Monday, September 29, 2008


If you read Angel's post on Part 2 about size s thingy, I seriously beg to differ.

As a size S, or Xs (sometimes), I dont think being a size S fascinates me that much.

Now, dont go "Shit la you, I know you're size S and that's why u said like that" or "Shut up la. You're size S, of cos you can say so."

EH, I have always been in size S since I was born until now. LAst time was even worse, I was always wearing XS leh, which is NIL to be proud of.

XS also has their miseries leh. I remember very well that I once despise Chinese New Year shopping a lot a lot. Cos my mum will be pulling her hair looking for clothes that fit me well and nicely. I would be really lucky if I end up looking just as what I want myself to look like. But sadly most of the time, I ended up looking like a 5 year old kid in a 6 year old outfit. Holes here and there and I used to tell myself that, "Nevermind! It's good for air ventilation, since I live in this country". This is how I grew up leh. Sad.

Situation has not improved that much though. Now that I am size S, I find buying clothes at boutiques becomes more and more challenging! I AM NOT KIDDING. I either have to grab it FAST like lightning or I will suffer the rest of the day looking for my size. Apparently too many people are wearing size S which, is to my great disadvantage. Cos I am really slow when it comes to shopping. Me no shopping queen. Me is shopping tortoise.

I only got to know there is sales when everyone finished theirs so when it is my time to do all the shopping, I always couldnt find my size. Left over sizes will always be, size M, L, XL. Sigh.. I really hope I can wear at least M, you know. If you know the bell curve, I think M and L are on top of the curve. And I want myself to be categorized there. Not L la.. but M.

Maybe it's true when Angel said, the size S will never understand size XL and vice versa.

Angel, you're beautiful in your own way ler. And you have "that part" that I have always gush for.

You know I know la.

Anyways, I will still continue to pray that you get the size you wish, kakak. Don't worry la. People say you will become the opposite size after giving birth in the future. Let's wait and see ok? I will be in your shoes, and you will be in mine! And let's complain together!

What a life!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Sky Cried For Me Too

Last day as English Lecturer. I resigned from my post and am going to venture into a totally different field. *excited*

HOWEVER... I am really really really gonna miss my colleagues over there at the college, EXCEPT one particular guy that i really dont like.

T_____________________________T they are so nice to me (Except that guy).. and their supports and existance are like fuel that keep me moving on day by day at the college.

I resigned on the fifth day. I think that's why that guy doesn't like me la.. and hence, "special treatment" from him ever since I threw in my resignation letter. Haha but who cares. I dont really like the environment over there to be honest and it contributed a major part of my resignation purpose too. And because I signed the offer letter, one month notice is necessary before I am released.

Having to force myself to wake up early every morning, dragging myself to the workplace that I langsung tak suka betul for one whole month (on time somemore) is a great achievement for me already.

Today has finally come.

And because Raya is like next door only, the college suddenly decided to let us go at 12pm! WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE!! See why I wanna leave? SO unsystematic.. Luckily I managed to finish all my works. Phew..

So what we did was we went to Jusco after work to loiter around la cos they said they wanna spend my last day with me to the fullest. So sweet of them T__T

After wandering around in the mall, Ryan who was hinting for food every 5 minutes was finally entertained by us, girls. Hehehehe poor Ryan. But but but he had his tossei and canai already few hours back.. and we didnt expect him to turn hungry so FAST!

THat's Ryan in the middle, and prettttyyy and gorgeous Jesicca who is NOT malay ok? SHe is a pure christian. Hahaha I got her mistakenly also on the first day. Luckily I didnt greet her Assalamualaikum on the first day at work.

Else she's gonna throw me that oi-are-u-asking-for-trouble look! *shivers*

And then hor! THey are sooooo cheeky! I was with them all the time and I didnt realise when did they bought me farewell gifts! Except Ryan la. He cant lie. Hahahaha I was walking with him at the card section in Jusco and he grabbed a card and said, "Hey, it's a goodbye card. What do you think?"

Me: I think it's really cute!!

Ryan: U like it?

Me: Ya. Nicely done!

And poof he was gone by the time I turned my head. So I thought, prolly he was attracted to something and I continued feasting my eyes with funny mugs that say something like, "Life without sex, I dont think so", the other one reads "I'm right, He's wrong, End of story!" etc etc

And the next moment I caught Ryan walking towards me, he's holding a big jusco plastic bag.

Me: oh! I thought you said window shopping?

Ryan: Nah! This is for you.

Me: WHAT! HEy Ryan, not funny ok, I was not serious! WHat did u do la.. aiyO!

......(debate started, and you wouldnt wanna know the rest)......

And thus, farewell gift ceremony begins... those are Catherine's and Ryan's hands. Hahaha They said they wanna be in the picture no matter how. DOnt u just love 'em?

Jes got me a pressie too T_________T and it was only the second time I had lunch with her. Why is she so niceeeee? T________T gonna miss her.

And this ladies n gents, is my partner in crime! Catherine! hahaha SHE IS SOOOO NICE to the point where world peace is not impossible at all when you're with her. She is so naughty ok?! She lied to me. She said she wanted to shop for her mum's bday gift. So we went to the ladies section, suddenly she sneaked into MPH. I followed her. And she asked my opinions on novels cos her mum likes to read novels and she was thinking of getting one for her mum too. I seriously didnt expect any pressies at all today. She got me. SUCCESSFULLY. And I have to admit that I was really surprised when she told me that the gift is for me. I even complimented on how the gift was nicely wrapped and I also secretly hope that the gift is mine! hahahah shameless la I know. And WHAT DO U KNOW?? IT'S REALLY MINE!! and I suddenly became her "mum" hahahaha

Call me aunty now.

I got home and cant wait to open the gifts one by one.

Jes' was the first one. Hmm.. I wonder what is it..

LOOK! It's a cutesy bear!! Imma bring it to my new workplace and pin it on my cubicle wall~~~

Next, is Cat's. Guess wat? Guess what???

Awww... How can I forget u my dear...

And guess what she got me?!!! I was begging for Angel to lend me after she finishes this book and Cat already got that for me. She caught me reading this book when we were in MPH! And she asked, "Really nice ar?" And I said, "Yeah!! Friend of mine said it's funny! And I cant wait to read too!!"

Imagine how happy I am when I unwrap the gift! I have my very own copy too now!! HAppy happy!! Thanks CAt!! I love you lots lots!!

And lastly, Ryan's card.

YOu see, I opened his gift last because he was so mean! He said instead of "we're sad to say goodbye to you", he changed it to "we're GLAD to say goodbye to you". YOu see la.. isnt he mean? He was picking on me all the time la. Cos he said he wants to forget me so he wont be sad when he misses me. Awwwwwwwwwwww T___________________T so sweet of him. And I forced him to set my contact number as Pretty Alice cos he has 3 Alices in his contacts! xD

Gonna miss you guys a lot a lot a lot a lot too!!! Good Luck Guys! and thanks for EVERYTHING! Wouldn't make it without you guys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I hope you like it

Eh!! I have been searching high and low for this song few days ago.

And I highly recommend this song to anyone who shares approximately/same choice of music with me.

Really really nice!!

I first heard it on the radio and fell in love right after.

I thought some blonde girl singing it.


surprise surprise!!

It's our local band!!! called Estrella....

Hmm... I ponder.

Local bands with names headed by the alphabet E are indeed not bad not bad eh~~

LOL. I am talking bout Estrella and Estranged, if you still dont get it xD

Haha I know it's lame to have to see the same words throughout the whole song. But this is the best audio quality I can find and and and I also like the acoustic version! I wanna get their album la.. seriously! Love her style.

Her other songs are like those you can hear in Starbucks while sipping your coffee reading mags/books/newspaper/whatever.

Soothing and relaxing

and THUMPS UP from me! xD

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nostalgia wtf

I wanna go back to UK!!


Plymouth to be exact!!


this morning when I woke up, my heart felt so heavy and sad.

I dont know why.

Now that I am in the office, blogging, (cause have nothing better to do atm, and finished all the markings..) I feel so tired cos my brain is racing... race with what also dunno.. -.-

Therefore, I thought of wanting to relax a bit in the internet lab by reading blogs...

Who knows... I found out 2 famous bloggers went to London and the pictures of the old buildings remind me of the good ol' time I had one month ago!

And when I come to think about this, I havent been carefree for a long long time T___T cos usually when I was there, I have nothing to worry bout. NOTHING. Life is so peaceful and easy and comfy (yala cos dont have to work ma) and Aj is with me and his laughter will always cheers me up no matter how. Even when he cries, I dont find it annoying. Cos I just love him like that. And hence I can stay at home 24/7 provided Aj is with me. Eh, you know the wonder babies bring to you. They are so genuine, and innocent. And when they look into ur eyes and smile, OMG that's the time when you feel like you're in heaven. No one can smile better than babies ok.


Damn nostalgic now..


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Culture shock?

8 more days!!

8 more days!!!!!!!!

8 more days till I can officially hold my head up and walk out from this place. Not turning back!

Cant wait cant wait~~~

This afternoon when I was having lunch with my colleagues, a student approached me and said, "Miss! Why are the questions so easly la?"


I knew this will happen. But what to do. I am not the one setting the questions. Well, they are lucky la actually.

If I am given the power to set the mid-term questions, they will be soaking up their tears with their hankys today.

oh.. ok. So the student came to me and we chatted a while before I went away to buy roti canai telur bawang. She went away.

While I was busy having girl talk with my Cat, (one of my colleagues) that student came back.

She said, "Miss I think I better go first ya."

I was thinking, "erm.. this is the cafeteria, not classroom ler.. why is she telling me what she wanna do ha?"

But, still I said, "Oh okay, you have a safe journey home ya." And smiled.

I pick up my fork and before I can even turn my head towards my roti canai, she bent down, placed her left cheek on mine, then right then left again.

Three times.

I was obviously confused lo.

However, I managed to control my expression la. Then she went over to my colleague, and did the same thing to her.

Students nowadays so open with lecturers? Is this the culture here? Or what????

My colleague was surprised too. (although she is also an Indian)

Me: Eh.. is it me or you feel the same too? I feel so weird...why did she do that?

Cat: Yeah. Even I also dun feel quite comfy bout this.

Eh I dont know la.

Been thinking bout this since lunch.

Back to marking now.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Wah wah wah..

I don't know since when reading newspaper has become my habit every morning.

Reading newspaper nowadays is like reading a story book -.-

Now I know that ISA serves another function - detaining someone when that someone's life is "under threat". >.>

This country has no more hope la.

I know it never has anyway but still, I am very much saddened.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry I cant help it~~~

My cheeky rascal is coming back!!!!

I am supa dupa bupa tupa kupa lupa rupa wupa zupa fupa hupa yupa jupa mupa nupa supa (basically all the consonants la..) HAPPY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ok. Today I shall reward my students by telling them all the exam questions!!!

See? it's so easy to coax exam questions from me. All you need to do is to make me happy.



There goes the exam questions!


hahaha just kidding la.. dont go *gasp* or O.O



bah i still wanted to shout actually.. but I realise it's getting a little bit annoying.. so I shall shout in small letters then >.>


so happy~~


Even Mr. Wong cant stand my happiness. Cos it's not the usual me to be so talkative in the car early in the morning on the way to my office.

He finally asked, "WHy so happy ar?"

Oh oh oh.. Mr. Wong has the habit of asking questions that he already knows -.-''

sense of humour? xD

then he sighed, "Haih, AJ won me. I cant even beat the 8-months-old-wannabe-in-2-days baby"


today i shall donate to the beggar if I met him on my way back later (RM2 la cos I havent got my pay ma! and my purse has RM10 only.. too lazy to go to the atm >.< and need to save some for lunch)


*grab remote control and press FORWARD button abusively*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight must be my lucky night!

A rodent ran across my feet!!!




If you watched Ratatouille, I am talking about the size of Emile (however you spell it), Remy's fat brother.

Was walking happily to the lift and a fast rub of fur across my feet stunt me.

I was frooze at the same position with the same pose for about 40 secs as if I was being paused.

My eyes were busy searching for the creature that rudely brushed over my feet.

And when I saw the creature with incomplete patches of fur all over its huge, fat body (Emile), I covered my mouth. Trust me, if I am not a Christian I would have swear to God I will scream like I strike lotery! -.-'''

I held my fear.

Walked into the lift.

Pressed 4.

The lift sent me up to my desired level.

Stopped. Opened.

I headed to my unit, unlocked the door, walked to my room, unlocked my room, searching furiously for my pillow.

Buried my head deep into the pillow and....


*high pitched*



I feel so much better now.

Monday, September 08, 2008