?!!! @&*#^$*&@#^$ What kinda world am I living in ha?! Even girl cannot trust girl anymore nowadays! Damn pissed off!

But luckily the girl, (from what I heard) is a UM student. She managed to escape in the nick of time. Unraped and unscratched. Smart girl~ I salute you~~

I am sick of staying here in PJ. Hope I can graduate faster and go back home! Sarawak is the BEST!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Just in case my blog page got stuck in the middle and you can't read the rest of it, dun hesitate to click the refresh button, ya.

I don't know what I accidentally did to my blogspot. And I found out that when I clicked the refresh button it went back to normal. Oh yea, sometimes you might want to click a few times. Hehe sorry for the inconvenience ya, I am a "louzy" blogger. Still learning how to absorb and digest this high-tech thingy and I am a slow learner in this field. Good thing I didn't take up any course on IT. Sure fail with flying rainbows.

Don't really have anything interesting to share lately except the fact that I am currently obsessed with Mandy's Only Hope and Avril's WhenYou're Gone :)

So, enjoy your day to the fullest!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Say Tak Nak to Heels

Last Sunday was a hasty day. We were rushing like mad cows to PWTC to attend ASIA TEFL conference.

Rushy moment: Angel made full use of her time by giving her face a final pad while waiting for LRT.

Group photo with some lecturers during tea break

Well, you will probably be wondering what's the big fuss about, huh?

Ya, I agree. No big deal about it. Conference is just a conference. It's just one of those formal occasions where everybody can participate too. is a big deal when it caused you painful, shrieking steps all the way to and fro, and at the end of the day, you are grounded from wearing your favourite shoes for like at least one week or so.!!!

My right heel, well slightly a bit up the heel, is so damn freaking in PAIN!!!!! And what's causing me all the unnecessary suffering????

The culprit!

I had been running around crossing big highway roads with this new pair of heels. It was my first time wearing high heels traveling all the way from ss2 to PWTC. With my high-heels-instability, my legs wobbled like jelly. But somehow I was amazed, b'cause I actually ran across big big higways with blind cars speeding so fast even though they saw us crossing the roads the other day. YT saw me running while waiting for us at the LRT station and had a good laugh at it. -.-"""

And this is how she greeted me when we met up that the LRT station, "Eh, you sure you are wearing heels for the first time ar?" -.-"""

I was thinking.. wa lao..not bad leh, for first timer like me, who would potentially sprained my ankles every 5 steps can run so fast in heels when I saw cars speeding towards me. I guess I really have to admit that I "takut mati".

Don't wanna die in such a horrible sight la. Hehe

Ma heels started screaming for help when I reached Masjid Jamek LRT station. I was's ok..just don't think about the pain and it will eventually be gone in no time.

I was wrong! The more I ignored the pain, the more un-ignorable it seemed. So luckily Angel brought her plasters. She's really an expert. Seeing plasters was like seeing an oasis in the desert. So I quickly plastered my heels and happily bid BYE BYE to Mr. PAIN-sy.

Who knows...plasters are not anti-blisters. Now, I have 2 of them. One each on both heels.

Mama mia~~~ They were so damn painful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both legs were numb. The only thing that my brain received was the stimulus that indicated S-A-K-I-T.

Blister on my right heel.

Thought the blister will be gone by the next day. Who knows I was WRONG again!

Instead of recovering, my blisters are becoming more and more 'powerful' by turning red from nothing and starting to form pus inside!!


I hope you are not eating by now.

I wouldn't dare to poke the blisters. Cause I saw YT's poked-blister and it was even worse than my unpoked-blister.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Being Tagged~

Q: Oh, you are from Sarawak! *eyes wide with excitement* So far away! How you people come here ah?
A: Ya lo! Damn far ho!? Need to cross South China Sea, and need to travel by airplane somemore. I know, I know, it's far more high class than using bus..but what to do, Sarawakians are that high class. Not everyone can simply become Sarawakians ok? And Peninsular folks who stay in Sarawak cannot own even a single piece of graveyard land in Sarawak, unless the spouse is a Sarawakian. But still, the land that they buy is under their spouse's name. U think it's easy? Don't PLAY PLAY with Sarawak ho!

Q: Oh, like that! So back home, you people live in trees ar?
A: Trees? mean our tree houses ar? Cher...those tree houses are too common dy la. Update a bit lah, DUH~~ Every house will have at least a tree house as their kids' playhouse. So that kids can online, can play basketball, play tennis, swimming, play barbie dolls, study and etc, making full use with the tree houses. More privacy too. No big deal lah. As for us, we live in concrete houses, even our terrace house is like semi-d here. *sigh*

Q: You guys have electricity or not?
A: What makes you think we don't have? Don't tempt me to say the forbidden words (stupid idiot) la. Asking this kinda question, I am trying to be very nice dy ok? FYI, we have SESCO in Sarawak, in KL it is known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (lauya name, and sounds so low standard compared to SESCO, it's like so international!)

Q: Kuching got airport or you use boat go Johor?
A: BODOH! Kuching's got INTERNATIONAL airport ok? Itu pun tak tahu. Don't make me look down upon you lah. Duh..growing up in a big city, general knowledge so low. I'm suspecting how you pass your geography. Ohr~~ Now I know how, forgot that the posibility of bribing is damn high~~ Pardon me, Sarawakians are very innocent. I'm still experiencing cultural shock... And btw, the ONLY way for you to go Johor is to use AIRPLANE. Sorry ya, no bus, no train, no car, no bicycle, no motorbike can take you there. High class, remember??

Q: How long if you take bus from Singapore to Kuching?
A: Oh, really wanna take bus meh? So ko lien, I book a flight for you la! Aiyo... I rather pay the whole flight also dun wanna see you ended up in hell so early. At least, let you experience the high-class feeling first before you die ma. See, me so good.. *sigh* typical Sarawakians.. what to do?

Q: Over there got what car?
A: We don't play Merz or BMW dy. We play BOEING 747, jets, rockets,and helicopters to name a few...

Q: Got road or not?
A: Got road, but those roads are for pedestrians who wish to exercise and jog in the morning or to walk their pets.. You know la, everyday fly here and there using BOEING 747 and everything..where got chance to walk, right? Plus exercise is very important *wink*

Q: You Bidayuh from Sulawesi there huh?
A: Aduh aduh aduh...this proves that your bribery was so damn successful, man!

Q: Sarawak inside Sabah, right?
A: HOW COME YOU SO STUPIDDDDDDDDD one? Oops, sorry ya. My fingers typed those forbidden words subconsciously~

Q: Eh? Sabah Sarawak not the same meh?
A: Terengganu Kuala Lumpur same or not lo? Somemore has that damn guts to ask this question.

Q: Kuching how big ar?
A: Not very big la, KL is only 10% of it's size. Even 10% cukup bagi muka liao.

Q: Kuching got a lot of cats hoh?
A: Ya, those Persian cats are damn common, until they became homeless cats roaming about in the city. Usually those wild cats are like the size of Garfield. No big deal. Wonder why people here need to spend so much money to own those cats. Tell me earlier ma. If you want cat, I can simply catch one on the streets, bathe it and give it to you as pet la. Let me do some charity works ma...Don't waste your money. Spend it wisely.

Q: Sarawak got Malay?
A: No la, only Orang Melayu *roll eyes*

Q: Sarawak people can speak English?
A: Aiyo, why English? Too common la. Ask something more challenging la~~~Not creative at all *yawning*

Q: You people from Sarawak use Ringgit?
A: No lah. What is Ringgit also need to think twice. We use Pound Sterlings.

JAC is back~

YEAH~~ JAC is back with its very own video. Though it's not a video that spells the word P-E-R-F-E-C-T, still, I proudly present you all with my very "lau ya" video making and editing skill. Wahahaha. And this is my first time creating a video too~~ Sorry if it hurts your eyes, and thank you for spending your precious time watching ya~ HEhehe :)

ENJOY~~~~And do drop some comments ya~~ Thank you in advance (even if you are lazy to sign in ur google account/blogger account or comment page is lagging, or hang hang, can always drop comments into my chatbox~ That's part of the reason I created a chatbox~~ Hope you guys will make full use of it~~~ :) Please?? ) Thank you, terima kasih, gang sia, arigato, xie xie, door jay, ng goi sai, sang kiu!!! hehehehe. Is my sincerity proven crystal clearly?? Hehehe

Notice something wrong?


I spelt "Friends" wrongly la.. pai seh~~ I spelt it as "frieds"; 'n' is missing *blushing*. Big thanks to Angel who pointed that out for me. Was really tired dy that time..if it was not because Ms. Yolanda suddenly canceled Friday's class, I won't have the time to do all these.. Hehe.. ok ok more excuses..I know mistakes are mistakes. But still I want your comments :P Wanna improve myself ma.. :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I am waiting,
Waiting for something good,
To come into my life,
To fill my life,
With more colours...

A new trespasser,
Intruding my life,
My fragile life.

What a mess,
Life is a mess,
Life is never easy,
Yet, without these struggles,
Life is not beautiful.

Sunday, June 03, 2007



Yes, I AM PREGNANT, stop rubbing your eyes and join back your jaws.

I'm living way beyond time in my dream-world.

I didn't realise that my dreams are progressing. Previously, I dreamt about getting married and last night I dreamt that I was pregnant!!! Even gave birth to a baby boy! SHIT!! This is getting really really super ridiculous!!

Maybe I shouldn't read before I go to sleep. I am reading At First Sight, a novel by Nicholas Sparks every night before I doze off. It's a love story between a free lance columnist, Jeremy and a mysterious woman, Lexie. This story took place after Jeremy returned to his bachelorhood when his ex-wife filed a divorce with him due to his infertility. Doctors were certain that Jeremy couldn't father a child with any woman for his entire life because his sperm count was low and those he did produced showed very little motility. But after he spent a night with Lexie when they first met, Lexie eventually got pregnant. And the story started with her pregnancy period, where I got to know more about pregnancy. Guess that's the factor I encountered this strange dream! Hahaha

Wa lao eh, it was so real. Everything in my dream seemed so freaking real! I can actually feel my tummy grew bigger and biggest (even to the extend that I couldn't see a single toe of mine), boobs also grew bigger, butt also grew bigger! Everything grew bigger due to pregnancy! Cilaka, no more surprises dy even before I got married and pregnant!! HUH!!

But the best part was, I gave birth to a chubby baby boy! Wahahahaha he was sooooo cuteeeee and adorable!! Ok ok..I know it's only a dream. And I dunno who is my husband though! Wahaha Heard his voice in my dream but never really see his face. My dream was so real and vague at the same time.

I think I really live in the other world when I am asleep at night. Who knows I will dream that my son will call me "mummy" tonight? And the story goes on and on every night till my son grows up? Wahahhahaha Thinking too much? This is what happens when your dreams developed into episodes~ COOL (NOT!)


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vicky Beeching

I still remember how I got to know her (Vicky Beeching).

Charles accidentally downloaded her whole album few months back and after listening through all her songs, he thought the album was the best album he had downloaded at random so far. Because Charles and I shared quite the same music taste, he recommended me Vicky.

Without any hesitation, I copied from his mp3 and listened to the album. I was thrilled and now I am so hooked up with Vicky's songs. Charles was right. Every song in her album is FANTASTIC. And I just can't tell you how I loveeeeeeee ALL of her songssss...

First thing that I will do every morning when I woke up is to listen to Vicky's songs. Her songs lighted up my candle to keep it burning in the dark. And recently, I found out that she blogs too! *double happiness*
Through her blog site, I can know her better, and can even check up her latest activities. OMG!!! Really hope that she will fly to Malaysia one day and organises a worship camP!!!!

She's 28 this year, born in England but moved to the States and currently signed up with Sparrow Records. She earned a theology degree at Oxford University. Isn't it amazing? You guys can read more about her from Wikipedia. Her latest album, Painting the Invisible was released on the 3rd of April 2007.

Here's a video to sum up everything..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Been procrastinating a lot since holiday mood still hanging around...

Wanna share with you all what I did when I was back in Sarikei.

First Sunday at Sarikei (13/5/07), I helped Nanas and Eric with Mother's Day thingy at the church (as mentioned in the earlier post).

Second Sunday (20/5/07), St Anthony Church Sarikei held an in-advance Gawai celebration at the Jubilee Hall after 9.30am Iban mass.

Nanas and I were invited by Dolly to join the celebration.

These are the bunch of Iban youths who are making the church lively. I only know 2 guys from the picture above. The guy in black long sleeves is Luke, and the one behind him is Nicodamus. The rest, I couldn't manage to get to know them cause they were busy preparing themselves before the celebration starts.

And this leng lui here is Dolly. She has the gift of prophecy! Don't play play with her.

Well, as you can see, she is dressing in her Iban costume while holding a bottle of Tuak (wine made from rice). Her job was to pour a glass of tuak for our parish priest and the other organising committees as a sign of welcome and the celebration officially starts after that.

These are the instruments involved in the celebration. They are really helpful in providing the long house ambience. Felt like "ngajat-ing" when they played the instruments.

And when the instruments started working, the youths started "ngajat-ing". From the entrance of the Jubilee Hall, they danced into the main hall followed by Father David Lau behind.

Dancing with concentration and passion.

Father David drinking Tuak handed over by Dolly.

This tree is called Ranyai Gawai where the youths danced around the tree for like 5 minutes.

Side view of Ranyai Gawai. The tree is full of food and fruits. I think this tree is like a sign of prosperity? Or maybe a sign of good harvest every year? Not very sure, forgot to ask Dolly. Hehe