Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convo pics ><

Hehe.. finally got some peace and quiet time to sit down in front of me lappy and upload pictures like crazy. Don't have to think about work~~~ dont have to think of what to prepare for class.. dont have to think what to teach tomorrow~~ and and and it's National Day tomorrow! WOOT~~~~ I wooted not because it's National Day.. it's cos Monday is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! Muahahahhaha I can sleep till sun set~~~~ and I dont have to sleep early on Sunday night~~ Wah student's life is the best!!! ><
Ok.. enough craps.
Ladies and gentlements, let me present you my convo pictures~~~~

Erm.. u know what.. all graduants were supposed to wear white collar shirt and guess what I wore =.=

My two younger brothers.. Where ish Dai Lou (Big Bro) and Dai Sou (Sis-in-law) and AJ?!! *sigh*

Our Council Chairman, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik and Deputy Minister of Finance, Dato' Kong CHo Ha

Finally, after 3 years of midnight oil burning, sleepless nights, FYP attack...

Met YT's family for the first time in 3 years!!

Couple of photos I took from the studio

My FAVOURITE PHOTO of 2008~~~~~~ For the first time in my entire life my model wish came true! Dont throw eggs at me >.<

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day at work

everyone said "welcome on board".
Thank you thank you.

out of 90 staffs we have here... I noticed there are only 4 chinese lecturers so far and I am the only chinese girl wearing baju kurung >.<

One of the colleagues finally gathered his gut and asked me, "Are you chinese?"

My heart went piang piang piang...

Should I cry?? If I do... Will it be tears of joy or tears of sorrow?? -_____________-

Apart from running up and down the block (though lift is available) I got nothing better to do lo in the office!!

wah.. if everyday like this I can die i tell you!

My brother used to complain that he was so bored sitting in the office in his own cubicle, counting time to punch the card at the end of the day. I remember I used to shhushh him up by telling him how nice to be paid to sit in the office doing nothing. Let me restate my statement by telling to the whole world that GETTING PAID BY DOING NOTHING IN THE OFFICE IS THE WORSE JOB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously la.. I am sooooo damn boring in the office. Everyone was so busy today. No one can really sit down beside me and talk with me except the receptionist downstairs.. SHe is the nicest people I met so far cos she is just like a mother who always reminds me to do this and that. ANd I so wish to find her and sit with her in the office and chat with her.. instead of sitting here sceaming my heart out through blogging.. T.T

But good also la.. at least I get the time and energy and mood to update my blog.. T.T

More on convo pictures in the next blog ya.. I am so not in the mood to upload any photos right now.. maybe I will just upload one picture of me in baju kurung la.. and let you all judge if I look Malay or not -.-''' (hint: i'll chop your butt n head off if you say I do look like a malay) *evil grin*

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1710 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1730 is very near nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

cant wait cant wait..

Cant wait to go home now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never feel this happy before!

Question for tonight: Should I wear kurung again tomorrow? I like wearing them la.. loose and comfy.. perfect in the air-con room. BUT BUT BUT... aiya.. nevermind la.. malay girl malay girl lo!!

Oh yea.. one thing good about this that.... working period will be shortened during ramadan~~~~ that means I CAN GO HOME ONE HOUR EARLIER!!! WOO HOOO


Aih.. better wake up from dream la.. time to go back. NOT!

15 minutes!!

*pulling hair*

Since I still have 15 more minutes..

let me continue typing la ho.. hahaha

So vain.. dont you hate me already..


OK.. no more side-tracking..

I wanted to tell this from the beginning of this entry but I got carried away so many times..

The office gave me 2 boxes of buah kurma (dates). I am being told that sometimes the BOSS will give pressies once in a while to the staffs lo and since Ramadan starts next monday.. (and 4.30pm off work too) *evil grin*, the muslims will usually take buah kurma before they start fasting.. cos it is claimed that buah kurma can prolong their strengths to starve wor..

I never knew this leh.. and am glad to know now...

And hor.. while I was running up the stairs just now, my heel got stucked and hung still on the step.. sooooooo embarrassing can?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a student saw me.. (I bet he doesnt know I am one of the lecturers la) and asked if I am ok.

I was hoping there is a hole somewhere for me to dive in and zip the hole!! DAMN SHAMEFUL LAAAAA what if he found out in the nearest future that I am one of the lecturers and started to spread the news about me and my stupid heels to the whole college.. and the rest of my days here will be doomed!! FOREVER~~ Imagine me being bullied by students and me being pointed and giggled at by the naughty students each time I pass by them T____________T so scary la.. THis sucks..

Hope that boy forgets everything when he wakes up tomorrow!!! >=j

wooottttttttttttttt time to go back!!!



By the way, the staffs are wondering why am I so busy typing out of a sudden and hope they dont peek behind me la.. cos I didn't close the door behind me >.<>

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweaty day~~

Update: I AM EMPLOYED!!!! WOO HOO!!! didn't expect it but I am employed~~ no more cv spamming days (I hope) *grin* hello working world~~~ Cant believe it.. was out for the first time ever formal interview this morning and now they called and said I m hired. Woot~~ this feeling is superb! Thanks to those who prayed for me. Your prayers are marvellous!! Pray for the world I am sure your prayers will bring miracle!

first interview done!

Just got home and here I am sitting in front of my lappy, drenching in my own perspiration and fan facing towards me. Come to think about it, I haven't sweat for ages! And didnt know it feels so good to be able to wet the back of the shirt and the legs wrapped by long pants. I feel like I pee-ed every now and then.

So.. the interview went pretty well, except that I forgot to bring this and that wahahaha... I don't know I have to bring such stuffs la.. like SPM, STPM, PMR transcripts -.-''' I thought bringing my uni testimonial ish sufficient? No? Bleh.. I think I screwed the interview la then.. hahaha

But they know it was my first interview so.. como sea como sea~ I dont care that much now >.<
I walked back just now!! it's not a big deal I know but I had blisters again at the back of my ankles!!!!! B-L-I-S-T-E-R-S~~ stupid high heels! Ima throw you into the bin now. No one can stop me! Not even you! I gave you so many chances to not EAT my feet but you seriously don't appreciate what I did so out from the house and in the bin you go!!! Ima get a new covered heels who will love my feet like the love of its life -.-'''


On unrelated matter, I think I encountered the same experience of a blogger last night. Just read her blog few days ago and thought "Bah.. this is how crazy people will get nowadays" and never thought that I will face the same situation too.

I was on msn late last night and suddenly a stupid horny ang moh who named herself Fannie added me. Firstly, I NEVER add someone I don't know. Secondly, I have a US friend whom I met in Nostale by the name of Fannie so I added her thought that Fannie is the Fannie I know. Obviously I knew it was not her when she told me that she is so horny and want me to on my webcam etc etc.. kept bugging me with endless messages. Damn her la.. what kinda strategy is this? So irritating.. So I deleted horny fannie and blocked her forever and ever. Amen.

To cut the story short, dont add her!

In case you wanna know her email address: for those who wants to be aware, email me at and I will tell you or for those who wants to feel the horny sensation >.> can email me and I will email the address to you too -.-'''

P.s: Ubek, I know you will be the first one to email me wahahahaa jk jk


Oh oh oh~~~ One more thing!! Daddy will be arriving soooN in the evening~~~ yay~~~
and mummy and little bro tomorrow double yay!!!!! Can't wait can't wait to poke little bro's butt and to irritate mum and make her scream~~~ Love it!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you Drumsticks!

You made my day xD

I am being awarded~~ by Drumsticks

Thank you thank you.

Well according to her, I have to spread the award to 7 other bloggers.. hmm can i award all? Hehe Cos everyone on my blog list deserves the award too ><

But but but, out of so many let me just point out 2 blog newbies that deserve this award.

Firstly, ish my Da Sao who just started to blog super recently (thanks to my influence ><). Great blog with lotsa information and sharings. And she updates her blog more frequent than me now.

Secondly, ish my Dai Lou. This is the most interesting part. You see, my dai lou (Big bro) once condemned bloggers saying that "bloggers are those who have got nothing better to do", "blogging is wasting time", "why the heck do you wanna blog letting the whole world know your private life?" and in the end when he found out that everyone around him has a blog, he came back home from the office and asked, "Why does everyone blog nowadays? Even my colleague who is a forty-ish has a blog! Blimey!"

But no.. he didn't start a blog right away.. cos if you know my brother like we do, he is extremely hard to please. Nothing can force him unless he is doing it on his free will. So.. on his free will, he announced to the world on one spectacular night that he has a blog now!! wahahaha (thanks to me and dai sou? cos both of us are like blog-addicts. Took pictures of anything and put in on the blog and I realised my bro began to ask me if I wanna take pictures and put it on my blog whenever we encountered something new/not ordinary. He SUGGESTED too sometimes! whahaahaha)

So, if you wanna find out a structural engineer's life and the life of new parents I highly recommend these two blogs. (Not because they are my family and that's why I promote them? It's simply because I think they have blogging potentials too and since they are still new wanna help to spread the news around.. who knows some readers might like it too ^^)

And wanted to type a long long list of who deserves the award, why and so on.. but.. i have to tell you all..


Lappy ish getting old!! T.T and thus functioning like a 90 years old old hag~~ each time when I wanna read a blog.. will take ages! sigh.. cant only really blog when i m really free now >=j

Friday, August 15, 2008

Emo emo..

I'm back

in Malaysia.. but, I left my heart in Plymouth at 27, Wake Street.

God please "kurniakan" a door for me so when I open the door I can reach Aj, Da Sao and Bro.

I miss them so much already T_________________T (more than my parents, honestly)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

08.08.08 at 0808

What an auspicious day.

I bet all of the people around the world know what is going on today.

And yea.. though I am not in China to witness the opening ceremony, we went to the City Centre to watch live performance at 1308 (8.08pm China time).

WOw.. speechless.. am definitely awed by the patriotism of China.

I am so damn proud to be a Chinese.

I don't know if I am the emo type but I really feel like crying when I watch Beijing Welcomes You song and even more emo when I watched the opening ceremony. THank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to witness this wonderful wonderful ceremony.

Lots of Chinese came to watch at the centre too. I thought I was making a big hoo-ha about this but even the ang mo kid beside me realised that and said, "Mummy, there are Chinese everywhere!".

I feel like standing up amongst the crowd, thrust my right hand up into the air and shout, "Way to go CHINA!! Good job!! Bright future ensues!"

Every effort is clearly shown. Well done China! Well done!!

Man~~ If your hair still won't stand, something is wrong with you.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

As you can see, my days here in Plymouth are gonna end..soon... T____T

So I have to enjoy to the fullest. Otherwise, I will end up crying >.>

Saturday night, me bro and friends brought me to Oceana club. I would say it's a somewhat high class club cos only those with proper dress code can enter and the security level was quite good.

Ms. Bunny trying to steal the show >.< There are 3 types of room in Oceana and one of them is this Iceroom where everyone danced like mad.

Spotted Mr Banana and Mr. Hotdog.

Our first drink of the night
Me, spoiler bro and Rud

The gang in the club

See video here

Friday, August 01, 2008

Sweetest gift from God

This will never fail to cheer me up no matter how.

Enjoy and hope your day is as good as Aj's >.<

P.s: Sorry I look damn ugly in it like i dont have eyebrow. I do have in real ok. The video quality is not very good this time..but duh that's not the main point anyways.. LOL