Friday, June 26, 2009

Sims 3

I can finally play Sims 3 now!!!!! My utmost favourite game!!!

Unfortunately all the photos taken were a little bit too dark when I uploaded on blogspot.

As usual, I'll create man and wife =P Meet the Robinsons, Josh and Julie. Sally is a super good housewife, she's good at repairing stuffs, upgrading stuffs, cooking, painting and gardening! and also a good mother too! That's why all the kids, Sally and Bernard grew up well and they get to choose the traits that I want. I chose Genius trait for the both of them so they can learn faster.

As time goes by, Julie grew old and passed on. But she still visits eventhough she's a ghost. You can try to restore her back to life at the Science Center though, but it depends on your luck. The percentage isn't high.

Sally Robinson (daughter) found her love, got married and moved out from the house to her hubby's place. Since Julie's dead, the house was kinda empty without the presence of women. So I sent Bernard to the park to find his partner. Meet Emily Laangrab, who's super rich and always wishes to go to the spa centre to get herself massage and facial done -.-'' Neverthereless, she's a good wife too. She loves to work out and the kids look like her! Maybe because of her fitness, her genes are more dominant! LOL

Tadah... Robinsons' house with a car (Big Lemon) and a bicycle parked in a garage.

A proper view of the house. Believe it or not, I only managed to renovate the house after Emily (from the rich) moved in. Muahhaha

Oh! this is the most interesting part. The previous Sims had to give birth at home. But in Sims 3 you gotta give birth in the hospital! When your Sims go on labour, she will wave at you so u can send her to the hospital while the partner/husband will follow her to the hospital to be with the mother.. awww so sweet!

In Sims 3, your sims will be able to read pregnancy book, recipe books, magazines, bla bla bla either at the bookshop or at the library! There are a lot more things that you can do in Sims 3!! Like fishing, hanging out at the beach, grocery shopping, relaxing at the spa centre and etc etc!It's more realistic compared to the previous Sims! Good JOB Electronic Arts! You can never disappoint me!!
P.s: I would like to thank my sis-in-law for sending me the link to download sims 3 though it took me days to complete. It's all worth it! MUAH~~~ARIGATO!! You're my life saver!!


Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. Shocking indeed O.O

Rest in Peace Michael. Continue to moonwalk in heaven.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm A Genius

I reformated my own PC for the first time.

First time reformating and I would say the whole experience was hillarious and unforgetable.

But first let me thank my colleague for cursing my pc to not be able to work.

Call that superstitious or perhaps coincidence.. but my pc wasn't responding AT ALL after he prayed to God that morning.

As the punishment, I made him teach me how to reformat my pc.

I have to admit that it was chaotic but hey I finally learned how to do it on my own! I'm happy!

But he went through hell teaching me step by step. LOL

Thanks, man. I really appreciate it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DSLR's Awesomeness

This is what happened when your colleagues brought Digital Single Lense Reflex (DSLR) camera to work on Fridays.

My Favourite Photo.

Ciggie Alice

Eherm.. that's Zura's hand trying to know...

One disadvantage of DSLR: It captures EVERYTHING in detail... I never thought I need a hair cut so soon until I saw this picture. Me and my messy hair. Sheesh.

One Friday morning when all of us went Cuckcoo. TGIF~

I bring this picture to life.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Song Representatives

It's all about songs lately.

My current favourite is Don't Trust Me by 3Oh!3.

Queer, but true.

The lyrics are controversial and interesting. One of the best songs to karaoke with.

Today I'm gonna talk about songs. Why? Because some time back I posted something on my FB status. Something like, "Every song represents someone..." and some agreed with me.

I have this tendency to remember people/things that happened through songs. They somehow got recorded by my brain and reflect back when the songs are replayed.

For instance,

Tears of Cinderella by Cyndi Wang reflects on the courtship of Mr. Wong and I. Everytime we went out dating, this song kept playing over and over again and thus I fell in love with the beat and started to simply sing whatever I absorbed. But actually my favourite part is at the beginning of the song, where you go ba ra ba ba ra ba all the way. hahaha Basically most of Cyndi's songs of this particular album will remind me very much of Mr. Wong.

Next is Viva La Vida by Coldplay represents Teck Young. Why? Cos I fell in love with this song when I was in Plymouth last year. The radio kept playing it. I always look forward to listen to this song and coincidentally Teck Young was over at my bro's place one night and when this song was being played he sang the lyrics out. That's how he's buried in my brain. Kakaka

Moving on is Run by Snow Patrol. My big bro comes to mind when this song is played. He was trying to show me a song which is one of his favourites but mistakenly downloaded this one instead. And now it's been drilled in my head and I quite like Leona Lewis' version =P

Of course not forgetting ma sista-in-law's Delta Goodrem's In This Life. I still remember she was surfing on the net while I was "renovating" my blog. AJ was napping so in order to enjoy the limited "peacefulness", we tried our best to prolong the peaceful moment by poking earphones into one of our ears. She nudged me and asked me if I wanna listen to her choice of music and we both ended playing the album over and over =)

Next is Graduation by Vitamin C that reminds me of Yt, my buddy! As we were heading towards the end of our university life, she said this song suits us best.

As for Zura, Cinta Gila makes me think of her for no reasons. Maybe because she's a crazy woman. HAHAHA oh! at the same time, this song also reminds me of Ubek my crazy dude. He is the craziest boy friend amongst my other boy friends I've ever had.

Zatil would be Jesse McCartney's How Do You Sleep cos she kept playing the song throughout the working hours.

Mui mui's will be Thinking of You by Katy Perry cos I remember she said she doesn't like Katy Perry, but once she came across the song she immediately told us, "Now I know why you guys are so into this song."

The Blower's Daughter - Naza. He's the one sending the song to my ears =) I'm glad he did. This song never fail to send me far far away into my imagination where I direct my own movie.

I still have a long long list to go but I don't think I can finish listing them out one by one in one post so I think I shall end here this time.
Last night, I created my own lasagna recipe! The lasagna skin I bought stated that the lasagna skin must be microwaved or ovened but I have none of those. Hence, adventurous me tried steaming.

The end result

HAHAHA syok or not my lasagna.

The skin on the surface is clearly not cooked enough to eat, but the layers in between are soft and cooked! YUMMY!

I'd figured out the way to make sure the skin is completely cooked though.

Try soaking lasagna skin in the water for a while and wait for it to soften before steaming it. It works!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cherry-Cherry Boom-Boom

Excuse my title, I don't know why I'm so attracted to Lady Gaga.
Her songs never failed to tickle me sometimes, "Eh Eh" for instance. The first time I got my ears on this, i thought Paris Hilton sang it although I have to admit i like the "cherry cherry boom boom" part only. Sounds happy and funny at the same time.

Oh yea, just wanna drop a few lines to let you all know that I'm not missing in action.

I fell sick since last week. So sick that i had to take MC.

There's this coughing virus going around in the office.. and I finally got it..

Am still recovering. What annoys me is the amount of flames accumulated in my throat everynow and then.


I tried not to be bothered by it but it gets thicker and thicker the more I ignore it. Like when I swallow my saliva, I feel like I'd swallowed a 20 cent lollipop candy down my throat. I can even feel the peristalsis process going on along my throat.

The most annoying part is when I tried real hard to cough/spit/force the flame out but nothing came out!

So the best way is to use the combination of my nasal power together with my throat power to force the flames out. That way, my throat wont hurt much. But I will sound like a granny with a loud "KHOOOOORRRRRRRR" and a rude "PtuiK~"

I want to eat Baskin Robins' ice-cream!!

But with the cough and the flames, I better be safe than sorry.
P.s: Oh yea I do take medicine cos it's liquid and it's sweet yay!! but my body seems slow to react. Hate this!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Here!

I'm smiling from ear to ear today!

Finally bought myself my very own and first desktop~~~~~~ *bliss*

Still getting use to the wide 23" screennnnnn.

Thanks to William, my housemate, who helped me to install everything that I need the whole night!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Miserable Sunday

I had a bad day, yesterday that is =(

Right after the webcaming session with my lovely ones, I thought of cooking an early dinner.

But right when I wanted to stand up and walk around, I felt the fear of my life!

Excruciating torment that I had to endure for hours =(

I continued stitching like a granny with my specs perched on the bridge of my nose hoping that it would distract my attention from feeling the pain of my tummy.

But the pain got more and more intense as I stitched away. T____T

It's the day of the month again.. dammit..and how could I let it slipped away freely from my mind!
To make things worse, I did some massive cleaning on Saturday causing my whole body aching and walking like a robot.. had to smack some Tokusens at the back of my waist and also at the back of my chest.. I do feel like a granny now=(

I told Mr Wong that I had stomache and he quickly asked if I am having my period.

I said yes, and he started to worry.
Nobody wants to see me with my period pain cos I'm a MONSTER when I'm in pain, especially period pain. Dammit.

He quickly made me a hot hot hot Milo to reduce my pain.

Sadly, the pain did not subside. It worsened instead. That's when I know that the history is coming back! My first awful, miserable period pain experience was when I was 15.

You know how serious this is when I volunteered to swallow the painkiller. People who know me especially me mama, knows that I HATE taking pills and I would rather choose to bear with the pain in order to escape the pill-taking session. I might be a cow at this but I had a terrible ordeal when I was 9. Traumatic experience. But that's another story altogether.

Well, if you think that helps, you're wrong. It didn't help at all!!

I was rolling on the bed with a hot bottle on my tummy.. and the pain stayed!

GOD! I gone crazy i tell you. I was punching the wall sitting up, bending down, sweating like a dog!

Mr Wong was really really worried and asked if I want to see the doc.

The problem was I can't even walk. T.T

He was trying to carry me.. but the moment he wanted to carry me the pain got more n more intense! It's like somebody is trying to twist and turn my tummy inside.
Then I remembered I was crying for my mum T.T and asked Mr Wong to gimme pen n paper so I could write and state clearly thatI requested Mr Wong to stab me with a knife so I can die from suffering with this stupid never-ending pain.

I think to prevent me from talking/acting nonsense Mr Wong knocked me off to save him from this crazy experience. Haha this is of course not true xD

At last, I think I fainted and slept while Mr Wong stayed on guard beside me watching me sleep.

Seriously I really felt like I took a quick tour to Hell and came back conscious when I woke up.

Thank God I feel so much better already.
P.s: I think I won't be blogging frequently now unless I have time in the office because the laptop I am using was given back to its rightful owner, Jeff (my tall lanky brother) >.>
P.p.s: This also means that I will have to use my ancient, slowmo laptop from today onwards.. do expect less pictures from me =( cos i don't have the patience to wait for slowmo to transfer the pictures from my mobile.. wah so sad =(