Friday, April 27, 2007


Current situation : Insomnia..

Can't sleep leh~~

Nvm la..share something with you all. Break my "leave" season a while. :P

Few hours before midnight, we held a "surprise" in-advanced-birthday-celebration for Jimmy.

Like I said, it was supposed to turn out as a surprise...who knows, I broke my own plan. Useless me. This is my first time planning a "surprise" birthday celebration leh.. but first time, failed already. *sigh*

Jimmy knew it already but he just pretended that he knew nothing. Super fake lo but cukup bagi muka. Not bad, not bad. Cheh~ make me feel even more pathetic! Hahaha

Without further elaborations, I think pictures paint a thousand words :)

-See? Jimmy is so happy with his cute birthday cake-

-While Charles was in the wash room...-

-The regular-gang-

I wanted to upload more photos one, but the connection is getting on my nerve and I am not a girl born with a good temper. Kekeke

Before the celebration, I bought a new wallet!!! So happy that I finally found my dream wallet. All this while I was searching high and low for a wallet that is simple, classy, and not bulky when you put notes inside it. And walla...

-Behold~ This is my new wallet (Hehe)-

-And it's flatttttt. Kiss goodbye to the bulky ex-purse!-

And it can perfom magic too~ The notes can swap places.. Ain't the wallet cool or waT?

Notice the places of the RM5 and RM50 note

-They swap places when I open the wallet on the other side-

Don't ask me how. I'm still being fascinated by my magic wallet. :P

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Blogger temporary take leave due to final exam.

SO, wish me luck ya.. Hehe

God bless you all.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Maggot Attack

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~ Our room is attacked by maggots.

Don't know where the hell they came from~~~ Very annoying and very terrifying too.

I was going to get down from my bed when I noticed carefully there is something that looked like larva, crawling with rhythmic movements towards my bed. Feeling very "geli", I screamed. Then asked Angel to come to the rescue.

Angel : "Ha~ Maggot?! Where? where? How are we gonna deal with it?"

Me : Ok. Take the Ridsect and spray it.

While Angel went away to get her Ridsect, I continued observing the maggot. EEEee still very disgusting leh. I tried to imagine it as cute but the more I imagine the more I wanna puke, and all the fine hair stood up. YUCKIE~

After few seconds,

Angel : Lai lai lai, come where is it? How to spray ar? Like this ar?

Me : Just spray however you like la.. Janji mati!

Angel : Ok I spray liao ar...


Guess what? The maggot flew away~ hahahaha Poor maggot must have not been eating for the past few days already. No wonder can be easily blown away by the Ridsect-wind.

Seeing the maggot that "lau ya", I went to the toilet and grab few layers of toilet paper.

Me : Angel, I think let's crush it la.

Angel : Eee..don't want la.. very disgusting eh. You crush la then or gimme sth heavy to crush it.

Without any delay, I placed the toilet paper on the maggot and pressed upon that maggot.
My index finger slipped due to the maggot's smooth and boneless body.

Me : EEEEEwwwwwww!!!

Angel : What?! What?!

Me : That fella didn't die. He is un-crushable! Too elastic! Like rubber leh! How to kill like that?!

Angel : Eeee....don't ask me ar~

Me : Ok. One last try!

Aiming accurately, I placed the toilet paper on the maggot again, and this time aiming at the centre of the maggot's body. I pressed my thumb to the strongest.


Angel : EEeee yarr Alice ar! Can even hear the sound la!

Me : Yes! I killed it! Yes! See if they dare to come to our room again or not. Btw, that fella was really crunchy leh.

Angel : .....(speechless)...

And so I won the maggot attack. Hahahahaa

But sadly, after I finished bathing I saw another one right outside the bathroom door!

Me : Cilaka! How dare you!

Angel : Ha! Another one ar!?

Without further thinking, I grabed the toilet paper again, and crushed the second maggot again.

Angel : Alice ar... you are really cruel ho!

Me : Muahahahhaaa

-The end of maggot attack-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Crazy Night~~

We are indeed very very CRAZY!!!


Angel, Charles, Jimmy and I (including Ah Jen too, though it is not his exam season) are supposed to study for exams but look what we did in the end??

Jimmy brought all of us out "measuring the perimetres" of a small portion of Peninsular Malaysia; from PJ to KL and from KL to PutraJaya - can't blame Jimmy la.. temptations are really hard to resist!! hahaha

This was totally unexpected as we didn't plan to go anywhere and the outing was sudden too. Our first mission was to find the right route to Uptown and yea.. we managed to lay our butts there in no time (I dunno why butt, but I just like it). And yea, talking about Uptown I remembered the Indians waiters lied to us!!! He promised us roses and diamonds (in this case, TV) just to get our butts glued to the chairs outside their stalls. Promised us but never grant it. CHEATER! CHEATER!

Somemore have that damn guts to put quote that sounds so promising. *PUI*

But then we did well without the stupid TV also la. After we decided to cabut, Jimmy was getting high. Suddenly asked, "Eh, let's go play lo.."

Deepest apology to my parents that I was the one who said "YES!" - the loudest and the most enthusiastic one! I just can't resist the temptations to do crazy stuffs ma! :P

Initially we planned to go Dataran Merdeka to see Mat Rempit one... but don't know why everybody forgot about that after we went back to my house to take Angel's camera.

We went roaming about in the city and indeed we met a lot of Mat Rempits on the way to KL Sentral and Putrajaya leh~ For the first time I felt like a tourist who never saw these Mat Rempits in my whole life. We were like, "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here goes another one. This one thin, no wonder leading the group." And, "Apu~~ This one so fat, no wonder the last one!"

Then the most embarrassing thing happened when nature gave me and Angel urgent calls.

We tried to kept quiet at first, but couldn't hold on anymore when sitting at the back of the bumpy car. Wa lao eh~ Devilish Jimmy still drove so fast over those bumpy roads~ Making me and Angel suffered at the back. Ah Jen kept teasing us too~ And CHARLES! I still remember the method that you recommended us ho~ Cannot tahan dy still made us laugh out loud.

Ya ppl, we are from Sarikei ar... Choi meh~~

Ya.. we Sarikei ppl are very adventurous ok~ We dare to accept challenges, you got problem with that? Muahahahaa

Yay~ All of us look pretty~(that's after so many N-Gs)

Ah Jen, You are FIRED as a cameraman la. But this photo somehow destroyed my intention to do so in the end though. Hehe

And thus we popek popek until 5am baru sampai hati balik~ I think if it's not because Ah Jen said wanna attend 0830 mass, I think we're still there lO!

Hehe I know this entry is not that coherent but don't care. The important message that I wanna convey is, I appreciate so so much for everything that we did together! This is the best moments that I will never forget in my whole life! Thanks a lot guys and love you all so much!! MUUUAAAKKKKKSSSS~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, April 20, 2007

Study Week Gone Just Like That

Study week is going to end but if you ask me any question of any subjects that I take this semester, you will see me scratching my head, displaying my innocent look, or maybe I’ll ask, “Ha…got this kind of question meh? Lecturer mentioned that before meh?”


-My bed is full with notes and Angel’s magazine-

I appear to be hardworking right, with notes piling up and scattering almost half my bed, but where am I?

-Neh…right in front of my laptop happily chatting away with Ah Jing, Charles and Rey-


Friday liao still haven’t study! CHAM~

When will I get the mood to study ha?


Mesmerized by Tank can they come up with such a romantic lyrics ar.. Pei FU pei Fu..

Tank- 非你莫屬

ni zhi dao ma
wo hen xi huan qian zhe ni de shou de gan jue
na shi shen me yang zi
wo hao xi wang zai yi ci

dong de rang wo wei xiao de ren
zai mei you shei bi ni you tian fen
qing yi chuang jin wo de xin men
ming tian de mei meng ni wan cheng

整個宇宙 浩瀚無邊的盡頭
zheng ge yu zhou, hao han wu bian de jin tou
每顆渺小星球 全都繞著你走
mei ke miao xiao xing qiu, quan dou rao zhe ni zou
愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
我只願守護 由你給我的幸福
wo zhi yuan shou hu, you ni gei wo de xing fu
愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕苦
ye xu hui, xiao zhe ku, dan na ren shi ni suo yi, bu pa ku

dong de rang wo liu lei de ren
gei de gan dong yi ding shi zui shen
zai wo xin zhong liu xia shang hen
ni tong shi dian liang le xing chen

整個宇宙 浩瀚無邊的盡頭
zheng ge yu zhou, hao han wu bian de jin tou
每顆渺小星球 全都繞著你走
mei ke miao xiao xing qiu, quan dou rao zhe ni zou
愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
我只願守護 由你給我的幸福
wo zhi yuan shou hu, you ni gei wo de xing fu
愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕苦
ye xu hui, xiao zhe ku, dan na ren shi ni suo yi, bu pa ku

na me duo xiang yu
偏偏只和你 天造地設般產生奇蹟
pian pian zhi he, tian zao de she ban chan sheng qi ji
wo xin de feng xi
我想除了你 任誰也無法填補這空虛
wo xiang chu le ni, ren shei ye wu fa tian bu zhe kong xu

愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
我只願守護 由你給我的幸福
wo zhi yuan shou hu, you ni gei wo de xing fu
愛我 非你莫屬
ai wo, fei ni mo shu
也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕苦
ye xu hui, xiao zhe ku, dan na ren shi ni suo yi, bu pa ku
那個人是你所以 不怕苦
na ge ren shi ni suo yi, bu pa ku

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The newly formed J-A-C aka "The Pui Lang" group, has a mission to accomplish.
Each and every one of us have to compose our own songs to be recorded in few weeks time.
Though it sounds silly, but I'm so excited and triggered to do so when Jimmy sent me my old recordings that we did few years back at his house, Taman Susur Jambu~ If it is not Jimmy who blurted out the other day that he was listening to my recordings, I would have forgotten completely that I did such recordings before. Phew~ Nearly lost a precious memory~ Now that really makes me feel so damn excited about composing my own song. I want to carve more sweet memories in my dull life in PJ.
But, I don't have any inspiration to do so right now. It just won't hit me. Hope I can come up with something meaningful in no time though.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Art Attack Fever

Slept at 7am this morning. Can't imagine how can I sit in front of my laptop for the whole night!

It's been a long time since I last experienced insomnia.

For the whole night I browsed through Art Attack website and that took me back to my teenage days, when I was so deep in love with Neil Buchanan. He was such a GENIUS. He can turn ugly things into something artistic, creative and breathtaking. I really like his creativity (not all la though, MOST) I still remember that I wanna marry him cause he is the expert in decorations. Plus, you can save a lot of money from hiring an interior designer! You name it and he'll come up with super nice products which 99.9% of them are unrejectable. You just can't say "NO!" to his creations. DAMN nice!

And so while browsing, I drawed whatever I found nice and creative and beautiful.

It's been a long time since I last drawed such teenagely-drawings...

My drawings now are all kinda adultly-portrayed.

I lost my creativity skills due to lack of practice.

I love handicrafts so much that I did myself a 3D-name out of newspapers, cardboards and PVA glue. (Mum got jealous when she saw it). But I pasted it on the door of my bedroom in Sarikei la. So can't show you guys. Hehe. And also a Picture Box Shelves. Both of them are my proud achievements that are still well kept in my room. Hehehe

However, you can take a look here if you are interested :)


Feeling down today..

Coursework marks contribute major heartache.

Very sad~~~

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw those marks was my parents...

Dad called me today~ His gentle voice made me wanna cry.

I felt damn guilty inside for playing around too much!


Damn guilty!

I don't know how to survive this semester....


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday and also World Youth Day. I am damn happy to have Jimmy to fetch me and Angel to SFX church.

At last I don't have to use bus (well at least for this week la).. cause I'm sick of using bus EVERYDAY leh!!! It's not the bus fault anyways, I'll just get really annoyed and irritated when those passer-bys look at us with those stupid annoying expressions like they have never seen girls waiting for bus before. I mean, what's wrong with you all ha?? Never see normal girls waiting for normal bus ha?! It's not like we are wearing bikini or standing there topless leh and we're not supermodels too ho! Don't know what is so interesting to look at. Keep on kua kua kua~ I remember I always tell Angel that I feel like showing them middle finger whenever they portray that disgusting look at us! As if they'll die if they didn't take a glance at those who are waiting for bus! STUPID passer-bys!! And my worse experience while waiting for bus is that of an Indian driver together with his colleague (also Indian).
As usual Angel and I was waiting for bus one day when this stupid Indian driver drove passed us. That stupid driver's collegue was staring at us normally like other passer-bys, but so happened that I accidentally caught that lunatic driver sticking his tongue out and moving like he wanna lick somebody's ass!!! EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That totally nauseated me ok?! I was so angry that I told Angel, "Wish I could slap his face with an electric mosquito bat and chop down his damn tongue and blend it and feed it to the pigs!" See whether he still has that damn guts to show that disgusting look or not next time.

Anyways, that was not my main intention to blog today la~ See la! That pervert cause me to commit more sins!

Well, initially I wanna blog about Palm Sunday and my new haircut! hehehehe

~A token to Jimmy for giving me this beautiful palm leave~

First thing first.

Angel and I are so happy to learn that there is gonna be a place for us to hang out (FINALLY) in 2 months time!!! *jumping and hoping for joy* ^_^

Father Chris said the hostels meant for Catholic students will undergo renovation and after the renovation, the place will be provided with a lobby, a garden where you can have a cup of coffee while reading books, a "kopitiam" where most of the youth hang out, talk and discuss matters, etc etc. Father said if possible, he'll ask those who are showered with flairs and talents to perform on a small stage in the "kopitiam" once a fortnight to show off their talents!! Isn't it cool??!! Can't wait~ Can't wait!! It's like HEAVEN there ho! I don't care whether I am a CSS member or not, I will definitely join this hang out thingy! *wicked laugh*

~New Haircut! Very Happy~

~Sidelook~ Hehe

I just loveeeeeeee my new haircut~ Hahaha I was terrified and prepared myself for the worse when I see the way my hairstylist cut my hair for me. But, surprisingly it turns out to be what Ihave always wanted all this while oh~ HAPPY HAPPY!

Moral of the story: Don't ever look down on Junior hairstylists leh. Some of them are born with good cutting skills.