Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

I have a deep dark secret inside of me since I was 10.

After 24 long, excruciating years, I've finally decided to let the skeleton out of my smelly closet.


Oh, please don't laugh ok? ^^

Here goes...

I've always wanted to act in a movie or drama! Especially comedy! ^^

Now don't laugh!!! xD

Yesterday's photoshoot came in handy though.

Spreaded some magic dust and viola~~


Title of our drama series: Xin fu de gan jue (The feeling of happiness)

"This is a drama series about the life of 2 sisters (Alice and Jane) who just moved in living next to a nerd scientist (Ivan). A comedy/drama full of laughter as the two normal sisters find it hard to mix with a weird neighbour who seems like he's thinking out of space and getting on their nerves all the time. Question is, will Ivan be able to survive from the 2 cheeky sisters in the end?"

Love the title because it's totally ironic to the storyline. Haha

Not that my dream has come true but hey, this could be a good start, no?

Well, guess I just have to continue dreaming then ^^


Sunday, January 24, 2010

BBQ Chicken + Graffiti

Went to One Utama to chill just now and guess what?

Meow 1

Met the cutest cat on earth! I'm not a cat person but this baby is ridiculous to not like her! She is one fat, chubby, cheerful looking cat mama~! SO CUTE!

And the best thing is?! She has the exact mole i have right below the corner of my mouth! (right side) Wahahahhaha! I shall name her Meow Alice!

Well if you think that's it, then you're wrong big time~ Mr Wong and I were both awestricken when we saw this!

Looks like the whole Meow family is in One Utama and only the female Meows have noticeable moles on their faces! How adorable! ^^

We spent about 10 minutes standing in front of the hugeeeeee stage admiring and snapping photos of the decorations. Good job event team! Nicely done!

Had lunch at BBQ Chicken. Awesome food! Will go again for sure. Oh by the way, I've cut my hair finally!! Can you tell? hehe

How I wish my hair is like this all the time.

My cuppa hot chocolate. My face is round eh? I loike.

Love this picture. ^^

Look at the amount of food we ate, no wonder my face is so round. LOL

Oh and before we left, we saw another Meow! Look at the mole! Smexy eh? This one has the same exact mole that my dad has! Meow Abui (nickname I gave my dad long time ago = fatty) then! Haha

Me Graffiti nails

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Curiosity killed the cat

but in my case, it pumped up my lips!

Was wandering around in Watson to check out the latest goods they have in store when I stumbled upon this!

Majolica pump lip gloss!

Read of lot of good stuffs about Majolica products and so I couldn't resist the temptation coming along when I saw the word 'tester' on the shelf.

Before. Pay attention to my bottom thin lip.

After applying the lip gloss on my lips, I felt a teeny weeny stinging sensation going on for a while and tadaaaa....

Fuller looking lips.

Need a better view? Got it!


My bottom lip looks like it was being stung by the largest bee on earth / being sucked real hard by a vacuum cleaner / ate the spiciest food on earth. HAHAHAHA

I don't know I should be happy or sad but oh well, I tried and have no regrets.

Evil plan: should I buy one to prank both Mrs Lings?! nyahahahahaha

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Found You

yes!!! I've finally found the awesomest software on earth!! Awesomer than photoshop seriously!!

And more user-friendly!!

I can change my lipcolour without having to try on one by one~ CooL!




Notice the massive difference?! I'm super duper happy!! Now I can edit any pictures without having to put on make up and remove them ~~ wooo hoo perfect software for lazy person like me =P

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Polka Dots and Ribbons

Painted my colleague's nails the other day for her brother's wedding reception.

I suggested something simple and nice but not too nice so she won't overshine the bride's. So here's the end result.

Closer view!
The more I look at them the more I think they are flowers. (they are actually ribbons if you don't already know) Heh.. I guess everyone can tell I love flower designs now =P

Mine! (last last week's). Lots of ma friends said they are very strawberry-inspired.. hmm.. strange thing is I never thought of strawberry when I painted them ^^