Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Everything is happening too fast!

Best part is it always happens before I'm leaving for somewhere else -.-''

Geez, life's really really hectic recently.

Things keep changing and I can hardly keep up with the fast pace cos I prefer to take things slow and steady. Need to buckle up else I'm gonna suffocate myself!

If only I have that extra teeny weeny bit of energy and time to spend with my guitar actually it's not mine but i've decided to "adopt" the guitar that Nazah lent me last last summer. hahaha

I've been asking since ages ago if he wants the guitar back and he said, "No worries, you can have the guitar for as long as u like. Return it to me only when you resign."

So there you go, definitely not stealing from him, wait till i found a nice guitar with a good price I'll return the guitar to its rightful owner.

There are just too many things that I wanna buy right now.. Sigh if only I earn lotsa money~~~

I will be the happiest girl alive!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The call that brightened up my Thursday

This morning I feel like screaming and running in the office!

Not because of the amount of work, but the excitement and joy my dai lou (eldest brother) darted right to my heart.

It all started when he smsed me this morning simply updating me what's going on back home.

I told him bout the intention of flying back to spend the Mooncake Festival together with the family but couldn't cos the tickets are more expensive than the one I paid for my next year's Chinese New Year return tickets!

And guess what?

He called and asked me how much the fare costs and BOOM that's it.

Both of us are gonna pay for my return tickets~~ I nearly jumped and hop around like a 5 year old kid who has just gotten his/her first christmas present!

This means so much to me, dai lou. I love you so the very much!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


One confession to make.

Guys who can play guitars (especially acoustics) = my soft spot.

For those who can play and sing, OMG I will definetely melt, fanning my steamy face away and YES, I DO!! I DO! I DO! and oh please run away from me before I abduct and declare you as my pet. wtf

Come to think of it, all my ex-es play guitars!

Woow... so that's why I fell in love blindly with them huh.

Dang.. guess I got this from mummy?

Daddy used to play guitar and mummy used to sing along to daddy's melody.

So sweeeet!

My current love - Lack of Color by Death Cab For Cutie. Check that out!! The one and only song that has been repeating in my media player since this morning! Definitely the song of the day.

If you can sing and play thissssss well, please don't serenade me *no, actually I lied. Please do! Please do!*

I'll go crazy!! I'll evaporate into thin air!!

I'm serious.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I feel so numb right now.

My daily routine for this coming 10 days - Wake up before the sun rises, dress up and head to the office, burried under my comforter soon as I got home.

Been working like a slave for the past 7 days since last week.

10 days more to go before my long break.

Can't wait!

Hope I survive before turning into a human robot - Robotalice.

Wish me luck!