Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Must Watch! I kid you not!

Click on it if you want a better view.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Me birthday cake from me sweet boss! Don't mind the 'priorty' word.. boss is being sarcastic. Work-related joke =P

Everyone started singing birthday song to me =')

Cake cutting ceremony.

Decided to let the boys handle the cake to avoid futher embarrassment as I'm clumsy by nature.

Then it looks like it will take centuries for the boys to finish cutting the cake so boss butt in and saved our lives did it for us instead. He is such an expert! and we're a just a bunch of spoiled brats =P

Do-re-mi. Geez I seriously need a haircut!! Hate my hair right now.

Me birthday nails ^^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Parteyyy

Had a really really fun time at the office on Monday night during our Chritmas PartY! Our very own Christmas pot luck party cum gift x-change organised by me~~ *proud* except that there are 2 spoilers who bailed out the very last minute. Assholes.

I mean, if you can't afford / don't wanna buy any gift cos you're damn stingy like that you should have tell me that you're not joining instead of bailing out last minute without even preparing any gift for the person you are supposed to give the gift to. Only genuine retards will act like such.

Being me, of course I won't let you go easily. You're gonna pay for what you have done to my poor colleagues! *evil laugh*

Moving on to the happy moments, (photos are not arranged in any order)

Nazah and Ima who is so happy that she lifts her leg up and she kept denying it. We've got evidence Ima! She's so funny!

I thought JC(left) looks extremely cute and funny here =P

Can you see an imaginary love shape here?

The food is awesome!! =P I love good food~

Oh that's Saul! He's funny too.

Awesome people who attended the party!

Er... this is my boss.. who is busy guarding the food?

The girls and Zura the reindeer.

I don't know what I was doing >.<
Gifts are starting to pile up after that!

Boss' candid shot. My revenge to him! He took my picture when I was busy eating with my mouth stuffed with KFC chicken thigh... I think you get the picture.

I love this picture ^^
All in all, I enjoyed a lot!! I love December because it's a month full of joy and happiness! With Christmas and New Year celebration and also me birthday >.<
More to come.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AMM "reborn"

We have moved! FINALLY! Been told that we're shifting since last month! and that day has finally arrived! Thank God! -.-''

I'm loving our new place! Every single bit of it although the toilet takes some time to flush everything down.. it's like a monster swallowing your poop slowly.. savouring every moment with your ... hmm ok let's not get there.

Everything's new!! Love new stuffs.

New fridge!

New containers! Cute too!

New toaster!

New microwave! I love this one. Feel like stealing this home! Handsome looking microwave!

And of course I grabbed the chance to have a look at the gents'! (before everyone came down). Love the colour.. i feel so calm inside! No wonder my colleague took a long time to finish his 'business' whenever he's in there.

The view from the entrance. My seat is at the far far end!

I'll be sitting next to Oli! We're loving our new place so much! We have the whole window to us hehe but it's not fun when it's sunny outside =(

A better view of our lovely place~

Next is our own christmas tree!! Cant wait. We already have one upstairs a very big and pretty one.. and I always forgot to snap a photo of it. Hehe

Boss said he's gonna get us a new tree right after we moved to a new floor so we can have our own christmas tree for our department only! Isn't that cool~~

We're having our own christmas party next week!! Geez I haven't figure out what to buy for our gift-exchange activity and the clock is ticking~~

Wish me luck!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rainy Days

Waking up to rainy mornings is the worst punishment ever!

The evil side will coax me to bury myself back under my comforter but the angelic side threaten me that I'll be so sorry that no one can save me if I'm late for work.

Argh! Why oh why.. this didn't happen on one working day but two! *smack forehead*

And I was 15 minutes late on Friday morning last week hehe blame it on the weather >.<

Happy colours!
Was in the pantry to refill my water when I saw this. Cheered me up instantly on cold Thursday and Friday mornings. Love rainy dayssss but hate to get wet. Not even a single drop.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

After today...

After today, I finally know how does it feel to be calumniated by the person whose expertise is to find scapegoats when shit happens.

After today, I've realised that all of my hardwork went down the drain, unappreciated.

After today, I've realised how naive I am to continue to bear that little hopeless hope hoping that someday things will change.

After today, I've told myself to say "TAK NAK" (NO) to anything that has nothing to do with my job descriptions.

After today, I've finally decided to give up.