Friday, November 09, 2007

Funny Mum

I love my mum so much!



Me, the driver (ever since I got my driving license) while my mum, The Queen aka The Boss's wife (taukenio) aka the Chatty Box aka the PR Officer aka Mrs. Friendly aka Tigeress aka ... erm.. I don't think you guys wanna read more of the details. Muahahaha

So me and my mum was having this little conversation in the car with some environmental noise by Colbie Caillat singing Bubbly.

I remembered we were joking like mad cows when I suddenly stepped on the brake which of course startled my Queen. Once startled, my Queen, due to her nature, motherly behaviour will shout and demand for explanation.

Mum: Oi~ Ah moi, what were you thinking ha!? You know you are trying to kill us? If both of us die how? If accident how? If dad's here how now? Do you have any idea of what are you doing? Are you out of you mind?

And like usual, after reprimanded poor me (though not my fault) she continued with the reckless driver now.

Mum: ...And this fella ah! I wonder how and which institution he got his driving license from!? Ha, never watched where he was going, never see the car (us) properly, he was supposed to stop at the junction (ooo! she knew it wasnt my fault see?) because he has to let us pass first...... bla bla bla bla bla bla..

The best part,

Mum: ...bla bla bla... &*#$^*&*@^&#$^&*@# (before looking at the reckless driver)

After found out who he is,

Mum: Eh, that's ABC leh~ Aiyo (voice started to lower down) what happened to him ho? How come he drives like that? Ai yo must be really tired being the sole bread winner of the family... bla bla bla...

I remained silent because I need to wait for my turn to talk cause there is no way my mum will listen to me when she's in her panic mode. So I waited.

My permission to talk was granted after few minutes.

Me: Eh ma, you know that stupid fella meh?

Mum: Haha bad girl. Calling people stupid.

*raised eyebrow*

Me: You know him meh?

*ignored my question*

Mum: You think he's handsome? I think he is handsome. Very handsome ho?

Me: *faint*

Mum: What!? I know him la (finally answered my question). He owns a shop selling baju kurung, sari and clothes one. Neh.. *pointing-to-God-knows-where* there. His shop is there.

Me: Mhmm.. O.. Okay..

Mum: ....

Me: Eh, ma. What is handsome ah?

Mum: ha?! You sot ka?

Me: I mean, how do u regard a person as handsome or ugly?

Mum: Well for me that driver just now is handsome.

Me: Ha? WHat's so special about him leh? He has 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, a mouth and a normal body. Everyone has. How do you differentiate ugly and handsome then leh?

Mum: Well... (silent for 5 seconds).....well..... (another 3 secs)... HANDSOME is HANDSOME lah! Why bother so much?! As long as my eyes like them, then handsome lah! *frustrated and completely forgotten the earlier incident*

Me: *laugh real loud* Ma, you are so cute la sometimes! What would I do without you, hmm?

Mum: Cilaka punya budak, tricked me ho!

And she lifted her index finger, bended in a C-position and knocked her driving-daughther.

Yeap! She's my Queen. Our Queen. Sweet Queen of Ling's Family.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thinky Thinky

Been thinking a lot since I am back home.

After reading KS's entry on "How Do Couples Keep The 'Spark' Alive In Their Relationship?"

I am kinda "awake" as in not being ignorant in matters like this anymore. I used to ignore and think, "Nah, I don't need those things yet."

But now, "Bah (yesh Chrissy, am using ur famous word again haha), I better start thinking and choose which path I wanna go".

How do couples keep the spark alive in their relationship ya?

I wonder too.

Mum's like asking me a lot bout marriage since I am turning 22 real soon (that's an obvious hint for pressies too! MUAAHAHAHAHHAAHA).

Well you know, questions like...

1) Have you been thinking of getting married after you graduate?
2) Are you ready for marriage?
3) What do you think of marriage?
4) Etc Etc...

Something like those...

From the surface, I dont care much about 'marriage', but I have to admit, those questions are disturbias.

And when I let my thoughts run wild, I see fear and as a result I chicken-out.

No joke.

I would go like this.

My thought:

If my bf proposed to me one day, will I say yes on the spot and then began to reconsider my decision when I get back home? Or will I say no and rejected him, making things turn awful? Or will I say yes and regret right after? And the list goes on and on... I cant list all of the possibilities. There are so many of them!!

If yes, am I really ready for marriage? Am I willing enough to vow and give my true love to him for the rest of my life? Am I willing to (like the experienced said) step into the world of sufferings and bid freedom bye-bye?

And this is where I start to chicken-out.

Maybe too many divorce cases, too many family problems, too many child abuse cases freak me out effortlessly.

I told myself that if I wanna build a family, it's has to be a stable ones, no hesitation.

I am still touching my out in the dark so far.

I see no light in the dark tunnel.

Touching and rubbing my way out.

Thinking about the future is scary sometimes because I am so afraid to end up lonely.

Contradictingly, I dont wanna give up my dreams. I still wanna fulfill my dreams... Bah~ (again, Chrissy, I know). This is it ladies, when you reach ages like these, you are at the most critical point... this is where your sacrifice counts!

And I just realised how lack of self-understanding I am!! And this is crucial for my future.

Because I will be graduating next semester and every decision I make will affect my LIFE! And I can never turn back time if what I have decided is already done.

Scary T_T

Now I know what is the real meaning of the big word- R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-T-Y!!!

Shoulders are feeling the burdens already.

No wonder I get sore-shoulders so easily lately and would demand Chrissy to send me e-choppys and e-massages! Eh, shreky?

Monday, November 05, 2007


Was feeling bored so I grabbed this frm Cibol's. ^^

You Are Ruby Red

You are warm and inviting - yet a little wild and outrageous.

Well aware that you have a dual personality, you work it as much as you can!

You like for people to be comfortable around you, but not at the expense of you stealing the limelight.

Popular and well known, you make friends easily. You have your big personality to thank for that.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mummy's Birthday

my favourite~~ ^^

Asparagus, my second favourite~~

Munchy, munchy

Thursday, November 01, 2007


If you asked me what will get on my nerve the most, I must say it's the infamous MALAYSIAN's attitude!!

It was rainy since dont-know-what-time this morning and no doubt there's gonna be traffic jam all the way down the Repok Road when I am picking up my little bro during the after-school hours. I can still tolerate the traffic jam but I really cant stand the attitudes of Malaysian's drivers! To be specific, SARIKEIan drivers!!! Yesh I am the local people here, but I DONT CARE! Sarikeian drivers deserve no respect from me~

I was trapped right at the junction when I turned into the road on my left only to know that there was a car on my opposite direction broke down. There were cars stucked in front of me already (because they are not following the rules) and when I want to reverse (so that the cars in front of me can reverse too), guess what?

None of the cars will let me reverse!!! They could have stop and give me some space to reverse then the whole jam incident can be SOLVED! Simple action like that can only take up 1 minute. BUt NO!! That was not the case!!!! They drove passed me leaving me and the other cars remain stucked in the jam.

And if it was not me little bro who went down and asked the opposite driver, we never knew that his car broke down! And viola~ we will be stucked there for like forever!!

See?? This is how Sarikei ppl drive nowadays! Ignorant and arrogant!!

I am very very upset. Why oh why?

Nevermind the zebra crossing because Malaysian drivers will never stop when they see people standing on the zebra-crosser, nevermind the show-off attitude when they drive and nevermind the simply-parking attitude as if they are some kinda big shots who can park anywhere. Nevermind all those~ I can still tolerate! But THIS!!!?!! This?!! A simple give-way attitude would have solve the problem and save us lots of time and everyone will end up happily ever after.

And know what's making me more upset and disappointing? Even my secondary school teacher will not give way too. She drove pass us too. Bah, what is this?! They are the one teaching us moral values but at the same time setting bad examples by breaking the rules too!



Everywhere is the same. Malaysian drivers are not friendly and kind AT ALL! *loser sign*

My tolerance for this country is slowly peeling away.