Monday, November 30, 2009

Blue Monday

You know what, yesterday after mass Mr Wong went and bought a scapular for himself. After happily found the desired scapular, we searched for the priest hoping that he would bless the scapular for us.

When we finally found him, he shook our hands and asked, "Hello, where do you guys come from?" and went on blessing the scapular lying on Mr Wong's big and warm palms. Then he continued saying, "Next time, please don't wear like this to church."

Baffled, Mr Wong and I looked at each other.

The priest then said, "How do you wear to parties?"

I answered innocently, "Like this lo"

Funny enough, the priest was in a shocked state for like 3 seconds before saying, "You wear like this to parties?!" I said, "Yeaaaaah, it's comfortable this way."

What's wrong wearing T-shirts and short pants? Hmm... maybe short pants are a bit over la.. hehehe

He must have thought that these 2 budak kampung (village kids) are such embarrassment to the church.

And I proudly told him we are SARAWAKIANS. FML

Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh uh.. it's another boring one.

I just got home from work a while ago.

I think I'm starting to develop phobia of entering the office cos once I'm in, it's hard to get out of there!!!

I'm serious. Ever since my workload increased, I have to drag myself out of my comfy bed to work my arse off.

Hate entering the office when I know a lot of emails are waiting for me.. lots of neverending requestssssssssssssssss lots of reports due!! Basically I'm racing with time once I flash my id card at the entrance of my office. While others can go back on the dot, I have to be stuck in the office until I feel that I can deal with the rest tomorrow... my workload is neverending...

Hmm... I think I should consider hunting for a better pay job..... I love my current job though.. but not the pay.. argh.. dilemma dilemma.. argh.. i'm leaving this for another day.. my brain is shutting down.. I should not overwork my brain..

Hmm.. what else besides work...

oh yea~~ I found out that this baby is doing an awesome awesome job!!

I'm sooooo glad that my sister in law got it for me cos I don't think it is available in Malaysia yet. But when it reaches Malaysia, DO buy!! It's worth every single penny. Trust me.. I've used it for a couple of times and it is really as good as the reviews gave by youtube make up gurus. With a tiny amount of it, your eye shadows really last longer and won't crease at all =D

Or you can purchase online.. i think. go search for it! Pretty sure it's avaible online!! It's called Shadow Insurance by Too Faced cosmetics aka Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Well, time's up~ time to take ma shower and crash on my bed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hello people~ Sorry i haven't been updating much.. because life is a bitch when i don't even have time for myself when I needed it the most. Workload is crazy!! and I've been staying back without being paid for almost a month now. Dammit.
Anyways, that aside.. if you may have noticed, I've enabled my comment moderation tool. I started to receive spamming comments promoting viagra and etc >.> which annoy me to the maximum when I found out that I can't delete the freaking comments! Grr!
Well, my life is pretty boring at the moment. I've dragged some pictures from my phone that i forget to post. So me.. i know..

I pretty like this pucture.. i think it's pretty unique.

Hello! I look pretty pissed here right? Hahahah I'm such a good actor..

and this!! super yummylicious mooncake all the way from hong kong that Hilary brought for me! It tastes sooooooooooo goooooddd that I still remember how it tastes like! and will drool whenever I see this picture! T______T I want more! more! MORE!!!!

How it actually looks like before being savoured by me. I promised Mr Wong that I would share the mooncake with him but I finished it all in the end. Irresistible.

This is the day I stopped buying Bee Hun goreng from the stall next to my office building. Now i know how a fried fly tastes like!
Tomorrow's friday!!! and also my abui's (dad) birthday!!! Happy birthday ABUI~~~~ Me love you long time! Muaks~