Monday, February 26, 2007

I need a TIME-OUT!!

Back in PJ dy.

As usual things never flow smoothly here. I don't have any idea why is it so but somehow rather I feel that PJ is a 'cursed' place. I'll never enjoy my stay here. I'll never have the peace of mind that I long for eternal life~


Need a TIME-OUT~~~~


How I wish the clock just stop ticking for one day~

I don't have enough time to use~~~~


Lots of things to submit this week and here I am sitting here with my legs perching on the table's bar. Cool right?! But I'm damn worry~~~~

I have to hand in my proposal this Wednesday and I have not even get started yet~~

My mind is blank blank blank....

Friday, February 09, 2007

Super Duper High


2 assignments were done already. The feeling is so GREAT!!

I'm so HIGH right now <---of course contributed by various factors ya~ High cause I'll be flying back TOMORROW!!!(ok ok low profile, low profile, sorry). High because 2 assignments gao tim dy.

No mood wanna attend the next tutorial la~~ Mr. B's class somemore~ wonder how am I gonna struggle through his tutorial class every Friday and OH MY GOODNESS I'll still have 9 more weeks to attend his class... He's a good man, knowledgable but I don't think teaching field suits him.... No intention to offend him but all the 22 of us catch no ball when he was lecturing... Now, I'm really worried as how to sit for his mid-term in March. *sigh*

Anyways, I'm in the mood to PLAY, PLAY and just to PLAY right now.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

UALG 2003 Language Teaching

After attended Mr Renu's class this morning.... I am a bit freak out by the lesson.. Hehee

Freak out in a way that I'm actually gonna be a teacher in the future leh!! T-E-A-C-H-E-R???? The one who stands in front of the class??? Scolding and lecturing ?? TEACHER leh!!@@!!! Can you imagine me as a TEACHER??? Alice Ling wor... TeACHERRRR??? (i think this shows how freak out I am now!)'s not that being a Teacher sucks.. I like to be one(if I can). When I was in primary schools, I always think, " nice to become a Teacher hor? Students holiday teacher pun holiday~" but when I know that a teacher's job isn't as easy as I think it is.. That somehow scares me a bit... Cause there's always this "BEHIND-THE-SCENES" thingy to do. Teacher has to prepare a lot and she/he must be KNOWLEDGABLE!

Mr Renu taught us what is AIMS and OBJECTIVES this morning. Now that I know the difference between these terms, I have to be really careful and aware of my language~ MAN!! this somehow burdens me leh.. Now who say studying ENGLISH LANGUAGE course is easy ha?! You've got to have balls and boobs (metaphor only ar!) to study it hor!

I've even prepare myself to face the worst situation that I'm gonna face IF I really become a teacher la..

Worse situations are when students ask:
1) Teacher, why are you so skinny?

2) Teacher, why you so short one? Blackboard also cannot reach (all students: HAHAHA)

3) Teacher, why you so dark one?

I've even prepare myself to face the naughtiest students like "Teacher, why u so flat?"

Well, like Mr Renu, I'll act like an angel in front of them but inside me I'll be @#%^&^*%^%*@&amp;%$*#^%*@#%$&*#%$*&@#%^$*%#%*@&#%$*&#%^$*@#&%$*^*&$&#%$(@#^$#%$*&@#%$&*#%@$^%*#@^$%!!!!!!<---That's more like it!

That's ALICE


Tuesday, February 06, 2007



Assignments, assignments, assignments...

Presentations somemore....

Aduh~~ So many at once...

DAmn it la~ Don't care huH~...

No matter how they are not gonna affect my Chinese New Year mood~~

Muahahahahahahhaahahaha (wicked laugh AGAIN) :P

Monday, February 05, 2007


Something stupid happened to me yesterday~

I thought it was Monday when it's only SUnday. I got so panicked that i will be late for Monday class. I woke up, jumped down from my bed and dashed to my table to search for my phone to check if I have any missed call from Angel or Pei Xian.

While all these actions were taking place, my coconut started functioning... I was thinking, "Eh..Weird come I didn't go to church this week? What happpened this weekend until I forgot to attend masS?" (and the list went on and on..)





Then only I realised that it's still SUNDAY la~~

Stupid me.. how can a Sunday just slipped through me?

hahahhaa I laughed myself out. No wonder my roomate was staring at me blindly wondering whether I was walking in my dream or what..

Gosh.. later when I shared this incident with a friend.. He said, "My God, homesick till like that meh?? XU YAO MA?"

Well, the only thing that I can do is to smile sheepishly. HAHAHA

My goodness.. come to think bout it, my "homesickness" is getting more and more serious each day~ hahahaha Luckily I'm going back this SATURDAY.. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

BUT.... BuT... BIG BUT...

When I think about my LUGGAGE....


I've got so many luggages to carry this time la.. And Angel toO~~ CAn't imagine both of us carrying big big luggage on that day. I bet you can see lots of *&amp;amp;#&*@%$%@&*#$ signs on our heads then.

Muahahahhahahahah (wicked laugh)