Friday, February 27, 2009

Doop Dee Do Dee Do

La la la.. i know I have to post a picture a day, but yours truly was too tired to do so yesterday. Oh well, I'll post them up one go in this entry.


Remember this building not, Go and Da Sao?? Hehehehe Took this picture on my way back from the office.


And this picture was taken this morning by Zatil while I was painting Zura's nails. As you can clearly see, I have no poise at all buahahahaa I am more comfortable this way lalala. So the very disgraceful of me. Tsk tsk tsk but Zura loves her nails so much now. She said she's gonna look at them and gush over them time to time on her way back to her kampung later. So happy that I made her day~

On the other hand, I was having so much fun with Digital Polaroid Camera found by Sweatlee at here. Everything is so high-tech nowadays huh! I am very much amazed to the awesomeness of technology that not only creating cool stuffs like these day after day. In fact, this kinda technology really help to save lotsa $$$. My colleague who displays an ardent love in photography told us that nowadays they don't really sell polaroid cam anymore in the cam shops, and if you really wanna buy it, you gotta hit the antique shops - one word to define ANTIQUE is definitely money *ka-ching ka-ching*

Okay, enough of craps, it's showoff time. Kakaka

Nice or not?!! I love this picture! The awesomeness of this camera adds more value to the picture~~

And this is ma header picture. Love ma hair colour here though~~ Woo hoO~

Of course, not forgetting ma darling AJ who is forever so so so so so key-yewtttttttttt. I wanna kiss his red cheeks kao kao right now!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look who's here


Terry manipulated my keyboard when I went for a pee break just now.
Spread some love people~ The world really needs it now, even Terry needs it too~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pet Society

Look who's addicted to pet society now? hahaha

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project 365

Inspired by the blog gurus, I think I'm gonna start a project 365 too. Not sure if I can complete this project but I will try my best to make it happen. It might not be 365 days in the end. There is a high chance that I might abolish this project half way through cos sometimes I am a lazy butt.

Oh well, Imma try.

First, it's a good method to force myself to blog more often. haha

Second, I can let my friends and especially my family know what I am up to lately.

Smart eh? *wink*

Painted my nails again today. I just could not stand looking at my naked nails so I searched youtube to look for inspiration or perhaps to look for something to learn.
So glad I found it and learned.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee DIY. I just do.

Maybe because I find it special when you created something for yourself/other people by yourself with ur own creativity. You get to design what you want and in the case of DIY-ing a gift, it tops up ur sincerity! Ain't that awsome? Plus, it's the one and only thing you own/create in the whole universe! Save up the worry of having/giving the same thing like others.

It gives you, well, at least it gives me the great sense of achievement, marvelous amount of statisfaction together with excellent degree of happiness whenever I see my DIY stuffs in my room. It makes my day just like that and I will be so thrilled whenever I see them around.

Let me show you what I did lately =P

Tadah~~ No! it's not a present!.. It's actually a shoe box! hahaha wrapped up nicely by present papers. I know it's no biggie but hey I am doing my part to save the environment =)

There you go my sweet nail polishessss. Now you have a bigger room to breathe compared to the previous pikachu, see-through cosmetics bag mum gave last time. They won't fit anymore because my nail polishes are so fertile they breed like cats. I promise myself that this box is the limit *cross fingers*

Since I have so many shoe boxes thrown at a corner of my room, I've decided to make full use of them! I transformed one of them into a tissue box to cover the ugly packaging of premier tissue.
Fuh, feel so happy that I can save more money and the environment instead of buying a tissue box, and a new storage bag for my nail polishes throwing away the shoe boxes creating more rubbish.

Just a random photo of mine. I was shocked to see my hair looking blonder and blonder each day which in the end I figured out that it was the lighting of the restaurant that makes my hair "appear" to be blonde. Cheh.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tearful Valentine

This year's Valentine's Day was a day full with tears.. T______T

Everyone are flying back to resume their roles - making money for living.

The past 3 weeks were the best days in my entire life. I got to spend my whole 3 weeks fully with my family and my family only! No gaming, no chatting, no facebook-ing, no blogging. No nothing cos I really treasure every single second I spent with my family.

Sigh... and yesterday was a day full with gloom and sadness..

Bro, da sao and AJ are flying back to UK and mum and dad back to Sarawak thereafter.

The problem I have is that I absorb happy moments like how a sponge does when it touches the water but when it comes to the parting part, it's gonna be hell lotsa sadness. T____T




go... T_______T

For the past 3 weeks I have been spending a lot of time with AJ my darling nephew.

And can u imagine how terrible it is to know that you can't feed him/ sleep beside him/ play with him/ change diaper for him/ hug him/ tickle him/ hold his tiny hand/ bathe for him/ wipe away his poo for him/ reaching out for him when he is coming to you/ hear him cry/ hear him babble/ take cheeky pictures of him for God-knows-how-long it's gonna be?????


And I am gonna miss my sister in law so much to the extend that I don't think I will find any other sister in my life who is so caring, understanding, and fun to be with. Sister in law is just a title, I am already treating her like my own blood-bond sister. We were not that close when my brother and sister in law registered few years ago but after a whole 3 months staying over in Plymouth and another 3 weeks in Malaysia, I found out that we both share quite a lot of same preferences like sharing the same tastebuds - she loves to eat pandan cake like I do (that's why my mum ordered another piece of pandan cake for us, thanks ma, we love you so much!), we have the same thoughts and we read minds! how cool is that!?!

Gonna miss you la da sao, in fact, I am already missing you. Dunno if I will be shedding tears at the end of this post or not cos my heart feels a bit sour and sad now... gotta be tough! gotta be tough!!

Actually Mr. Wong forbids me to write this post cos he said I will be crying for sure after he saw what happened yesterday. I guess he is horrified. Haha Therefore, I must not let him down!

And my brotherssssss, when is the next time we can take photo like this again?? *emo*

Come back more often la big bro. Don't make us wait in agony mo T________T

Last but not least, my parents~~ I miss them so much now! T______T

Mum was so upset yesterday that she cried again in the airport when Mr. Wong and I sent them to LCCT from KLIA after we sent my big bro.

I knew her and myself too well that I will end up crying with her again in LCCT so I lied told my mum I was really tired since most of us didn't sleep well the night before and asked if we can head home to rest.

And once I buckled up my seat belt, I was crying again, all the sweet memories flashed back at a time..wa lao.. couldn't stand it... so I let go my tears.. was crying pretty much the whole way back from LCCT and continued crying to sleep when I reached home.

I managed to hold my tears back when my big bro sent me off at Heathrow airport last time but this time I failed. T_____T

So I cried and cried until Mr. Wong also cried (prolly because he ran out of ideas on how to console me and I was driving him crazy!)

I know it's Valentine's Day and I am not supposed to cry but to spend a lovely day with him instead but really couldnt help it. So Mr. Wong dragged me out to Pavilion. He said I must not stay at home, else I will use up his tissues.. =.=''

On the way to Pavilion I cried again =.='' when I saw times square~~ that's where we stayed for almost a week before we parted. wa lao I never know I have the ability to cry so well and easily!!

Then Mr. Wong tried to crack some jokes and that really helped to stop the tears. Thanks, sweetheart.

And why Pavilion?? The usual me will ask, cos Pavilion is not a place that I will shop, everything is too expensive for me but yesterday I didn't bother at all.

So Mr. Wong tried to distract my thought by asking me to take pictures (with my swollen, sore eyes) and all that...

So I guess it did work a while.. until I saw a baby in a pushchair and it reminds me of me pushing AJ in his pushchair few days before and I told him, "the tears are coming! the tears are coming!" and he panic-ly dragged me into a MAC shop.

and bought me this without a second thought. He knows I have been wanting this brush for a long long time and I am too stingy to buy it for me. I always walk into MAC shop and told myself I don't need such costly brush since I am not a make up artist and I don't do make up for living. I never expect that I am owning a 224 right now *emo* T______________T

So we went home and I asked if he wanna volunteer himself to be the first person to try 224 out. The usual answer is a stringent NO, but he nodded!

Hence, I tried it on him with the other blender brush I got to see if there is a difference.

Right eye

Left eye
According to Mr. Wong, 224 is really soft to the skin compared to the other blending brush I use. And my experience as the user, I found out that 224 is really user-friendly. It picks just the right amount of shadows and blend them in real easy. As for the other brush, it takes a longer time to come up with the effect I wanted.
So the conclusion is, a 224 is not a MUST-have la, you can use other blending brushes as they can give you almost the same effect but if you're filthy rich or you don't mind spending hundreds on a brush alone then you'll get to enjoy MAC brushes.

Can you spot which eye I use 224 to blend eye shadows with??