Friday, July 27, 2007

Latest update from me ^^

Layer 1 : On the outside...

Name : Alice
Birth date : 28.12.85 (Since I blog this out I will expect lots and lots of presents this year! Wahahahahaa)
Current status : Happy single
Eye colour : Brown
Hair colour : In the process of becoming dark
Righty or lefty : Righty

Layer 2 : On the inside...

Your heritage : Chinese (Sarikei Hu Jiu Neng)
Your fear : Weight loss!!
Your weakness : Losing my temper at the wrong time
Your perfect pizza : Cheese and pepperoni (same with Angel's)

Layer 3 : Yesterday, today, tomorrow...

Your thoughts first thing when you wake up : Huh? What day is today?
Your bedtime : Not later than 3am EVERY night (Good thing mum doesnt read blogs wahaha)
Your most missed memory : JAC

Layer 4 : Your pick...

Pepsi or Coke : I don't like soft drinks but if I really have to choose, it will be Sprite
McDonald's or Burger King : McDonald's
Single or group dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or vanilla : Definitely chocolatoooooooooo
Cappucino or coffee : I prefer Soya Bean drink

Layer 5 : Do you ...

Smoke : Unless I don't want my life dy, then I might want to kill myself slowly..
Curse : When things go wrong
Take a shower : Twice a day~
Have a crush : Got over it
Think you've been in love: No
Go to school : Yesh
Want to get married : Absolutely everybody~~
Believe in yourself : Most of the time
Think you're a health freak : Hell no.. I eat all those fatty stuff without even think of it!!

Layer 6 : In the past month...

Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall : Yeah
Been on stage : Yes
Eaten sushi : Erm..the last time I ate was when Angel asked me to finished her unfinished sushi
Dyed your hair : Not anymore. Suffered a bad hair damage

Layer 7 : Have you ever ...

Played a stripping game : Nope
Changed who you were to fit in : That would be really silly

Layer 8 : Age...

You're hoping to get married : No idea..never ponder on this though

Layer 9 : In a girl/guy...

Best eye colour : Crystal Blue
Best hair colour : Depends on the skin tone
Short or long hair : Again, it depends..

Layer 10 : What were you doing...

1 min ago : Sending files to Rose
1 hour ago : Chatting with Rose and Jen
4.5 hours ago : Slept like a PIG
1 month ago : I hardly remember!!
1 year ago : Staying in UT, suffering brain torture with the bastardious, shit-face securities and management people!

Layer 11 : Finish the sentence...

I love : travelling, adventures, arts, surprises, uniqueness, pressies, flowers, happiness n peaceful moments!
I feel : so so damn nice right now with the cool breeze circulating in my room
I hate : being occupied by the past
I hide : my secrets in one of the dark rooms in my heart
I need : new adventure!!!

See, Angel? I DO reply la.. Hehehe

Thanks for tagging me anyways, a good excuse for me to update my blog, though.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yo YO yo~~

Wahahaha I'm back!

Spotted this great MTV in Monkey Wong's latest entry, which gave me a strong urge to post it up here to SHARE.

NOTE: My pure intention is to SHARE, not to CONDEMN ya. *Displaying Puss's, the charming cat in Shrek, well-known-innocent look and an angel ring above me head*

THe lyrics were FANTASTIC! Hillarious! A mood-breaking one!! :)

Negaraku is very normal, but Negaraku-ku??-add one plus point! wAhahaha (If you get what I mean)

Like he said, "PLease don't sue me, saya takde duit". :P