Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Been procrastinating a lot since holiday mood still hanging around...

Wanna share with you all what I did when I was back in Sarikei.

First Sunday at Sarikei (13/5/07), I helped Nanas and Eric with Mother's Day thingy at the church (as mentioned in the earlier post).

Second Sunday (20/5/07), St Anthony Church Sarikei held an in-advance Gawai celebration at the Jubilee Hall after 9.30am Iban mass.

Nanas and I were invited by Dolly to join the celebration.

These are the bunch of Iban youths who are making the church lively. I only know 2 guys from the picture above. The guy in black long sleeves is Luke, and the one behind him is Nicodamus. The rest, I couldn't manage to get to know them cause they were busy preparing themselves before the celebration starts.

And this leng lui here is Dolly. She has the gift of prophecy! Don't play play with her.

Well, as you can see, she is dressing in her Iban costume while holding a bottle of Tuak (wine made from rice). Her job was to pour a glass of tuak for our parish priest and the other organising committees as a sign of welcome and the celebration officially starts after that.

These are the instruments involved in the celebration. They are really helpful in providing the long house ambience. Felt like "ngajat-ing" when they played the instruments.

And when the instruments started working, the youths started "ngajat-ing". From the entrance of the Jubilee Hall, they danced into the main hall followed by Father David Lau behind.

Dancing with concentration and passion.

Father David drinking Tuak handed over by Dolly.

This tree is called Ranyai Gawai where the youths danced around the tree for like 5 minutes.

Side view of Ranyai Gawai. The tree is full of food and fruits. I think this tree is like a sign of prosperity? Or maybe a sign of good harvest every year? Not very sure, forgot to ask Dolly. Hehe

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Nearly got a heart attack this morning when I opened the door.

I was going to hang all my washed-clothes on the fence when I noticed.. come the sky is so bright all of the sudden???

Then only I realised...

The tree that greets me every morning is GONE!!!!!!! Who chopped you tree??!! Tell me, tell me?! Tell me who killed you!! HA!!!!

Then I decided to search and investigate why my sweet old tree went missing in action.

After a closer view, I found out...

HUH!!!????!!!!!! TREEEEEEE~~~~ NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave me..... I can't believe my eyes~~~

Fuming with anger, I went and asked aunty (my landlady).

According to her, the amu, (ehekhem), the aunty next door hired people to chop off the tree this morning. *cough*amu!!*cough*

I guess the next question that pops out from your mind is WHY, right?

So I asked my aunty (landlady), WHY!!? Why on earth wanna chop off that beautiful, lovely tree worrr???

Aunty : *sigh*. Aunty next door said her husband has been sick for so long and never got recovered. So after consulting advices from the superiors, they said the tree is causing her husband to suffer from various kind of illness. That's why she hired people and chopped off the tree lo.

Me : Wa lao eh!!!!! Can she be more superstitious?!! What could a tree do to her husband oh!!?? The tree gave us purified oxygen and somemore wanna blame tree for the illness??!! What kinda logic is this?!! How come they never ask your permission to chop down the tree leh, aunty?

Aunty : Can't too. Cos the tree crossed the boundry outside her compound more. So I dont have all the rights to stop her.

Me : .....*speechless and still fuming with anger*......

Aunty and I are both very sad after seeing the tree kena "murdered". Sien la!! Plus, it takes more than 20 years for small plant to grow into such a big, charming tree leh!!! WTF were you thinking, HA!!!????

Superstitious aunty!! Your husband better recovers after this, if not....

GROW BACK our TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pay back its life~~~ :~(

Friday, May 25, 2007

A little bit of this and that

Feeling kinda nostalgic tonight, so thought of posting up all the photos (since I am still very free) that make me smile whenever something went wrong inside.

Living in this world for nearly 22 years, I learned a lot of lessons, be it good or bad, which are priceless.

Friends are here to be cherished and to sprinkle our lives with joy and peace. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in this world. So, if we have good friends, we will have "bad" friends at the same time. Mind you, "bad" friends in my context here, are those who broke my heart into pieces and let it bled till it nearly ran out of blood. Well, I once hate all of you; for pointing fingers at me without investigating and weighing the consequences of the matter, for backstabbing me, for making me a scapegoat to swallow all the faults and blames which were not mine alone, for dumping me whenever I need your company the most, for making me a cry baby (and the list goes on and on...). Allow me to express myself with my spontaneous poem, (ehekhem)

For those who hate me, I never like you either,
For those who like me, I like you ten times,
For those who love/loved me, thank you for loving me,
For those who say sorry to me, you are forgiven,
For those who never apologise upon your mistakes, let your ego burries you ALIVE,
For those who know you are wrong but never apologise, you are a chicken (pok-pok-pok),
For those who still insist that you are right even until now, wish you luck in your childish world,
For those who never hurt me, you are definitely an ANGEL!

Despite all the bad memories here in PJ, I am grateful to have some nice, sweet bunch of angels brighten up my days.

My sista, who owns the key to my heart

Siti Syjen binti Ali Baba

Thornless Rose, who is forever sweet and nice~

Monstrous Angelina (Devilina), who wants to eat up Sarikei pineapple

Without you guys, peace signs are meaningless

Random photo: Patrick, says HI to everyone reading this..

Friends are angels sent by God

No friends, no "hiao" Alice :P

JAC! My best-est hang-out gang and band (Jen, you are counted too ^^).

The Invisibles~~

Thanks for the wonderful time we had in Kuching, Edwin

Nothing can escape from the sight of the 4 cam-whoring lords

Without MW, life is monotonous. No victim to bully, how boring ^^.

Life's good~~

Can see MW's a bit freaky dy! *wicked laugh*

I appreciate every one of you :)

Vacation trip was never this anticipating before..

Random photo: Fish = proteins, proteins = good for brain. Hence, fish = good brain

Family is always my top priority

The 28 gang, auspicious birth-days~ This is what we called, "yuan fen" eh??

Angel was busy searching for stones...

I called these, Artistic Hands. Muahaha

And these are the Beautiful Pageants' Hands

RED ALERT!! I am gonna crawl out from your screen..

Siti Syjen tried to mimick the monster behind, chubby version I guess~~ wahahaha ;P

My cam-whoring partner~~

Told you we loveeeee taking pictures~~ Even when Jing was driving along big big highways

See, Charles? We allocated a space for you (top left) to fit in even when you can't join us the other night.

4 top kung fu masters
Lai Lai Lai~~ Who wanna fight? Bring it on, bay-beh!!!

Last but not least, some sceneries that I brought over from Sarikei and Sibu to soothe me-self whenever I am stressed.

Taken by YT at the small jetty in Sarikei

I never realise that Sarikei has this beautiful small jetty

Sarikei town

I proudly present you the beautiful, hibiscus-decorated, water tank in Sarikei.
Agong sure damn proud with Sarikeians' effort.

This is taken by YT again, definitely NOT from the web. It was taken at Bukit Aub, Sibu. I seriously think that YT and I take the wrong course dy. We should get ourselves involved in photography huh? Hehe

I was awed by this view in Sibu

The road that calms my raging seas...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Sem is coming...

A new sem, A new beginning..

New semester is gonna be a challenging one! I can guarantee~~

Below are what I am gonna do in this coming semester:

- Research Methodology : relevant subject in guiding us towards our final year project. So must pay FULL attention~ Cannot escape class, cannot sleep, cannot play, die also need to attend!!

- Discourse Analysis : I have NO idea what is that. But the word 'analysis' kinda freak me out dy. So I guess cannot play play also with this subject :(

- Language for Negotiation and Persuasion : HUA!! this one lagi geng~~ Hmm...guess we will learn how to negotiate and persuade ppl with a brainwash-language??? In this case, this is gonna be my favourite subject *peace sign with evil smile*

- Public Speaking and Oral Presentation : WTF!!!!!??!! I'm gonna HATE this subject for sure!! Hate public speaking and oral presentations. Ya, ya I know, this subject is a MUST-do subject for those who are doing English Language or even TESL. Guess I will become "bullet-proof" after this coming sem. Wahahha Not bad also la actually, can become thick face and got used to ppl shooting bullets ranging from small bullets to big nuclear, atomic bomb or whatever ^^ EI!! BUT the worst part is, this subject covers 80% of our coursework marks! DIE or not!!!!!???!!! *faint*

- Feature Writing : Another journalism subject!!!!!!!!!????!!!! Whoa~~~ Please please please don't let Ms. S***** teaches us. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE... will do anything as long as she is not the one teaching us~~ Please~~~~

Oh yeah, hopefully there are more leng jai lecturers teaching us~ Muahahaha boring leh~~ Campus overloaded with girls~~ BORING!!! Now, we depend on lecturers to at least add in some colours to make up to our boring previous semesters.

Wa lao...out of 5 subjects, I like only one! GENG!!!

Don't know how to survive next semester.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Short and precise

Not in the mood for blogging..

Struck by homesickness and nostalgia,

Half of me wanted to stay home,

And the other half of me feels like going back to PJ,

I hate the way I am right now.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Little Wonders

Currently hooked up with this song. Song that expresses my feelings the best right now.

Let it go,
Let it roll right off your shoulder
Don’t you know
The hardest part is over
Let it in,
Let your clarity define you
In the end
We will only just remember how it feels

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain

Let it slide,
Let your troubles fall behind you
Let it shine until you feel it all around you
And i don’t mind if it’s me you need to turn to
We’ll get by,
It’s the heart that really matters in the end

Our lives are made in these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain

All of my regret
Will wash away some how
But i can not forget
The way i feel right now

In these small hours
These little wonders
These twists & turns of fate
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away but these small hours
These small hours, still remain,
Still remain
These little wonders
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away
But these small hours
These little wonders still remain

See? I don't even have to further elaborate.. the lyrics does a very good job for me. Big thanks to you, Rob Thomas.

Another 6am story

Woke up at 6 again this morning. This time not for kampua mission. eldest brother called me up.

I was wrapping myself in my comfy blankie and dozing myself off when I heard my mobile rang. Wa~~ I was wondering who is so "nice" giving me morning call so early in the morning! When I checked out the number, it was 037492****. Ei? peninsular's number leh..then I quickly answered... It was my eldest brother calling from UK. Wahaha Automatically woke up.

I promised him to help him record our parents' reaction when he breaks the good news I mentioned in the previous entry. So he called me first, so that I can make preparation before he calls our landline to get mum to answer the phone.

My bro called back like after 5 minutes. I put him on hold and rushed upstairs like something urgent happened *big and clumsy footsteps to add in the urgency effect* Wahahaha I'm such a pretender, I know :P

I woke mum up, telling her something's urgent that my bro wanna tell her. Mum was like jumping off the bed and zoomed downstairs straight away (forgotten that she can answer the phone call in her room too, hahaha)

So I got ready with digi cam and everything and recorded mum's reaction successfully. I can see lots of ?? marks on mum's head when I stood in front of her holding digi cam and started off with the recording. She was like.. "ha??? what's going on?" And I was like "hehehehehe" *evil smile*. Can see that she's very blur and nervous at the same time. That's why she doesn't bother to even care what I was doing; standing in front of her holding digi cam early in the morning. Wish I could show you guys the reactions but too bad the video cannot be muted.

Hmm... no big deal also. Just another boring-early-in-the-morning incident that I wanna share with you guys.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day~

As you can see from the title above, I am so very happy today.

Chatted with my big bro and da sao (sis-in-law) till 2am this morning. Sharing good news that are meant to be kept as secret for the time being. So I must not elaborate further on this topic as I have the high tendency to tell everything if I type any longer. Muahahaha

If it was not because my da sao asked me to sleep this morning, I guessed I forgot what is sleep dy. Too happy~ And overjoyed with the news.

My youngest bro woke me up at 6am cause we had a deal last night that I ought to bring them (my bro and his friend) go eat breakfast before they go to school. So, off I went, half awake, drove the car to our small town hunting for kampua.

After kampua mission, my bro and his friend went to school by themselves (biasala kan, budak sekarang...nak freedom. Mahu pergi sekolah sendili~~).

So feeling super energetic after kampua, I decided to surprise my dad by showing up at our stall early in the morning. It was 6.40am when I reached at the stall. My dad was stunned. He couldn't believe his eyes. He stood there for 10 quick seconds speechless. Muahahahhahaa Couldn't believe his daughter standing in front of him at this hour. I chatted with dad about the weather, about mum, about my purpose waking up so early and etc until mum reported to work.

Mum shooed me back and asked me to get some sleep since I woke up so early today. I was reluctant to do so cause I wanna linger a little longer. But mum gave me the killing-gaze already. So I might as well, go home guai-guai-ly or else she will 'dragon ball' me.

Instead of sleeping at home, I washed 2 cars at once leh! Lihai lehhh... took me 1 hour plus to finish washing. So happy to see both of the cars in sparkling clean condition now. Ahhhh..what a sight! hehehe

After washing, took a rest by surfing the net. And something caught my eyes.

I love the model's top and her hairstyle.

Then I began to have evil thought. I wanna have the same haircut toO!!

Just when I was craxking my head figuring who is the chosen one to cut my hair, Jason came online. My saviour! wahahhahaa

He introduced me Michelle, who is new to me. Without any consideration, he gave me her contact number.

I went off happily to make the call.

First call, rang until masuk voicemail.

Second call, rang until masuk voicemail AGAIN!!

I was boiling. Dashed back to find fault with Jason in MSN. Jason laughed at my anticipation and my impatience. He asked me to call back 20 minutes later.

I was like -.-"""""""

So, willingly or unwillingly, I waited "patiently".

After 20 min, I rang again.

Third call, rang until masuk voicemail lagik!!! GRRRRRRRR...this time I was steaming like a boiling kettle liao. Hence, I went off to take a shower to cool myself down. Just when I wanted to give up my intention, the phone rang.

Michelle : Hello, anyone call Michelle at 019 8******??

Me : Yes! YEs! Me. Alice here. Are you free to cut my hair?

Michelle : Ya sure, how do you wanna cut it?

Me : I want to cut my front hair only. I wanna make it a fringe, can?

Michelle : Can .. can. you come here whenever you are free lo. When do you u wanna come?

Me : Then I 'll go over now. OK?

Michelle : OK ( KO also must say OK hahahahahha)

Just when I hang up the phone call, I realised that I don't know the place!! Stupiak me. So I called up Jason, who was busy attending lecture that time. Hahahahaa I am such a nuisance, right, Jason? Aiya..I know you get used to your old friend dy! muahahaha

So without further elaboration, this is what I ended up with. I kinda like Michelle's trimming skills, and instead of having haircut at the front part of my hair, I asked her to trimmed and tidy up some messy hair at the back of my head. hehe

So the results are...

Before : The Ugly Alice

After : The Happy Alice

Happy Alice 2

After the final touch up of my hair, I rushed out to find mum. Wanna make her the first person to see my new haircut. Wahahahaha. Mum thought it suits me. *Happy* *Happy*

After showing my mum my new haircut, I bought burgers for mum and myself.

My all-time favorite burger

Don't judge the burger from its look. It may not look delicious, but the result after savouring is always..