Thursday, May 29, 2008


Food above make u hungry??
Please do not let the pictures deceive u!!!
Food sucks!! except the roasted chicken T.T

No more golf virginity!

Damn hard to hit that freaking ball..

1 out of 20 baru kena the ball.

I guess I dont have Tiger Wood's talent la ><

I am such a poser neh

We stopped on the way to golf club just to take this picture


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Second entry from Plymouth

Helloo guys,

I have seen plenty of beautiful sceneries here. The park, the roadside, the flowers and grass.. the roses, the daisies OMG there are just lovely~ like they said, "Brilliant!" :)

Next thing is I know you guys will kill me cos I always forgot to bring my camera out! I know it's like "How could you forget to bring your own buddy at crucial moment like this?!! right?!" I know I know, haha busy helping AJ to prepare and obviously his stuff occupies all of our hands each time we go out. Ok la.. for this time I let you guys strangle me.

We went to Aunt Mary's house yesterday and the house was like OMG Holly mama huge and cosy and prettty!!!! A sakai like me will of course drop my jaw and my eyes went blink-less. For 3 seconds only la. After that I feel like I am at my own house dy. Playing with the kids! and of course my naughty nephew. They have their own playroom a size of my own room back in Sarikei and a beautiful garden.. Tak boleh tahan =.=

And actually we are going to Exeter today! Like right now! My bro said he was gonna drive there cos it's like a 1 hour plus driving journey but too bad breaking news happened last night. There was actually a mere shooting happened downtown at Drake Circus!! It was like a 5 min walking distance from our place and luckily we were there already the day before! OMG that was so close~~ *wipes away sweats*

Ok I need to prepare now, if not that brother of mine will put the blame on me~

P.s: I am still trying hard to adapt to the British accent~ Gosh their /r/ and their /ou/ are so so articulated!

P.p.s: I am so gonna bring my camera out today no matter what ok?

Cheers, mate!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello from Plymouth

Hellloooo guyssss. Today is a beautiful day!

I am in the United Kingdom now. Plymouth, to be exact! :)

It was a long long long journey. For me, I am not tired throughout the journey. Just bored when I flew from Doha to London. What about Kuala Lumpur to Doha? It was a great journey though it was a little bit bumpy sometimes. And why I said it was great??

Because I met this great friend of mine! Joseph, from Sibu!!

He was so excited when he found out that we're both from Sarawak, the borneo land and so was I too~ And we chatted whole early morning until we didnt get enough sleep~ hehe he's a frequent traveller and I am travelling alone overseas for the first time and yeah, he gave me some useful advice.

But the fun ended when we reached Doha :( I wished he will continue to travel to London with me hehe cos at least I have someone to talk to and not so bored and that makes the journey short and fun! But I dont. I was all by myself when I transit from Doha to London Heathrow Airport. The lady next to me moved away to the back seat :( because I probably annoyed her by cam-whoring there alone without asking her to join!

Haha No la. It was because we're seating at the front rows where babies and mummies were seating. And yeah it was NOISY and LOUD like EXTREMELY LOUD when we're departing and landing cos the babies cant stand the air pressure and they can only ease their ear pain by crying.

And how did I survived the 6 hours and 49 minutes from Doha to London hmm?

By watching lotsa lotsa movies... I watched Mad Money, Mama boy, Treasure Hunter, Enchanted (though I watched already), Bee Movie (also watched), what else ar... there is one called what again? It's a true story but I fell asleep cos too boring. Haha Not popular one. Ahh... dont care la.. The best that I had watched was P.s I love You. I cried a lot lo. Haha but quiet and secretly la. And good thing the plane was dark =P

I really like the blue dim light ^^ The one on the lower left was my tv.

P.s I love You

Ok a little bit about Doha International Airport. Sandy, deserty, warm place.

And did I mention that it was 6am and it was 31 degree?? It's like noon time in Malaysia!!

Inside the airport

The airport is not that big. So yeah that's basically about Doha International airport

In the bus to our plane

Me in the bus =.=

The airbus from Doha to London

Beautiful weather

Welcome to UK~ and it was 16 degree

The tarts and cupcakes that me bro bought for me sis-in-law on our way back home

Our journey home :)

Me bro, busy with ma psp =)

See what I mean? =)

Ok guys, gonna prepare ourselves now. Going out in a while to have fuN~ yeah~!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Aiyooooo @@

I love travelling.

But I hate the packing part.

Because I always have a lot of things to bring, the must-brings. Let's see..

All of my clothes are must-brings lo because not all clothes suit me size - not even the free size clothe sometimes. So I must bring them along!

And my jeans... same here. I am scared that I can't find any jeans at my size overseas cos you know, how many people overseas are as tiny as my size at my age, right? So cannot risk that too. Don't wanna end up wearing kids' clothes, so retarded and awkward!

Undies and bras, that one.. no need to explain. Must bring!!

My facial necessities.. facial foam, toner, mostuirizer, facial cotton, mask?????? haha at time like this I am still thinking of taking care of me face. Hopeless la me.

*yellow bulb lights above me head*

Ah! I know!!! I can do mask during the long hour flight!?! yes! Another activity to ease my boredom other than psp-ing, listening to the songs, reading.
Ha, you see, you see??? This wanna bring that also wanna bring, that's why ended up like this

Those are only my clothes alone!!! Facial necessities and make-up kit not in yet!! *faint*

My major headache for now. How to put all the must-brings into this already-filled-and-full-wiht-AJ's-clothes lunggage bag ar?? T____________________T

P.s: Am going to the airport tonight around midnight I guess. It's 1.16pm now and I am hitting that feeling already - yess, the heavy-hearted feeling - and beginning to worry how ma love and I will be able to move on with our lives with the 3 months separation. A workaholic like him will always skip meals just to finish his works if i was not there nagging and bugging him with calls and sms-es during meal hours. And ma brother who is going to move out soon to PJ to join a new intake. Wonder if he can adapt to the environment or not although the endless nags and lectures I had injected into his brain. I really hope my 'injections" function fully and not immunised him!! I super pray that he can really remember what I had told him again and again (cos this brother of mine is soooooooo damn forgetful and care-free!! sometimes I just want to strangle his neck and punch him in the face because the minute you told him this, he will forget what was being told the next minute) and really hope that he can take good care of himself because they will be on their own starting from tomorrow - no one to fold clothes for them, sweep the floor and cook dinner for them - in other words, no more "kakak" (maid) la T_T

P.p.s: Shit. Why that p.s so damn long. Haha Ok, gonna keep this one really short. (LAME =P)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I'm back.

To the blogging world, of course.

Few announcements to make.

1. I graduated!!!! but am currently "planting and harvesting grapes"(if you understand what I mean =P). I am proud to announce that while I was far far away from my domain (blog), I grew a grape estate! (which is nothing to be proud of, I know) :P

Not that I wanna tanam anggur la, in fact I rejected three interviews already! I hate to do that and am super guilty about it but what to do, I am not fully available to work yet which leads to my second announcement

Procrastination output: My final year project finally done!

I can finally sleep peacefully. No more fyp rush nightmares, pre-meeting-supervisor-rush and countless sleepless nights and insomnias

2. I rejected the interviews heavy-heartedly because I will be far far away from Malaysia for about 3 months. That's why lo. A bit scared actually. You see la, got jobs calling me for interview and I went around "jual mahal" turning ppl off. Geng or not? Sigh. Why my life is always in dilemma wan. T.T If you happen to read my craps, please throw in some comfort words la okie? =) Please tell me that it's ok for me to do so and my reason is valid and whatever la. So that I wont feel so guilty. Can?

3. As I told bongkersz few moments ago, he can pluck mushrooms from me because I am being kept at home for about 2 weeks already!! Without meeting any friends except Angel and Yin Ting. TERRIBLE I tell you. Everyday eat, sleep, cook, eat, and sleep again! Vain. vain.vain. I super salute "penganggur" right now. How can they stand the "free-ness". I mean, not having anything to do is the worse thing in this galaxy!

4. I dislike/hate my previous blog template (the pink one). Which is also one of the reason I rarely blog. Wanna change it, but none of the blog template blogspot has that grabs me attention. Have no choice but to change it back to black. That's the only thing a computer-noob like me can do for now. So do not expect me to be able to create a fancy template on my own lo unless I become Einstein right after this moment which is so unlikely and of course, L-A-M-E.

So how ar? Any good samaritan to offer a helping hand to me ar? I will announce to the world that you are my blog-template-saver and your glorious name will be mentioned together with your victory as many generations as I can pass! *begging desparately*

5. Oh yea, before I get too carried away begging, I promise that I will blog more often from now onwards (the next time I the internet access). I will be leaving Malaysia this coming Tuesday in the wee hours to the United Kingdom and will be staying there with me bro, me sis-in-law, and me love/makin-kiut naypiu, AJ.

6. I 100% forgot or returned everything that I learned since year 1 sem 1 to UTAR dy. UTAR should award me the most kind student award. How to not return I ask you? Didn't use ma brain for the past 2 weeks and didn't revise back what were being taught and also didn't put into practise too. Haha. There goes my dad's money. Luckily my dad is not blog-wise, so I am still safe for now. ><

OK la. Better catch some sleep now. Buh bye~

P.s: Will blog again if I have the almighty internet access again.