Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm in deep shit


I m in deep shit.

Holidays are coming to the end and I am still on my honeymoon mode..

So many works undone..

So much time to play yet so little time for thesis..

Hohoho~~ And soon it will be Christmas..sure no mood wanna do thesis!

OMG i m screwed~

Why la I am so playful?

(At the same time this is what happens in my brain)

Right : Should I tell them this?

Left : ERm.. I think better dont

Right : But I wanna share with them...

Left : Tsk tsk tsk, Image dear...Image!!

Right : Ok lorrrrr...

(Before hitting on the "Publish Post" button,....)

Heart : If you guys dont have the guts to tell.. let me do it!!

Wahahahaha this is not a joke.. Seriously happened in my brain. Heart and brain fighting again as usual..

Seriously hesitating... but heart won in the end..

SO a gentle reminder for all.

Be prepared for everything and in order to be sure that u are fully prepared, go Youtube and type for "2cups1girl" and watch most of the reactions first...

I am not gonna give you the link cos it depends on ur curiosity.. and I am giving u a chance to turn back too.. The decision is in ur own hand.. MUAHAHAHA

I m evil. I know.

And just in case you watched that.. Not my fault ar.. I am also curious like you. A gaming friend told me to watch it. So i went. Took me a long time to search for the link though.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Life or death?

I wonder what death is like sometimes,

Is it painful?

Do we still get to remember our names?

Our family?

Our friends?

Or a new life begins in a new world?