Sunday, September 09, 2007

Title-less Entry

Current situation in my room: blankie and pillows scattering all over the beds

Background noise : Angel's Kenny G and Plantasia's (PC game) sound effect plus my own winamp playing non-stop songs.

Current mood : Blue-y

I didn't eat for the whole day until dinner today.

Let me recap what I did today.

Brain occupied with dizziness caused by the drilling noise at the back lane this morning for 30 seconds.

Rejoined my dream after 30 seconds.

After 5 minutes, Angel hoping into the room with cheap Genting vouchers. Beaming with smile from one cheek to the other cheek.

Completely awaken. Brushed teeth and switched on my laptop.

Did some research. Read some blogs. Checked my mails.

Studied for not more than 2 hours.

Mum called. Stop studying. Talked on the phone for nearly an hour.

Completely distracted by family problems.

Decided to sleep.

CAme back to reality at 8pm something with blocked nose and more dizziness.

Galloped 500 ml of water.

Procratinating as usual and now, blogging 'em all out.

Yeap, that's basically what I did today!! My precious Saturday~~



Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exam Ghost

It's coming back again.

I wonder why.

I mean, everytime at the crucial moment like this, I am sure I'm gonna end up with last minute revisions and in the end regreting, hating and blaming myself to pieces for not putting more efforts and wish I made full use of my study week.

I think I overenjoyed this study week - plus Merdeka Public Holiday I have extra 3 days added into study week.

In fact, too much time to study doesn't do any good. Mampus aku..

Is there any medicine for de-procrastination?

Injection, the best.

I really need it!