Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tag by Connie

1. What is your mobile phone brand?

- N95

2. When did you buy it?

- I stole it from my brother kakakaka

3. What color your mobile phone is?

- Silver purplish

4. How many messages are in your inbox?

- 154 (I still keep my birthday wishes from friends and family! xD)

5. Who gave you SMS recently ?

- Mr. Wong lo who else. Haha

6. What picture became your wallpaper?


- Previously was me and AJ but Mr. Wong got jealous so I changed lo. Sorry i was supposed to take the above photo used as my phone's wallpaper but how am i gonna take picture using the phone itself right?

7. Please state:

- Missed called : Aunty Ranee, Thomas' Mum. I missed her call T____T

8. Why do you like your mobile phone?

- Because it's FREEEEEEEEEE~~ wahahaha

9. How long did you use your mobile phone?

- Ermmm......7 months now

10. SMS ( Tagged ) People :

- Aiyak, Connie tagged the people I wanna tag dy.. so erm.. I am gonna tag anyone interested in doing this tag.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Suey day

I'm very sad today.

I bumped my head real hard on the wall. Never had I feel/been so stupid like this.

I thought I was far from the wall when I turned my head.

Who knows it wasn't. FUCK!

Damn dizzy. A loud "THOOOOOOOOOOOONGGG" on the wall and I can feel the wall shaken. My brain shook too.


I thought I will be ok after a good sleep.

The sleep was good, the head is not.

Still feeling dizzy. Damn.. here goes another visit to the doc if this situation continues.


Damn suey!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PHUA CHU KANG here I come!

Teeheeeeeeee went to buy TV today! Woo HOo!! Now I can catch Phua Chu Kang every wednesday night and American Idol and One in A Million and Cantonese Series and English Series etc etc~~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour!

Hellooooo earth people!

Greetings from Earth =.=''' hahahaha

Ok here's the story on how I spent my Earth Hour.

There's a huge function going on around Time Square area, but I've decided to RUN away from KL haha.. ya la.. i don't like to squeeezeeeee my way through the crowd, risking my butt to be molested again. YEah! I got my butt molested TWICE ok TWICE when I participated in the New Year countdown few years ago with my parents here in KL. Since then, I pledged to NOT have anything to do with huge crowd! NO! NEVER! Unless there's a protective circle surrounds me that burns anything that cuts the circle into ash! Buahaha then I might consider to participate again.

So, where was I?

Oh yeah, Mr. Wong, Jeff and I ran away from the city to the Look-up Point upon my brilliant idea. *lift eyebrows twice*

But then my idea wasn't really that brilliant when we saw this...

There were a lot of people who prefer to run away from the crowd too. Just like me. Hahaha

A little bit of traffic jam. But it isn't too bad though. So I quickly snapped this photo where you can't see KL tower and KLCC building cos their lights were off. For the rest of the remaining minutes we decided to head up to the hill top to eat! COME TO MAMA, FOOD!!

We found out that Gasoline cafe has these cute little caves nowadays where you can eat steambot inside with your family/friends. NICE place to eat steambot with the cool environment. People were having meals inside this cave with candle lit on the table during earth hour. I forgot to take photo that time cos I was too hungry. Haha Sorry.

Then disappointingly Gasoline cafe was fully packed!!! We waited for 15 minutes... just to get our table..
Oh btw, we went to Bread and Olives cafe which is just beside Gasoline cafe cos they served us with empty table and seats first. So why not?

Mr. Wong looking through the menu while Jeff looks bored.

Our deep fried calamari was good! and love love love the Iced Chocolate too!

32# Me elongating the cheesee. Me love pizza~~

Then while eating and chillaxing at the hilltop cafe, earth hour was over~~ Awwwww~~~

KL tower was lit up first, followed by KLCC. Everyone were damn busy snapping photos as if KLCC was gonna fly away when the clock struck 9.30pm while I was busy eating and chewing away enjoying the nice, romantic night view! There's no way I will move away from my food! hahahaha

Nah.. this is it~ Actually there's not much of a difference during earth hour. The only difference was that KL tower and KLCC lights were switched off. The other areas looked pretty much the same, I guess not many support Earth Hour despite the massive exposure from the media.

Friday, March 27, 2009

One day to go



Earth Hour is tomorrow!!!

Have you sign up yet???

If you have not do so, just click here and sign up!

This is the first time Malaysia is taking part in something meaningful like this! Show some supportsss, please~~

I meant to grab the Earth Hour T-shirt they were selling few days ago but I was too late!!

Checked my mail only when the sale's over. -.-''

Yesh, I am thissssssssss slow.

Nevertheless, I am still going to witness Earth Hour~~ Woo HOO!! Can't wait~~

And in case you're wondering what to do during Earth Hour, which is on 28 March from 8.30pm-9.30pm when all the lights will shut off, well, you can:

1. Light a candle on the table. Get everyone in your family to sit around the table and force your dad/mum to tell you their childhood stories or their lovey dovey stories during their courtship! (You might learn some tricks there).

2. Have a candlelight dinner!! (Brilliant isn't it. You don't have to worry how are you gonna look when you eat cos your partner won't be able to notice when he/she is too busy looking out for random insects drop dead on their plates. Wahahaa)

3. Read a book using candles/torchlight. (This is to get a feeel of the life of the poor.)

4. Let your skeleton out of your closet! (This is the best time to do so cos the percentage of you getting a slap is wayyyyyyyy too low unless the other fella has night vision. wahahaha)

5. Have a picnic in your house garden or somewhere else (but I don't advise this lo, cos it might be too dangerous)

6. Erm.. what else ar... Sleep early! (Good for health, save the bills. Nice!)

7. Get some friends over to party in your house! A dark party and wear some glow in the dark shirts! (Wooooooo!! How cool is that!)

8. Confess to your crush or otherwise! (I'm a genius, I know!)

9. Tell ghost stories in the dark! (Which is sth that I will NEVER do. Call me coward I don't care. My wonderland is full of flowers and flowers only. No space for ghost. Sorry.)

10. Play hide and seek! (You might bump into a ghost! ahahahaha)

Nah, 10 things you can do during earth hour. That's all I can think of right now.

Happy Earth Hour all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Gross Entry

I am a gross person. That's why I get to post so many gross entries.


This time I'm gonna bring you into my mouth

Take a deep breath.....







Yeah, my wisdom tooth is soooooooooooo damn naughty like how I was when my mum was in labour. T___T I'm sorry, mum. Didn't mean to torture you for 3 days 3 nights in the hospital before my grand arrival into this world.

Can someone just aim at the target and PUNCH right into the spot where my wisdom tooth is ar?? I feel like biting someone's flesh off!!

As you can see, I am running out of space in my mouth and my tooth insists to poke out!


Pain la!!

Ok, you know what! I've decided to name my tooth Hitler.

Eh, Hitler, please la tell me when will you end such torture. Don't be so cruel to me leh.

Have mercy~~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nice weather, bad timing

It's raining tonight,. Heavy downpour somemore.


Arghhh best weather to sleep in the whole night.


My body is aching since I woke up just now T____T

Must be the tooth!

Tooth is achy agaiN~~~ I wanna punch myself!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tim Tam


Our Project manager brought some of these back from Sydney. Too sweet for me.. maybe it'll taste better if I dunk it in the milk. I saw people doing that.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm supposed to post this up yesterday

I found out 1 very common thing that Malaysians are lack of - politeness.

When I say polite, I mean this...


Not this...

I was out with Mr Wong to catch a movie using our free Kit Kat ticket vouchers.

After spinning round and round hunting for car parks at Midvalley, we finally found one.

So we waited a bit for the couple to reverse their car so we can park in.

We waited............... and waited ....................and waited....................

That babi punya couple was taking their own sweet time to put their bags even though they realised that we were waiting for them to reverse! It's not like they did a huge shopping or having a baby with them. There were only 2 of them! 2 fucking turtles.

I don't understand. What kinda attitude is this? You know people are waiting and don't you feel a bit ashamed for taking such a long time to just reverse a stupid car and get lost? Your stupid attitude is causing the queue behind us getting longer and longer!! Butt heads!!!

Also, there's another case that happens very often. The stupid driver and its (i use 'it' cos they don't deserve to be humans, humans got brains ok they don't) friends will walk to the car, unlocked the car and got into the car - convincing people that they are reversing the car leaving the lot empty in no time. Tell me, if you see this of course you will do the same like us right? We flashed on our indicator lights and they obviously saw that, and the worst thing is when they made you wait for some time then only told you that they are not leaving the car lot! That's IF you go down and ask them if they are leaving or not! Else they will just buat tak tau and let you wait! Fucking retarded! And I've noticed that this applies to a certain group of people which will be too sensitive to mention here.

I really cannot tolerate people with no brains like this. It just shows how impolite you are! The parking lot does not belong to you okay, it belongs to the public. You moronsss. So show some moral can or not.

So back to the earlier case, you know what, after more than 10 minutes waiting, they finally reversed the car. We found out that they parked at the disabled lot. GREAT! They made us waited and now that we finally parked in our car, it's for the disabled. How do you feel? Both of the couple are clearly fine, normal human beings.

I am speechless.

Eh these kinda people are really mood-destroyers la.

So I told to myself, "Nah, I don't have to be angry, they abused the rights of the disabled. If they choose to be disabled, let them be."

And so, we reversed our car and the moment we drove away there was a parking lot right in front of us.

Moral of the story: God knows what we do and most of the time we are put into tests. Hence, I learned that I shall not give into temptations easily.

Today's project 365 picture is


Love me basket! Love it love it~ See how nice they fit in~~ Love love love.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gangster Butterfly

ileh i thought i posted this already but then when I have a look at my blog at my office I found out it's still not published.. =.=''

Jeff is not here this week so I am home alone. Mr Wong needs to work today. So I decided to do my nails again. *lift eyebrows twice*

Since I already have Henna on my hand, I thought I will do something simple to my nails this time.


I actually feel gangster-like with Henna at the back of my hand. It's like it makes my appearance more fierce neh.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baskets and Henna

I am soooooooooo happy today!!! Because I have finally gotten myself a basket~~ A pretty basket according to my liking! COol stuff i tell you~~ It's sooooooo pretty that I think I don't mind using it as my handbag to go shopping! wahahaha I love both rattan baskets in the picture above la how? I was having a hard time choosing which one I love the most! So which one do you think I bought in the end??

I bought BOTH la. haha Why wanna make life miserable to make such hard decision. Since I love both, I decided to give one to mum. I'm sure she'll like it too when she sees it.

In case you're wondering why I am so into rattan baskets lately, it's because I have the habit of bringing food from home in containers to the office. I don't like eating out and I was using shopping bags all this while to put my containers. Hence, I told myself I need a pretty basket to place my containers and concurrently Zura told me there is this National Craft 2009 going on at Jalan Conlay and it just started yesterday.

So today~~ without any further delay we zoomed to Conlay Road to have a look. Initially, I asked Zura's mum to make me one. But because she's so busy with bookings and getting involved in the National Craft work, she asked me to just buy from any stalls over there la. Seriously there are a lot of varieties, very very pretty!! Zura's mum is sooo nice, she told me to have a look around and when I have decided which one to buy, just ask her to follow me. She knows most of the stall owners there thus by standing beside her, I managed to get the cheapest price! Awesome!!

Tadah~~~ Also, I got myself Henna on my hand. I've always wanted to try this on cos they look so cool~~ Just like a tattoo but a semi-permanent one. Mr. Wong would never want to get this on his hand so that's why I have never gotten myself one all this while. There is no fun if I am doing it alone. Unexpectedly, Zura said she wants one this morning, I couldn't stop the nafsu desire to get one too!

This is Zura's design, I loveeeeee hers because I loveeeeeee flowers!

See?? Gorgeous, ain't it?!

And this, is m.....i......n......e...... So Zura's designs are flowers, and mine are leaves... -.-'''
I kept asking Zura to switch hers to mine (which is of course impossible la) and she said, "Ei, jangan mengada-ngada, you punya lagi cantik nanti. Percayalah kata aku!"

I was not very convinced when Zura said that but oh well, first time ma.. so whatever la. But when I washed my hand and the ink came off, indeed, I love it more now. Zura is right, she said because my ink was fatter and thicker, hence the design will be more intense when the ink dried and came off. Hers are not so obvious after she washed her hardened ink away.

All in all, I love today!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dragonball AJ

23# Click to enlarge the picture

AJ has a bruised cheek cos a bad baby snatched a toy from him when he was in the nursery few days back. T____T

Why is the other baby so rude? I'll smack that baby's bum if I were there to witness the incident.

Hence, I came out with this pictorial comic to some kinda teach that bad baby a lesson for bullying AJ. Haha

This morning during break time, I was observing one of my colleagues washing his dishes while praising him.

Me: Wah~~~ This is the first time I see you washing your dishes after your meal leh! 5 stars for you for being such a good boy!

Nazah: Eh really? *blush*

After washing the dish he went straight to his desk only to find me shouting at the pantry.

Me: Nazah~~~~~

Nazah: Apa dia? (What?) *worried*

Me: Asal ko buat cam ni? (Why are you like this?) hahahhaahahhahaha

He ran back to the pantry and saw this


Nazah: Oh!! Sengal (blur) betul la aku ni.. hahahaha ngantok (sleepy) la

This morning everyone were so sleepy. Nazah dipped a fork into the dish detergent while Zura poured a glass of drinking water into the sink and refilled pipe water into her glass and drank it.

She was pretty annoyed when she asked me, "Why the water tastes like pipe water?!!"

I burst into tears laughing at the cuteness of my friends. They are so funny when they are sleepy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shut the light


Everyone is talking about earth hour~ The radio, the papers, facebook.. everywhere!

Well I just signed up at here to fight global warming. Seriously you all know what global warming does to mother nature la.. so I don't have to explain further.

There's this event going on where everyone around the world will shut the lights for one hour on 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm.

I can't wait to see and experience this coming event. Definitely gonna do the same. I'm gonna shut the electricity down on 28 March at 8.30pm to show my support~

Together we can do it! >=j

Monday, March 16, 2009

Take a break, take a kit kat

I heard this through the radio.

Something about if you buy a packet of Kit Kat you'll get one free packet of Kit Kat and also movie tickets o.O

There must be some terms and conditions about this.

I didn't give a *toot* about it until I saw a huge pile of Kit Kat at the entrance of Carrefour yesterday. So I bought one packet and true enough they free me another one.
yummy yum yum~

Most importantly, I got these!!! SO happy~~ It's been a while since I last watched a movie with Mr. Wong. Guess this week we can go catch a movie lo~~ Yeah~~~


Today, nothing special la.. just the same old same old routine.. haih.. sien.. Guess what I have for dinner? It's Bek Ding Yok (in foochow) one of ma favourites.

I miss homeeeeeeeeeeeee T_________T

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wobbly Jelly

Today is a day I had lotsa fun and used up all my energy to the maximum!

Since last week I've been hearing from my fellow colleagues bout Bukit Cahaya at Shah Alam.. at first, I didn't care a single bit. But once I heard there's cycling activity available ... I grinned till my eyes squinted.

hEyy I misssssss cycling a lottttttt. And the last time I cycled was few years ago when Gigi was still a small little tiny itsy bitsy puppy. I used to hold her in my arm and cycled around the neighbourhood almost every evening after dinner.

And once I heard bout cycling right, I exclaimed, "Let's go cycling!!! JOM!!!"

Then everyone (Zura, Zatil and JC) went excited! All were jumping and talking about cycling and what not.

Sooooo we've been talking about going to Shah Alam to this Bukit Cahaya to cycle a bit right? This nosy Chris (my colleague) overheard our conversation and jumped into our discussions (without any invitation at all) the other day. With his very thick face, he assumed we allowed him to follow. Hahaha And I couldn't help myself to NOT disturb him kao kao. Poor him begged and begged and begged until we were soooo damn scared of him. We gave in.

Can you imagine? A guy is willing to beg from Monday to Thursday just to join the trip! No matter how we tortured him, HE DOESN'T CARE! OMG.. this guy... I am totally speechless. Nothing could stop him from making his way I tell you. He will bug, bug and bug right till the moment you got off the office. When he can't see your face in the office, then only you're completely FREE from him. Nevertheless, he will continue again to whine the next daY!! HE just doesn't know how to give up!!

Hahahaha and thus, because of his genuine sincerity, we let him join us la.. and we sarcastically told him, "You can come BUT you gotta be our Minah (maid), you'll be serving us water when we need it, tissues just in case we are sweating, basically all the maid jobs la, serve us like princesses ok?! Oh don't worry bout where you're gonna sit, you got the boot at the back of the car."


You should have seen his sad face. But HE said OK anyways even after being bullied by us!! I told you nothing could stop him -.-''' Talk about perseverance yo!

But of course la we were joking. Chris is a very nice guy. We like him. That's why we brought him along today! =)

This place is really prettyyyyyy and HUGE! Oh .. that's Zatil (left) and Zura (right) btw.

Left to right: Man of perseverance, JC, Zura and Zatil

Me and Zatil

Pretty scenery!

"Hey budaK!! I don't think stealing my bike away is a good idea~~"

Still fresh~~ and clean..

The flora of Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Malaysia~

One of the lakes~

The map!


Flowers!!! *camwhore button on*

welcome to Netherlands people

Soooo freaking cold inside. I thought we entered a fridge.

Drunk in the beauty of artificial nature.

Love this pic! We were resting at a three storey pondok

I got my first scratch while climbing up the steep staircase of the pondok T.T

These girls are hypsophobic.

"wa chaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Wong Fei Hung vs Cicakman hahaha

Show off~~

The second scratch~ T__T I got soooo tired of cycling that my legs wobbled when I got down from the bike and guess where I landed? The bush -.-'' The worst thing of all!! THEY LAUGHED AT ME!!! I will remember you guys~~~ =P

Then we saw these troops of ants marching~

mummy and baby monkeys who were aiming at our keropoks!

this photo is the awesome-st!! Cos we were zooming fast down the steep hill and all of them were so busy focusing on the road while I still managed to camwhore! hahaha

Still have lotsa pictures actually, but they are not in my camera now. I am so the very depleted of energy~~ All of us, soaked in sweat, went back with major pain on the buttocks and sore muscles. We cycled for 4 hours neh! What a crazy day!