Friday, July 25, 2008

Back again!!


I am finally back! Back from Bath (again), Southampton, Portsmouth and house moving.

Last few days were horrible i tell you.. especially without internet connection. Man, i can die from the internet addiction if I dont get the access to log onto the net. Good thing the internet connection is back to us and everything is back to normal like it used to be.

Not many photos this time, I'm knackered.

The Spinaker Tower.

Aj, forced to be kissed by me.

In Bath.

Roman Bath (Val, me, aj and Da Sao)

Happy AJ heading back to Plymouth to see daddy.

Had a good trip and learned a lot from this time's vacation. But too bad Val is flying back to Hong Kong this Saturday T___T I am sure gonna miss her lots. Really hope that I can meet her again. She is the nicest acquaintance that I had ever met in my whole life. She's a friend now =)


I wanna thank my da sao for everything. She bought me a pair of high heels although I didnt wear them that often. She suggested me to wear it when I go clubbing next time. I have the coolest sis in law ever haha. The last time I went to clubbing was with Angel and gang last year out of curiosity. And that's it. No more clubbing since then >.<

Friday, July 18, 2008


...moving out tomorrow...finallyyyyy..... to a spacious flat.. wooottttttttt~~~'s gonna be a long and tiring day tomorrow.. i know >.<

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picnic II

Last weekend we went picnic and camwhore crazy.. cos the weather was so good

my summer flip-flop.. flowers again. ahaha >.<

family portrait

Act cool competition : Winner goes to AJ, first runner-up goes to me and third place goes to Da sao.. she cannot act cool one.. too cheerful always.

Angel, this post is for you ya. Lotsa Aj's pictures ahead hehe

Training little AJ to become a professional camwhore like his aunt Alice.

camwhoring rule 1# must act natural.. (passed)

camwhoring rule 2# must know how to act cool (passed)

camwhoring rule 3# must be good at candid shots (passed)

camwhoring rule 4# must be good at pretending (passed)

camwhoring rule 5# must know when to act shy (passed)

camwhoring rule 6# must know when and how to do silly actions to get attention from curious ang mohs (passed)

camwhoring rule 7# must know when and how to scare ang mohs away (passed)

camwhoring rule 8# must possess special talent like Street Fighters' "Ah Boo Kid" (passed)

camwhoring rule 9# must know how to pretend to do sth that you dont even know how (passed)

camwhoring 10# must know when to insert sense of humour (passed, passed, passed)

If you obey all the rules, i am 200% sure you will pass the camwhoring exam with flying colours just like AJ.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Picnic I

AJ is officially 6 months old today!! Woot~~~~

Happy Half years old AJ!! Gugu loves you vewie vewie muchy!! MUAKSSS

We celebrated his half-year-old bupday last night..!! >.<

Aj has got two guests attending his little bupday party~

Rudolph (left) and Val (right)

Then hor.. yesterday afternoon we went for a picnic! Since we checked the weather and the weather said ok, you guys can go for a picnic, my da sao and I jumped for joy! Cos we can finally have a picnic!! wahahhaa so my brother quickly googled for the best picnic place. And the next thing we know, we were all set to Torpoint~~ which is on the other side of riveR? sea? i guess river is more likely. haha

See? All of us so happpyyyy in the car

Da sao was imagining how is the place looks like.. hehe

At the ferry, this guy called Davy, has always wanted to hold AJ but eveyrtime when he holds AJ, AJ will cry within 30 secs. wahaha too bad Davy.. attempt failed.. like always =P

Nah...see? when Val held Aj, he didnt cry wor! hence, we concluded that Aj is NOT gay. He is interested in girls ONLY. That's my nephew~ way to go AJ.

On the way to Torpoint..

Everywhere is so greeennnn

Sign says "Home at last". Indeed.

cant help myself to ask my bro to stop at the road side for me to camwhore a bit. haha

Aj is soo happy. I think he likes green too >.<

I told you our destination was Torpoint right? But it has became a private area.. =.='' so we have to find somewhere else to picnic lo. So we drove and drove.. until we reach Kingsand. Then we found beach?!!!

But... but but... dont be too happy.. because the beach is just........

...this small only.. =.='''''''' even mini-er than mini beach.. wtf
Having all the picnic food prepared, we found somewhere to sit and just picnic there la.. haha so funny.. picnic attempt failed.. but we did enjoyed ourselves

What's the point of going to the beach if we dun play a bit in the sea water?

And I must tell you the minute my feet landed in the sea water.. they went numb.. too cold.

Police car behind us.. red alert!

random pictures.. i love flowers!! hahaha

Green again!! >.<

Ok..need to go now.. another picnic. wahahhaa

p.s: i m currently suffering muscle pain from playing extreme Wii last night until 3am. We played boxing, golf, bowling and etc. Haha it was so much fun!!! wanna play again!! hopefully.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The rain finally stopped

Thanks Ah Jen, for your prayer.

Today is indeed a very good day. Mr. Sun finally came out after so many days of rain.

Few days ago were horrible. I only brought my summer clothes over here and it rained EVERYDAY since I came back from Bristol which is NOT summer at all cos bro said supposedly people are walking on their streets with bikinis and topless.

But this year, he said, is a peculiar year. When I was in Cardiff visiting the museum the fun spoilt by the rain and the tourists over there (some local some not) said, "Yeah this is summer!" and another said, "Thanks to global warming that we now have unpredictable weather."

Ok need to prepare to go out now.. wanna go redeem our clay stuffs! I am so excited to see the outcomes of our creativities. hehe So brb >.<


I am back! And Jen, this post is dedicated especially to you ya.

Ehekhem ehekhem

Mine! I really like this bowl after they glazed it..

the one week waiting was....


I will go and do another one tomorrow >.<
Ok. this is on a special request. Jen wants to see the foo chow part. I kinda wanna make this bowl a motivational bowl so.. haha suddenly think of foo chow words and viola i put them down

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Plymouth again

I am back in Plymouth once again =)

Couldnt help myself to camwhore a bit in the train

Gonna rest for a few weeks till the next vacation >.<
I really had a good time in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff..

Credits go to Jen who planned the whole trip. Good job Jen and thank you so much for the wonderful trip! And thanks also for the superb photographs u took. Not bad la your phototaking skills. Blek. not too bad to help me win so many awards from Drumsticks. Hahaha

I am gonna rest.

I'm knackered.