Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vanity Indulgence


BORED!!! What a lazy and hot hot weekend!

Mr. Wong is so occupied with work this week so I shall not bother him.

In order to keep me busy so I won't bother Mr. Wong since I can call him 24/7 without worrying the bill skyrocketing (cos I subscribed to a super deal call plan, if you're wondering =P) I pulled out my make up set and hair straightener to play with the whole afternoon.

I was telling myself that I haven't been playing with my hair straightener for a while now after I cut my long long Rapunzel's hair. So I turned on The ting ting's "That's not my name" and get started! Gotta have those girly cheerleading song to get into da moooooddddd.

A glance at me long hair~~~Eherm.. sorry if I stared at you. I didn't know my eyes were staring into the camera thiiiiiiiiis much... No wonder whenever I took photos in the studio the photographer will always complain my eyes being too big/too fierce T_________T Anyhoo, long hair, I miss you but it's ok~ I'm happy with my current length as long as I can still play with it when I am really bored and vain like today for example >.>

Ta dah~~~~ I was quite surprised when I saw this.. cos I didn't look at the mirror at all, all I did was twisting and bobby-pinned them in circles O.O I thought I created a mess. IT'S ALWAYS LIKE THIS lo i tell you!!! Everytime when I simply created a hairstyle out of boredom, it will look perfect and ready to go! The next time I want to recreate, it will never be the same again. DARN!!! I'm destined to be ugly T______T wuwuwu

Only playing with the hair didnt waste enough time. I proceeded to play with make up too despite the fact that I HAVE to remove them later.. Too bored, you see! haha

Took some photos as "kenangan" (memory)

Yesterday I did my nails again. Hehe..But I smudged my favourite ring finger one T.T

I was on the phone with mum when she asked me "What are you doing now?"

I answered, "Nothing much, am doing my nails lo."

Then she went, "HA! Nails again~~ Did you buy new nail polish again?! How many did you buy this time? Don't waste the unnecessary money la. Money don't come easy la nowadays, not with the current economy..."

Before letting her continue I quickly snapped in, "Eh mum, chill la.. I haven't been to any nail polish store after Chinese New Year leh. Don't worry la I'll be thrifty. You know me. Hehe"

That settled her down. Geez, mums are too worried sometimes =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guardian of Milo

The night owls sent me on a mission to guard our MILO because the normal people always finish up the Milo before the night owls are able to have a cuppa.

Don't worry guys, your Milo is safe in my hand.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Being A Normal Person

Was quite bored after the night owls left and I was soooooo not used to the silence and the seriousness of the working environment... T.T All I had in my mind at that time was to go home as soon as possible, food and the gang. But then as soon as the amount of work piled up, I was feeling good again because time flies fastest when you're busy. All in all, everything turned out just fine in the end =)

According to ma sista-in-law, getting a seat near the windows are only meant for those who are a level higher than the small potatoes like us. And that's where I am seating! And I've got 2 windows altogether! Woot! Though me n ma sista-in-law are so far away but we share the same working environment - sitting by the window counting birds and staring into the sky But i'm still a small potato. No promotion whatsoever. I guess we don't have that kinda policy in my company afterall haha. I was being excited for nothing -.-''

Side window

Window at the back of my head

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebrity Day Out

Super Fun Saturday I had!

4 girls, great company, great fun!!

Yes folks, Sing K session again. Hehe Now let me explain why my title is called "Celebrity Day Out". You see, while we're working at night we talked about anything. From serious stuffs to craps. So if you have heard Lady Gaga's song, Poker Face, that's how I got my celebrity name -.-''

I was quite attracted to that funny song so I started to intro them (Zura, Zatil and Mui Mui aka JC). Then everytime they came across the song they will shout, "Wei Alice, your song is on air!" and then sing "Po-po-po-poker face, po-po-poker face (ma ma ma ma)"

That's how I got my Alice Gaga name. Me alone with cool name no fun right?? So I started dragging them in one by one. Wicked.

We chose Zura to be Zura Spears cos her boobies are the biggest among the 4 of us! hahahahaha Yes, she "babi" us all the way. But we don't care! Zura Spears has to be Zura Spears~

Zatil was named after Taylor Swift cos she kept playing her songs. So Zatil Swift she is. Then Mui mui is Mui mui Perry because she likes Thinking of You by Katy Perry.

It's been a while since our last Bukit Cahaya trip and with these celebrity names we have decided to head to Green Box for our "concert". Haha

On Teachers' Day we went!

It's all about girly outing until this fat ass Stanlee butt along. But he was there for 2 hours only la cos he had something on and needed to leave.

The four of us totally had the room to ourselves! Apa lagi? SCReAMed and shouted to the max la! Hahahaha

Wanna know what happened?

this is what happened. Haha

Being the celebrities right, we need to shop in the glamourous way >.>

Girls + cameras = Camwhores

If you suddenly lost us, we can be found in front of the mirrors.

Celebrity shot with the paparazzi. Thank you thank you.

*took down the picture cos I don't think it's appropriate to expose tudung-less Zura*

Played around with Zura's tudung while she was correcting her tudung in the ladies. I really look like Siti Lyana or sth sth. -.-''

You know, Zatil Swift is so excited with the outing cos it's the day that we really dressed up to go out and have fun! So she snapped hell lotsa pictures whenever she can. But her skills.... hahahaha in the above picture she successfully cut Mui Mui Perry off and there goes, "Oi~~ Cilaka u. Babi la" from Mui Mui. Hahahaha Seriously, to cut any girls out the picture is the call to endless curse in your life~

I took up the challege to fit the 4 of us in. Kinda successful but not 100%

Zura Spears' turn. Very successful except Perry wasn't ready. Hence, another "babi" from her to Zura. Hahahaha

Then the queen of camwhore is none other than MUI MUI PERRY~~~


Being the sakais, the four of us never took any of those cutesy cutesy pictures in our entire life. We walked passed this photo sticker shop in Sungai Wang and Perry suddenly exclaimed, "Oi, let's take these pictures lo!"

With all the excitements, all the sakais went in. Everything went on smoothly until the moment we stepped into the booth, we were panicking like crazy because we don't understand what the hell was the machine talking about in Japanese. Hence the results, are soooooo funny!! Eyes looking at the screen instead of the camera, over-reacting, over smiled. But they are natural! I love all of them.

We went in the booth we chose and after lots of "AHHHHH!!! SINI SINI~~!! Sana la BABI!!! TAk, SINI LA!!! BABI LA~~" We went out and headed to the photo editing machine. It turned out that the cursing part has not come to an end because the assistant told us we need to finish editing our photos within the time given. You see, we won't have any problem if the machine is using the international language. But holy mama! It's in Japanese again!! They know me but I don't know them~!!!

Throughout the editing process, we screamed and laughed and shouted again. Girls mah.

When we were shouting and cursing, the time stopped at 40 secs and never moved anymore since then. And we were like, "Cilaka punya machine, said got time limit, but actually we can take our own sweet time."

So all the "babi cilaka" phrases went off.

I think the sales assistant realised we're too noisy and annoying. She rather turned the time limit off than to hear us cursing at the machine. HAHAHAHA

After all the "hard" work, I present you the lovely cutesy cutesy pictures! In the last photo right, my hands got itchy and I was playing with the drawings cos after few practices from the earlier pictures I thought I mastered all the editing skills already. MANA TAHU!!! the undo button can undo 5 steps only, by the time I wanna erase my whiskers I still have 1 left that I can't undo T__________T that's y i have to be the cat woman T.T Padan muka, tangan too gatal. Hahaha

And finally, we had this free shot with Michelin mascot. Not fat cute enough la.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Me ish Popeye today~

I did not shed a single drop of tear~~~ although wicked Zura tried to make me but I made it through!

Yeah, like Fergie said, "Big girls don't cry!"

Everyone is saying bye bye to me as if I am leaving like that. Aiyo... and ridiculously Zura and Naza kept track of the time for me. They will constantly report how many hours and minutes left before my transformation to a normal person.

Zura: One hour left before we say bye bye to alice =(

Naza: You have exactly 48 minutes left to end the night shift =(

Why are they so sweeeeeeeet!!!!~~!!???!!! U see, this is the reason why I love them so much. I am gonna miss them sooooo much!!

Period. Else I'm gonna cry buckets.


To divert you from my emo session let me show you this particular photo of the day.

Try to guess what are they doing??

They were playing guessing game and whoever loses shall strip their clothes piece by piece.

OF COS NOT la.. I was joking joking. Hehe

I told you a while back that I am waiting for my second badge dress that I bought online to arrive right?

Zura was trying out the JC's new sexy dress and because she is soooooo "slim", JC had to help her to take off the dress. HAHAHA

As for my dress, it's too disappointing to show you guys =(

Haha I was joking again la. I'm just too lazy to have to purposely dress up and take photo, then transfer the photo and upload the photo xD

But then the quality of the dress is quite disappointing to be honest. Fortunately it's not too expensive. So lesson learned, never ever buy from that particular online boutique again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heavy Heart

Tonight is going to be my last night working night shift.

I'll back to day shift starting next week.

Yes, only me alone moving back to day shift.

For the past 6.5 months, being the night owl/vampire is not an easy task. A lot of sacrifice need to be made. We sacrifice our beauty sleep, we sacrifice our faces looking like zombies, we sacrifice our precious time spending with our loved ones, we sacrifice our time hanging out with our friends on the weekends, we sacrifice our leisure time just to get enough sleep to work at night. We eventually sacrifice our health too to be the night owl. It's not easy to stay on night shift. The number of visit I paid to the doc is uncountable now.

It's right after Chinese New Year that I've made up my mind to go back to day shift - to be normal again.

And finally my wish has been granted. But due to the short notice given, I'm not fully prepared to go back, mentally and physically.

Counting the days till next week, tonight is my LAST night. LAST night... LAST night...

WOW time sure flies when you don't want it to.

The thing here is, I have my heart tied to the night team. We're like one family and now I have to step away. T____T

The fear of being abandoned and isolated by the night owls freaked me out a lot. I know they won't isolate me but things will change. I can no longer share the ups and downs, the fear and madness, I can no longer talk/laugh as loud as I wanna be. There won't be anyone for me to call Penyet, there won't be any boobs for me to molest, there won't be anyone for me to call Mui Mui, there won't be anyone for me to call gay/mad scientist.

That's why I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down this morning and it WASN'T my last night yet!

OH GOD!! I don't know if I can find myself the courage to face tonight and tomorrow morning when I can no longer walk out of the company with the people (Zura, Zatil, Mui Mui, Naza) I love deeply in my heart next week.

Anyhow, I guess life has to move on and I secretly pray that we will be reunited again!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Picasso In Me

You know, sometimes in life, we tend to walk and walk and walk until we forgot to look back once in a while, hence, it's not impossible that we will slowly forget the basic skills we acquired.

The more I learn the meanings of life, the more I forget how to be happy...

and since when happiness need to be learned?

I'm a person who hardly know how to express myself well though.

I'm too used to keep everything inside until I find that voicing out would expose myself to insecurity. How I wish I can be as LOUD as some non-filtering-talking-machine. Loud people express themselves really well. They speak their mind they speak their thoughts. I'm envious.

I came back from work this morning. Having the solitude to myself, I grabbed the notebook that Zatil Penyet gave me weeks ago and started to draw picture on it. Not satisfied leaving it colourless, I grabbed my brand new 5 months old crayons and started to fill the white page with colours.

As I colour, my lips thinned and my eyes squinted. I can feel myself smiling again.

Thus, I've decided.

I've decided to keep it this way from now. I will draw my emotions out. To keep a record. So I can count how many days I am happy and how many days I'm not. Brilliant.

Well I don't know what I drew though. But I feel happy after I finished my artwork.

Anyone to decipher my thought?


Friday, May 08, 2009

Disebabkan Mood Saya Cantik Hari Ini

I'll spam this post with lotsa camwhoring pictures. Muahahaa

My favourite pic, my good hair day and my newly painted nails inspired by...

My beach pant~~ kakaka it looks like a boxer too~ How cool is that?

And because my mood is good good today, I get to paint my nails and camwhored while waiting for my nails to dry. As if it isn't enough, I played with photoshop too. The above picture is what I call "Crocodile Tears" hahaha

After editing this photo, I declare that this is one of my favourites too.

Puzzled me

Thinking me~

I-think-I-know me~

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Conversation between Mr. N and me at work through e-mails:

N: Alice, wazap????!

Me: i killed a human

N: what..? u noughty girl

Me: i'm sorry i didnt mean to

N: r u serious?

Me: yea T.T

N: tell me about it

Me: it was dark and we had an argument and he was angry and i was angrier and and and... i didnt mean to stab him it jsut happened one sec ago he was alive the next sec u know he's lifeless lying in the pool of blood *shivers*


Me: yes.. i think the cops are getting me soon i just wanna enjoy my last moment with u guys take care N dont tell zura and others i trust u i don't wanna freak them out

N: I think, u're lying, ...

Conversation stopped for a while because I was too focus doing my work and forgot to reply his email. N grew impatient and decided to walk to my desk to check if any of my words are true. He bent down to see my expression. I was quite surprised cos I had my earphone plugged into my ears and I didn't realised he was just beside me. I shouted, "Woi, what are you doing here?" and then N said, "Tipu!!" Then it took a while for me to put the pieces together which then I replied his email with the following:

Me: hahaha eh damn scared ok did u actually believe me??? luckily it was just a dream

N: u wanna know what's really on my mind?

Me: yea tell me

N: i thought u had an abortion...

Me: CHOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never do that!!

I had a hard time laughing off. Why would N think I will abort a baby and live in a sinful life for the rest of my life. He doesn't know me well T___T

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


You know, I have so many things in my mind right now.

I've been following Malaysian Dreamgirl reality show since episode .... ammm I can't really remember which episode but I know I start catching up when there were 12 girls left. I don't really like to watch the first few rounds (audition rounds) cos I think it's too boring and also the talking sessions whereby the contestants call their parents, bfs, cousins, friends what not are too boring for me. I don't like watching those cos I think it's unnecessary maybe because I personally do not have any interest butting in people's business that's why i will always skip the "drama" part and watched only the photoshoot part which really interests me. Deep down inside my heart I think Pinky will win. I don't know just a wild guess. Cos she's really good! I love all her photos!

Will you wear all black this coming Thursday, 7th May in order to show ur support of not supporting BN? Haha I think I will~~ xD

I can't wait for my second online purchase to arrive!! Hehehehe I bought a dress again. =P and it's really really pretty. If you wonder why all of the sudden I wanna dress up in dresses again is because I am ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of wearing jeans and T-shirts. T-shirts are ok for me but jeans, OMG hand me a jean and I will throw it right away. I just realised how uncomfortable it made me since I am wearing it almost everyday to work. So I am planning to switch to dresses for the time being.

I am waiting for my credit card to reach me. First time applying credit card with my own name on it! I'm all excited!

Counting the days to my holiday again in 1 month plus time~~~

If everything goes on smoothly, I will reveal my secret! hehehe It depends actually, I might keep it longer or reveal it. Depends, depends..

A little bit disappointed for the past few days because Swine (H1N1) flu hit so not at the right time T.T

I'm currently very addicted to Ugly Betty. I know this show is not a new show and probably not the hottest. I just like it so much lately. I say it's comparable with Desperate Housewives. Hehe I love both shows. LOVE IT!! I even have that super strong desire to buy the whole season of Ugly Betty. I love Betty Suarez, although she's ugly at the outside but she has the prettiest heart ever!! I wish I have a friend like her. She's soooo nice as a housemate, as a sister, as a daughter, as an assistant (btw Daniel, her boss, is soooo handsome!!!OMG OMG) and the list goes on. I just love her so much. I also wanna work at Meade!! If I have to be Daniel's assistant for the rest of my life I will~~ Daniel, HIRE ME!! HIRE ME!! I can be as ugly as Betty if you want. HIRE ME!!! I wanna work for a cool boss like him. 5 stars boss~~ I would say Ugly Betty is worth watching because I always get to learn something new from each episode. Very influential~ for me la.

Why all the nice shows that I wanna watch are shown after 10.3opm wan??? I can't watch them! Need to work~~ Not fair!! Should have repetition~~

I think that's all I wanna ramble today =P

Friday, May 01, 2009

I've Got Mail~

It's Labour Day! and the best part is not just being the first customers of Krispy Kreme with Mr. Wong this morning,

The best part is when I received my parcel from Republic Fusion La Galleria~~~

My first time ever online shopping!!! I am sooooooooooooooo excited!!!

Ok. Before you scroll down can you pweeeeeeeeeezeeeee do me a favour by heading over to the 'Boutique' first and then come back????? Vice versa will do actually. But you MUST go look see, look see ok? It's just a click away.

Ok. Back to me now! I received this parcel from the boutique owner himself this morning! So sweet of him to make an effort to come out as early as 8.30am just to pass me the parcel. Tee hee! I can't wait ma so we made the appointment to meet outside =P

Please tell me your honest opinionssss ok?? Really appreciate it from the bottom bottom bottom of me heart.

Oh before that, ignore, I repeat, please IGNORE my after-work face! I don't understand why my manager said I lose weight when my face is so round in the picture. Bleh..

For this one, I think I'm gonna grab another thin, short skirt to wear inside or I will match it with my leggings la. Too short and a little transparent for me at the bottom, and once the wind blows the skirt will fly up. No free eye candy~ Na~na~na~

This one I love it! I'm not sure whether I made the right choice by choosing this colour or not. I just want to change my colour choosing for this once. The fabric is very smooth and a little bit silky. Very comfy comfy~~ Me love~

Ehekhem, pretend you didnt see me tip-toeing ok? haha Not enough height la to capture this picture.

All 3 Loyer Mod's clothes I bought are nice to wear. Very comfortable and most importantly they fit me just nice. The measurement described by the owner is quite accurate. Can't wait for the next stock arrival =)

To conclude, I am very happy! Happy! Happy! Happy~