Monday, June 30, 2008

How I spent my Saturday

To anyone who are familiar with The Sims, guess what I saw yesterday at Sainsburry's?

YES! The picture says it all. I had always wanted to try at least one of the dishes my Sims cook in the game. I know it's a bit crazy, ridiculous and impossible but hey, nothing is impossible to meh >.<>

Pretty easy to cook I must say. Just follow the instructions and...

VIOLA~ Chili Con Carne is ready to go with rice or bread. We chose bread. The results?

2 big thumb-ups. Tastes like curry, would be fabulous if cooked with beef and this dish is enough to ease my hometown curry craving. Yum Yum.

ok, after eating. Let's do some exercise, shall we?

Warming up myself to prevent unnecessary cramps and torn muscles.

Ready. Get set.

GOOOOOOOO!! Aiyak I stumbled a bit. Oh well, the typical, clumsy me.

I can do this! Come on! I can win this! *self-motivating*

Grrrr~~ The disadvantage of owning a pair of short legs

Need I say more? Haha

The end.

Friday, June 27, 2008


It's a bit chilly today (15oC with drizzles again). I woke up at 1pm with AJ and my sis in law laying side by side, wrapped up in a huge blanket on the huge bed. Well, AJ and my sis in law were taking their nap while I haven't wake up from my beauty sleep! Wahaha stayed up late to play Nostale with my cousin and her roommie until 3am. That's why >.<

Click on the pictures to see in a larger scale (Click to enlarge again if the image is still too small)

Well, what do you think?

I had to constantly distract myself from reading those comics by watching funny dramas and playing with AJ so that I wont cry in front of AJ and sis in law which I know will totally freak them out especially my sis in law.

Heart wrenching...

My heart shrunk and sinked to the bottom of my tummy.

There are a lot of times when we are so damn fortunate to have our families and loved ones besides us but we go "Shut the fuck up la!" when our mums nagged too much and we decided to pierce her heart with sharp words. So this is what our loved ones get when they care too much? (I didnt use the Shut-the-fuck-up words to my mum ar. Dont get it wrong hehe. I will NEVER do that to my mum)

And I was on MSN chatting with YT last night until 6am about the problems that I am facing. I complained on the things that I already have and I think I am such an ungrateful brat last night.

And the weirdest thing is that, this email came to me just in time! What is this? God's plan?? A hint from God??

I guess I just have to stop complaining and be grateful of what I have now.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Aquarium Day

Went to National Marine Aquarium in Barbican last weekend. Well they claimed to be Britain's largest aquarium or something so I went to check it out.

The Lionfish dun wanna swim over to me no matter how T_T
Aj, enjoying the underwater world

Forgot the name of the fish haha

Woot~ Giant squidddd

First and only giant squid bla bla bla...

If I'm not mistaken these are Flippers Lipson or Slippers Lipson.. tsk tsk tsk memory power is deteriorating...

Ninja turtle

Spin Spider Crab this one I remember clearly because the crab walks forward and not to the left to the left or to the right to the right.

Common starfish

This i tell you! I kept getting goose bumps each time I see it! No it's not a worm, it's a fish that looks like earthworm to me eeeewwwwwwwww

Even more goose bumps.. some kinda skinny, yucky starfish

Haha I have more pictures but don't wanna scare you anymore.

It was so freaking chilly outside plus a little drizzle and you know what I ate?

Strawberry ice-cream. =.=''

Simply irresistable.

So different from the oone we have in Malaysia. The taste and everything.. yum yum

And then we had our lunch at Nando's.

Eh will you guys believe if I tell you that last week was the first time I ate at Nando's?

Haha Sakai right? T___T

Got Nando's in Malaysia still wanna eat Nando's in UK.

The ambience. For once I forgot that I am actually in UK.
So the very Malaysian. Hehe. Table 25 is where we sat.
Our orders ^^ Hungry?
Believe it or not. This is Ratatouille. Rather disappointing cos we thought "Ei!! They have Ratatouille on the menu. Try try!" But then, the taste is not as tasty as the one seen in the movie.
And Chocolate Mousse for desert..


I am beginning to fall in love with my bro's camera already T.T

Quality of pictures taken damn nice especially close-up ones.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Proud me *cough*


I am proud to announce that my blog is fully modified.

Nevertheless, I still think that it's too white or blank?

I don't know.

But will keep it as simple as I can cos I believe simplicity is the best.


Don't worry. Won't add anything fancy yet for the time being.

Unless that "fancy" thing fascinates me and too irresistable for me to not put it up on my blog. Then Imma do it >.<

As you can see, I have lotsa flowers thingy on my new layout.

Reason being is that I lurveeee flowers babey.

Not any flowers of course. I lurveee artistic flower design like these. So yeah, IRRESISTABLE.

How how? WHat do you think of this layout? NIce? BaD? TOo flowery?

PLease please let me know. Cause you know, I wanna make it the best and will put my best effort to make it right.

Whether you hate it or you like it, please do me a favour by giving comments ya ya ya??

BUt dont purposely hate it out of jealousy also la k?

Haha just joking.


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Me blog is still under construction.

SO please do not freak out and go what-the-heck-had-this-girl-done-to-her-blog first k??

Tired dy. Wanna call it a day for now. Hehe

It's 12.40a.m. now.

So, night night.

Sweet Dreams. Don't let the bed bugs bite your ass. Hehe

P.s: wahahaha so now u know how I cheated my header size.. that's why i love black. Black hides.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sakai Me

Call me sakai.

I laughed my ass off when I saw bunch of ang mohs walking in their shorts without wearing any shirts.

But after few minutes I find it nothing unusual anymore when I saw another bunch of ang mohs walked around the town shirtless too.

Yes, shirtless and on the road where everyone can see clearly whether they have any birth marks on their upper parts of their bodies, ugly moles or even whether they have the so called sexy, and manly chest hair *yucks* and even when they are driving they are shirtless too! I saw one big fat man driving shirtless with his protuding tummy, and blonde chest hair.. man if he was a woman I can tell he is probably in labour! Not a pretty sight i must say but hey look at the bright side, they dare to display themselves and I guarantee 100% I definitely won't wear bikinis out even though everyone is doing it. No way!

I really like the culture here, seriously. They do whatever they feel comfortable to do because no one cares. People won't go finger-pointing and giggling at the back when you passed by and laughed their asses off the minute you're gone and help spreading how you portrayed yourself in public to their families and friends.

Sounds familiar isn't it?

This is what we do! As long as I lived, I believe if this ever happen in Malaysia, that fella is sure gonna come out on the front page of The Star the next day.

Just wait. I promise I will post up some pictures of them when I see them again.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Feel Like Blogging today XD

Minus the mushy intro.

I was over at my cousin's place the other night and we cooked, laughed, joked like nobody's business and spoke Foo Chow like we never ever get the chance to speak again =.=

Then her roommate was exhausted and fell asleep on the bed while me and my cousin, Moo, decided not to waste the time together.

It's not what you would possibly think ok? I still love ma boy boy very much la. It's because I always tend to sleep early, like before midnight, each time I was at her place which spoiled the sleepover fun la. A sleepover is supposed to be staying up real late and have fun together but once I got there I slept as early as 9pm. hahaha I think I pissed them off lo.

Anyways, the clever me suggested to watch movies instead of playing online games *beams with pride*

Moo was trying to hook me up with game because she knows I am a game addict. But on that miraculous night, I rejected her offer without a second thought muahaha *spread angel wings*

And yeah we watched Freaky Friday, Just My Luck and and and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN!

Why brokeback moutain is BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (capitalised la)??

Because I havent watch it la.

Never really got the chance to watch it. Hehe Not being secretive ok. Really no time to do so ><

To my disappointment, brokeback mountain is not that "excited" afterall compared to Lust Caution! hahaha the storyline was ok la but a bit too draggy for us. We watched for more than 6 hours for the 3 movies continuously from 10pm till about 5am when we finally decided not to follow the story anymore and fell asleep sleeping on our chests. The both of us.

And at about 11am mum called. But she hung up before I could reach my phone. So I woke up, walked to the bathroom lazily, brushed my teeth, change my clothes, said bye-bye to my sleepy cousin and her roommie and walked home.

In order to get home, I must cross a huge park, 3 traffic lights, and a STEEP hill.

The wind was slapping my face, piercing into it to keep me constantly awake throughout the journey. The cars in my opposite direction were trying to hint me that they were ready to knock me down anytime whenever my feet stepped out from the pedestrian road.

While I was letting the flowers from the garden alongside the pedestrian road distract me from the drowsiness, blur-ness and the pain caused by the long hours of prostration on the bed with Moo few hours ago, a man walked towards my direction and shouted,

"You're beautiful! Do you wanna go out and have a drink with me?"

For that freaking 4 seconds, I can feel my cheeks reddened and hot with adrenalins pumping all over my body.

When I realised he was holding a beer bottle in his right hand, I lift my head up, replied a lazy no in annoyance, rolled my eyes and walked 3 pace faster from him.


For a freaking 4 seconds I thought, "Mannn, someone just praised me! and he's a stranger!" and after 4 seconds I just realised I wasnt dreaming and face it! I am not beautiful. It was a lousy compliment from a stupid drunk man to a sleepy, blur, pale, and tired girl who finds it rather impossible to gather her strength to even crawl back home .

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day trip to Cornwall (part 2)

I have lotsa pictures.. and it's hard to choose which one to post up.. so i decided to "hentam" everything la hehehe

That's y i need to divide this entry into two parts.

Ok. After Land's End and St. Ives, we went to a place called Eden Project.

Eden?? Yes, Eden baby.

Common sense told me that place is sure gonna filled up with flowerrrssss and beautiful beautiful nature.

Oh how I love nature.

It was a long journey.

Er, not very long actually. I think an hour or so from St. Ives? I forgot, cos I ter-slept while playing with AJ. Dont ask me how I did it, I just did it. And when I woke up I saw AJ was sleeping too hahahaha

We parked near this Banana car and coincidentally our parking place is called Banana coach!
Then we unscrupulously cheated the entrance fee and saved £7 Hehehe
My brother was telling the lady at the cashier that I am still a student and forgot to bring my student ID card. When the lady saw my size, she went, "Ohhh, ok. That would not be a problem, love" and viola I am tagged at student's price, £8. Woo hoo there goes a happy "student" :P
The first thing I spotted when I entered the HUGE garden: "Can you see a giant bee???"
Can you see??
The closer and bigger version. THe one on the left is a showroom for SEXY GREEN CAR thingy, the one in the middle is more like a mini rain forest and the one on the right is a huge flower garden <3<3<3
In the SEXY GREEN CAR showroom, my bro's love, Lotus

This is Morgan, I called him "Batman's"

This one I forgot the name. Let's call him "Old Mc Donald" hehe

Lotsa other cars but not very eye-catchy for me. hehe

So...... moving on is...
One step nearer to the mini rain forest

Staircase to Heaven XD

And we have WEE man to show us around.. hehe he is made of waste.
Impressive huh? A clever way to recycle ^^

Inside the mini rain forest we have this bamboo house

Lack-of-nutrients pineapples

Then I realised that they wanna immitate Malaysia. No wonder we saw so many Malaysia plants in there and the temperature in there was as warm as Malaysia's.

Village house. No kidding ok, they parked a Honda 70 outside the house on the left!

I said, "Pisang tree!!" and my bro said, "EeeeEeee, long-haired antu!" =.=""

And this pepper tree (Hu yew ciu, in foo chow) hahahaha

Air terjun!! feel like jumping in it because of the heaty weather inside

THen i saw this! Feels like home ^^

After a couple of minutes, my brother and aunt mary were complaining that it was boiling in here so we went out. Actually I think it's hot too because the air ventilation is not circulating very well and I feel suffocating inside. That's why.

Then we went to the one with huge flower garden inside

Dunno where?

Ok, let me n my sis-in-law show you

Feel much more better here cos they let the wind in through the windows so it's much cooler

Flowerrrrrsssssssssss <3<3<3

More flowersssssss

And a smelly animal skin

A pair of face-punching siblings

A giant bee! OMG

And the sharpest mountain I had ever witnessed in my whole life :)

-The End-