Monday, January 12, 2009

AMM Get Together Annual New Year PArty

Last Friday was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

All of us thought the annual party would be damn boring cos we had it in the office. We were like, "Awwww.. so not classy~~~"

I nearly pulled out last minute to be honest, but luckily I didnt! Else it will be a big sin to miss so much FUN!!

Night shift girlssss. We rock!

Then Derrick, the cameraman said, "Wei you all same pose only, do some funny faces la.."
I duno why I even thought my pose would be funny lo.. =.='' hahaha but everyone said, "wild cat alice!" when they saw this picture! Muahahaha I kinda stole the limelight nyehehehe.. dont mess with a camwhore i tell you! xD
And guess who is this on ur left??? It's our GM *fanatic screammmmmmm*
They actually swapped clothes!! I also wanna swap my clothes with GM!! *screammmmm* If I managed to swap, I wont wash GM's clothe forever!! GIMME THAT WHITE SHIRT~~ I WANT GM'S white shirt~~~
Look!! He's still wearing it!! ArggghHHhhhh Why is he so handsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *heart melts*
OMG, look at the way he laughs!! *fanning the heat*

Then this is our clubbing session~ oh btw our theme was Hawaiian beach..

My secret lover! ops~~ "terkantoi"

And then there was this best dressed session.. and these were the 3 most voted best dressed guys.. from left: Fui, Alif, and Nick *fanatic screammmmm*
yeap GM and Nick are the most handsomest guys in AMM!! All the girls will fight and die (if necessary) to just talk or take picture with either one of them! lol
So, the most voted were asked to do cat walk so that judges (we) can do audio-judging (screaming)
Fui, the first contestant who was doing the pageant wave.
Alif! was soo damn funny can?! He was so hot~~ And funny!!! I screamed until my throat wanna explode for him.

and Nick, ladies and gentlemen was doing the hot-guy-throwing-his-shirt cat walk! Guess where the shirt landed on?

it landed few inches in front of me!! And I quickly pick it up before other girls got it~!! nyehehehe and ran towards him and helped him to put it back on~muahahahahhaa
I WISH la.. but I didnt have the guts to do it! hahaha

And the winner!! FUI because GM likes his biceps! =.=

The girls' turn~ From left: Maria, Jamilah and erm... Mawani? Melani? Melati?? Shit.. forgot her name! T.T
But I really loveeeeeeeee Jamilah! she is so damn hot and pretty! and the way she shakes her bom bom! Wow!!! I think all the guys cant help themselves to not drool lo...and I can even read their minds wanting to do dirty dance with her very much. Tsk tsk tsk. And she won of course! And GM kissed her cheeks!! both cheeks!!! *jealous stare*

Then lucky GM's name was chosen to do ass cursive writing buhahahahaha and his word was RIBBON!! the hardest one! and we pretended like we dunno so that can ask him repeat again and again. I think his wife has to hire assasins to kill all the girls liao la.. hahaha

next was the word guessing game. GM agaiN~~ look at the musclessssss

oh.. and this is the punishment session where team B lose to team A in word guessing game. The word guessing was ok.. the most fun part was the part where we won and DJ played the Champion song~ And we got to sing "We are the champions my friends... we'll keep on fighting till the end... we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers cos we are the champions of the world~~~~~~~~~~" while raising our hands high up in the air swaying left to right, right to left and smiling sarcasticly at team B. bad right? But it was really satisfying and FUN! hahahaha

Team B people~ hehehee

Random picture.
Left to right: Zatil, Me, Zura and Chris.
Everyone criticized Chris in this photo (including me la of course) saying he looks so gay in it! wahahahaha Eh please la Chris, I requested a cool pose.. not gay wan leh

Because he is so gay, JC cut him off from this picture instead! wahahahaha nice work JC

Purposely upload this photo because Nick and GM are in it!! Wahhaahha

Friday, January 09, 2009

No Publication Day

Since we managed to finish our publications super early today and none come in...

All of us were having good time facebook-ing, shaking legs, loitering around, disturbing people, scaring people, blogging (me), snapping candid pictures and I became ninja (this was yesternight)~ nyehehehehe

Ok, let me show you how I scare people. xD

Meet Terry (named after teddy), my working companion - a gift from a friend~~

I sent Terry on a mission to frighten people..nyehehehehe

Terry: nyehehehehehee

and hence, Terry began to climb the divider wall... after like 30 secs, with my arm begining to sore, I decided to stand up to see how come no response from Aimi. Expected response was a big and loud "HAHAHAHAHAHA" from her.

no wonder no response... she was sleeping =.=''''

Attempt 1 failed!

So, I sent Terry on mission 2.

yay! Mission 2 succeeded!! hahahahaha Well Done Terry! I'm so proud of u!! Muah muah

Note: Notice my manicure?? xD Love sally hensen's French Manicure~~

And caught this shot with Zura's shexy butt~~ and she stranggled me for 5 secs and molested my boobs at the same time! Trust me, if you see/heard me dead one day *touchwood* she's the prime suspect! hahahaha

oh ya.. out of boredom, I became ninja too!! wahahaha