Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweetest gift from God

The cutest thing in the world has to be none other than my sweet nephew, AJ.

OK, I will save you all from my craps and show you the evidence.

hahahahaha nice or not nice?! Cute or not cute?!!!! You tell me~~ hahahaha cant stop laughing..

seriouly la.. so cuteeeee~~~ I seriously think that AJ is very pretty!!! And so lady-like in this picture.. OMG..

Hahahaha cant stop smiling and laughing.. this photo just cheer me up and save me from depression!

God, I love him so much!

Can't wait to see you, baby.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Irrational ppl is the stupidest!!

First of all I really hate irrational people.

The one that calls you cheater even when you have all the logics and reasons to back you up.

I feel like punching her right in the face right now for being so damn brainless despite the decades of years that she had already lived.

It doesn't mean that you can say what you want when you are the oldest ok!?!

Old + (-Brain) = Stupid, Hence do not deserved to be respected
Old + Brain = Respect

There is a huge difference ok!?!

You dont fucking judge if you dont fucking know how to judge and dont fucking accuse people as cheater when the source of your reason is fucking damn wrong!

How can you compare a mouse and a cat when they are both very different in the first place?!

And if you wanna regret on anything that you had agreed in the first place dont fucking say it out in front of us! Dig yourself a hole and jump into it because we dont point a gun at your fucking bitch face and FORCE you to agree!

If you wanna blame, blame it on your fucking shit retarded brain! Dont carry your guts and bark around with your fucking brainless excuse to the others.

I understand you dont need a shit brain (cos u dont even have one!) to talk but we still need the dignity to move on.


Thus, I conclude that evil people tends to live longer than kind-hearted people. How true!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Woe is Me

Tonight I am gonna cry my heart out..


First, I won't be sleeping cos I need to hand in my first draft of my final year project tomorrow at 10am and the best thing is I have a super duper early replacement class at 8am!!!! Why la my lecturer so 'nice' one?!!!

Secondly, I am at Pei xian's place and I am gonna cry because I never felt so much better and relieved and thankful to be able to use a fast speed internet connection again! I lost the usual wireless connection in my room. Ya, so no more free, slow, wireless connection dy *sob* that is why i am here at Pei Xian's place at the most critical time. Luckily I still have wonderful Pei Xian to spare me a place to sleep at her place and to accompany me tonight~. Yeah baby, we're gonna stay up all night long to do our FYPs (final year projects)

Thirdly, I am going to cry again because I am feeling a pang of regret now for not keeping my blog up to date. T___T Now that I have lost the wireless connection in my room, I started to regret~~~Because I found out that I suddenly have so many things to tell everyone why am I like this T__T Ya la ya la.. serves me right lo, never appreciate what I had and only came to realise it when it's gone.

Fourthly, I am sure gonna go crazy tomorrow because of the insufficient sleeps that I am experiencing these few nights. OMG, I am sure gonna aged a lot!! Can someone donate me an anti-aging cream ar? *wink wink*


Ops, time's up.

Need to continue my work.