Sunday, October 26, 2008



What comes to your mind when I smile/grin/laugh cheekily like this??
Means I am feeling guilty and at the same time.. miss reading blogsssssssssssss


Housemate didn't inform us that he upgraded our internet connection.

And we only got to know that when the line is dead. -.-''''

And and and.. I had to go to the office one hour earlier now in order to catch up with what's happening in the blogosphere~~~


Hope the line will be back in action on Thursday or Friday (I was being told that) *cross fingers*

Just a quick update though I have lotsa things to update~~~ xD

Oh oh oh...

Not to forget, today is the second Queen's (of my family) birthday~~ First queen ish of course my mum and as for me? I am still THE princess~ buahahahaha cos I am not married ner ner ner ner ner~~

Happy birthday Madam Ling/Dai Sou/Da sao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Update me on how you guys celebrate this big day yea???

I can smellllllll lotsa pictures coming along~~~


Till the next entry~


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekly Report

One week passed sinced I started night shift last Sunday.

I told my manager on the first day when I started work that I want to be on night shift.

She asked me why and I told her nonchalantly that I am just not a morning person.

Then on the first night, my team leader asked the same question.

Again, I told him I am just not a morning person.

Then 2 more colleagues in my team asked the same question AGAIN!

Grrrrr why la.. very weird meh people working night shift???!!!

At the end of the week, I finally know why.

Working night shift is indeed SUPER TIRED.

I thought I can survive easily compared to morning shift, but my panda eyes or more like zombie eyes and face occupied with pimples and my worn-out body seem to demotivate me la.

All this while I dont look like my age, as in, people will thought I am still studying Form 5 when I wear T-shirt and jeans out here in Malaysia and people in the UK will thought I am 15 (the youngest so far) when I was there. But for the past few nights, I look like a 30 years old. I'm not saying that 30 is old but looking 30ish before I am even close to that age is DANGEROUS and life-threatening!!!

I dont wanna look like a dried orange when I am still this young la T_______________T

I got so worried until I went and bugged Stanlee, (my friend since Form 6, even before that aka my colleague) during break time.

*Break time*

*me with both elbows on Stanlee's table and head on my hands with face looking =(*

Stanlee noticed and said, "Hoi, why so sad? Look stupid la!"

And my natural response will cause him screaming, "Ouch you bitch!"
Me: Hey, I am so worried la
Stanlee: Worry what, bitch
Me: Worry why you look like shit lo
Stanlee: WHAT! #(@*$(*@#&#*(*(@&#
Me: No la, I am so scared that I will age faster if I continue working on night shift la!!! Should I get something to apply ar? Like anti-ageing stuff??!!
Stanlee: Hiya, dont worry la, you are still getting use to it. Everything will be fine when your body gets used to the shift.
Me: Really ar? You were like that when you started too?
Stanlee: Of course la, stupid.
Me: *slap*
Stanlee: Ouch! Bitch.
Note: this is how Stanlee and I converse every day night. And of course this is how we grew up too.
How aR? I am contemplating of getting some anti-ageing stuff leh~~
That's why la.. next time dont be too kepo running to your manager and told her you want night shift!!

P.s: I am not regreting.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Especially to those who are concerned bout me

thanks people, and sorry for not updating you about my first day at work (again). Cos I have been really really busy since work started. *wink*

My first day at work at my new place is on the first day of Hari Raya~~~ Phewit~~


hahaha but morning shift.... BUUUUUUU

anyways, on my first day I enjoyed it a lot because I had KFC for lunch!


Our sweet manager is so nice. She pitied us for having to work and me starting work on the first day of Raya itself, so she wanna treat us all.

And everyday when I signed in for work, I will be busy from 8am till 5pm which is really good.

And the environment is really good.

Erm.. this picture was taken in the pantry while I was eating the other day. Hiak hiak..
what do u think? I think this place always open my appetite even if I am not hungry la.
Green tables, red, orange and yellow walls... not a bad combination to keep your mind awake all the time.