Sunday, December 28, 2008

How I spend my long holiday

I managed to catch up with some old friends at Naili's on Christmas Eve and spent a night at Angel's and went out shopping at Mid Valley on Christmas day and OMG midvalley was OVER crowded!! Love the christmas decoration though.. too bad the pictures are still with kakak Angel.

Our all time favourite Korean dishes~~ yum yuM~~

Favourite kimchi soup~~ *droolsss*

Day 2 holiday was spent with me painting my nails early in the morning at home while waiting for Jeff to wake up. Inspiration came from youtube that kakak showed me the other night. hehe. I'm a fast learner xD

Then, unexpectedly, Jimmy Tang called and we went out~ unplanned! woo hoO~ with Jen and Caroline too! Miss you charles!

Went to this Store @ Cafe place called Fullhouse at Niu Ze Xui at Kelana Jaya.

Lovely lovely ambience~


Jeff loves it too~

Camwhored a bit while waiting for our food to be served

Princessy feeling

Siti Sy Jen and Jimmy with their gayish activity (as always)

Love the bed~ So comfy!

Christmas Dinner at Catherine's house.

Yesterday I spent hours at APT salon. That's Jeff having a hair cut and me having my hair trimmed and coloured and also highlighted xD early birthday pressie from mummy~~ *wink* *wink*

How's it? Nice? I love it, anyways =P Thanks mummy~~ muaksss
That's basically how I spent my holidays lo. Have to work my arse off even on my birthday T.T First time spending my birthday away from parents and home. The feeling? SUCKS. Dont like it at all~~ Feel so lonely T.T

But loneliness gone as soon as I saw pressies on my table in the office xD Thanks zura~~ muaks muaks

Treat from fat ass Stanlee. Thanks abui~ muaks

Monday, December 22, 2008

Removed Entry

After considering some advice from Frozen and Dai Sou, I feel rather guilty for making the previous entry public.

But let me make my point CLEAR once and for all.


What made me mad was the secrecy.

If you chose to be homo, then be it!

I'll respect you for being your true self rather than being sneaky.

On how you wanna live your social life, that's your problem. You can bring anyone home except criminals. I dun give a shit. Main point is you gotta INFORM me either indirectly or directly. Why wanna hide your friend/partner? Unless she's an alien or ghost then I rest my case. But she's a HUMAN!! A HOMOSAPIEN~~

As the chinese saying goes, "Ren Xia Ren, Xia Si Ren!" - is so damn true and applicable to me now.

I don't wanna wake up one day thinking that I slept in the wrong house! Get my point?

After this incident, I feel so scared to even enter my own house.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Empty inside

So.. here I am again to blog about my boring life.

Hey, trust me. It's really boring. I dunno why like this T.T Everyday go to work (the only place I can have fun), then go back home.. eat sleep then repeat the same process over n over again.


How can this happen to me~~~~ My life is more than this la come on.. Almighty God, can u pls pls pls send someone as crazy as I am to hang out with? If one ish too few, You can send a dozen also nevermind!! I super welcome them~ Hahahaha

I thought life will be better once I started to work. But, disappointingly, it becomes worse. =.=

Really boring la my life!! I'm turning into a ROBOT la! I'm no kidding.. friends, if u happen to bump into me one day along the street looking liveless and emotionless don't be surprised ha..

The only thing I am looking forward to ish the arrival of ma fellow VIPs on the 23.01.09~~~

Cant wait cant wait!!

I have many places to go actually.. but no gang to go with!!!! I feel so pathetic la! Plus, the safety nowadays... even a slight chance to explore shrinks down to zero now. Talk about safety people. *sigh*

Oh yea.. super shitty I tell you... I thought I need to work like usual even on Christmas Day but heck, a suprised email came to us recently and we're FORCED to take leave on 24th Dec cos there will be no publications on that day (for Australia and New Zealand).. due to Christmas...

Sui liao la like this.. 24th on leave, 25th public holiday, 26th & 27th coincidentally are my off days.... Wow so many days of holidays in a row!



*begins to talk to myself*


Thursday, December 11, 2008

AMM Walk Hunt 08

Last Saturday was a day full of fun!!

Our company organised a walk hunt treasure hunt for the very first time!!

Super exciting!!

Was my first time playing such game though.
team 1

team 2 - there were 4 of us actually but one of our teammates dropped out last minute and the other one came late

team 3

team 4 (also the winner~~)

team 5

team 6

team 7 - second prize winner~~

team 8 - the only full team and also the 3rd prize winner~

Submitting the answer to the judge~ the judge nicknamed us the smiling team cos we always smile whenever they spot us! Know the answers also smile dunno the answer also smile..

Us, with our possible answers scribbled on the paper

Serious neh~~~ no wonder they won the second place

Wa lao~~ is that a DICTIONARY!!!??!! No wonder they got the first place!!!

tsk tsk tsk

busy discussing nampak...

nazah still got time to chill~ haha

the starting point..

searching for possible answers around the area

zura (middle) looks so damn serious!

Fuiyo~~ studying ke?

Fat ass stanlee's group

Gaya (girl on phone) even called her uncle asking for help!!
The question: Remove the final yahoo to get calm.
try answer that!? hahahaha

Lenggang lenggang kangkung~~


They got the most KIASU award from the judge because they bought every possible "treasure" to mislead the other teams!! hahahaha

The questions were really tricky. THey made us squeezing our brain juices out!

For example, try figure out the questions below:

Roti bakar menara = Answer is UBN tower!!

Why? - cos roti can be bread, bun etc etc.. and bakar indicates sth negative so the clue is to play anagram to figure out the answer.. clue word is BUN and when u anagramed it, it became UBN!! hence, UBN TOWER~~~ =.='''

Another hardest question of all!

Q: 6

Hahahahhaahha nah! try to come up with the answer !!

But the answer really makes sense though..

6 = enam, six

SIX = SI X (10 in roman)

Hence, the answer is SI 10!!!

See what I mean by tricky tricky??

But damn fuN! Imma be the first one to register again for the next walk hunt~~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sudden emoness struck me

I remember I promised ma sista in law to show her the pic of ma desktop screen.
You know, Monday was Hari Raya Aidiladha (dunno if i spelled it correctly though, lazy wanna check) so it's PUBLIC HOLIDAY! And most of ma teammates are on leave.. till Wednesday and Thursday night. leaving me emo-ing alone with the other teammates T.T

Why emo?

Cos the office ish damn silent k?! It's like I can hear you breathing if I pull off ma headset from ma ears! Yesh.. dead silence!!
So how do I survive the emo-ness and silence?

By keep staring at the monitor screen everytime i finish one publication! Hahahaha

Lame. I know, but it works! Meh~~

P.s: It's gonna be lonely Christmas this year!! Cos i still need to work T.T I am thinking of taking leave that day.. but heck~ i dun even have a plan! no where best to go also. T.T so better slave my arse off and earn double pay instead what to do $.$

P.p.s: I am beginning to hate December most.. cos it's a month that will emo me "kao kao". I can guarantee...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kurung Day Photo Galore

Thanks to me that every girls in my team were forced to wear baju kurung! muahahaha

Because we're on night shift, we're are given the privilege to wear T-shirts and jeans to work EVERYDAY. nyehehehe

You know, I we need some change once in a while.. so I dengan secara bangganya (proudly) forced proposed to the girls to have a Kurung Day~~
The results?


we camwhored a lot a lot after work at the pool~~
I dont know why she wont smile when taking pictures. She's just the opposite in real life~

I was trying to shake my butt beside the pool~ haha

Cool Pose

Dancing pose??

I point you, you point me pose

So good to have a teammate who brings camera everyday!
Me, da peacock xD

Look like Hari Raya scene not?

Izura, lady in peach, set the camera on timer with multi shots.. so this is the result we got

Typical me with my ghostly pose

Eherm.. finally a proper pose

Chrissy, in case you're reading, this is how the Malay ladies dress up formally and baju kurung is also their traditional attire. Three of the ladies on your left in the picture above are malays while me and the lady in red kurung, Rovathy, are Chinese and Indian respectively xD