Monday, August 27, 2007

Check this out


I love it when weekends are approaching,

I get to get rid of Amu,

I get to get rid of my troubles,

I get to get rid of my unhappiness,

I get to be Alice Ling on the weekdays,

I also get to be the previous Alice that I had always wanted on weekends,

Isn't it great to have double personality?

Now that I am busy changing my personalities,

I had no time to worry about petty stuffs anymore,

And that makes me feel...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Rainy Day!

What a rainy and cold Thursday!

We were having our Mamak session this afternoon when the uninvited rain poured down.

Not only that we got cold feet, drenched in sky juice, we were shaking like wet dogs while sheltering at PF. Wa lao eh.. The whole road was covered with mud water from the construction site. Sien~

We lost our patience when YT and I had enough sheltering at PF (PF block is just next to our faculty but too bad it is being separated by a gate). We were rushing for class at 1pm and it was still raining. And because the whole walk way was covered with mud water, I had a naughty idea.

We decided to do our own 'Prison Break' episode. Hehe

I can't really take pictures that time. So, I drew the picture out.

Look, I know it's a bit like Siu Kiong la, but that were exactly how we looked like just now.

Yt thought I was crazy when I said, "Let's climb".

But when I actually climbeb, she didn't protest. She followed.


It was so much fun! With the mud water pouring endlessly, and the fear that we will fall into the mud water, we climbeb along the gate and to the other side of the gate and jumped on the dry spots to get to our faculty. Damn adventurous.


By the time we reached our faculty, we were all wet. But the most important part is, we had FUN!

We are indeed crazy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Here are the rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

8 facts about me:

1. I am a girl!

Hahaha ok ok.. i know that's so lame. But..that's the fact ma. Don't boo me leh.

2. My cupboard is dying!!

This happened last Friday night lo!

I was in such a good mood; decided to tidy up my cupboard (the fact is I want to find my missing-in-action MP4 la, I thought I left my MP4 inside ma) and suddenly in the middle of putting all the clothes back into the cupboard, that freaky thing squeaked and thus, collapsed. The best thing is, I was trapped inside the cupboard and Angel was not around the other night to help me out! Don’t laugh la~ Not funny at all la, can? I got so frustrated that I kicked the cupboard when it collapsed AGAIN when I tried to fix it.

Collapsed with all my clothes pouring out...

Stop laughing la~~

Hopeless cupboard

3. I have a friend who knows a lot about Thai Boxing.

Goodness Gracious

The name is HS.

The whole class was shocked when this fella, who is usually nerdy nerdy one with his endless philosophies (craps) and a big head rupa-rupanya so violent inside! HS did put us into our shaking boots when he jumped with his knees aiming so high upwards. It's like the kick that Ken and Ryu, in the Street Fighters always do. Fui yoh~~

4. I no longer use Motorola V3i lo~~~

I changed to Nokia phone dy! Hehehe So good to have a bro who passes down everything to me when he got himself a new gadget. It saves my pocket from burning all the time!

*greedy grin*

5. I am crazy into manicure lately.

I realise that there is a BIG change that you can do to your finger nails. By clearing all the dead cuticles and polish up your nails, they will look perfectly clean, tidy and smooth. When you learn that, you will never leave your room and present yourself to the public with your dirty and dull nails.

6. I am in the process of collecting money and waiting for the price of a PSP to drop!!

Ya la, ya la, call me aunty whatsoever la. I am definitely not one of the fools who would dash and kill among each other on the launching day of new gadgets when it was damn obvious that the launching price is always throat-cutting though I am crazy over gamesssss.

7. I sleep a lot in the afternoon nowadays when I don't have to attend any class because I realise that I won't be able to enjoy this luxury when I start working next time. Thanks for the testimonials and comments that I heard from Charles and Jimmy. I think I better enjoy my life as a student to the fullest lo..

8. Finally, I am a PURE Malaysian Chinese who listens to English songs, Chinese songs, Malay songs, and Hindustani songs.

And my 8 victims will be…
You x 8.

Don’t forget to inform me in my comment that you are gonna do this tag ok? Cos I will really read your tag in your blog. ^^

Have a jolly day, folks~~

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Missing You

"So tell me tell me, what did the doctor say? Boy or girl?"

"Hehe. It's an active boy!"

I can't wait for my big brother to online the other night as my sister-in-law's brother who just came back from UK told me that they are going to know the gender of the baby after doing the scanning thingy on Monday.

Thus, he did online on the time I expected and I threw away my assignments for a while to have a full-time chat with him. He is gonna be a dad real soon and I couldn't throw my tantrum at him anymore cos he would only look at me at annoyance and say, "Grow up, will ya?". Sien. I lost another "victim". Hehe

I was happy to know that it's a baby boy and couldn't wait for the next morning to break the news to my mum. At the age of 45, my mum is gonna be a grandma, me - an aunty, my dad, who still argues with my two younger brothers (when mum is not around) over a computer is gonna be a grandpa! Mum, on the other hand was very very funny. When she heard from me that it's a baby boy, she couldn't believe it. She was overjoyed. Calling me four times a day to confirm the news whether my brother really said that, whether the doctor made any mistakes, whether the scannings were clear and bla bla bla... It took her one day to actually calm down with the news. What a cute family I have.

But I miss my brother a lot and at the same time feel very sorry for them. They are on their own at Plymouth. No relatives, no family members around taking care of them. We can't do anything to show that we care except emailing and chatting through internet and long distance calls. My sis-in-law is now pregnant heavily with my nephew. All of us are worried if my brother, a pre-dad, knows how to take care of a person or not since he is the one being taken care by my sis-in-law all the while. But to my greatest relief he does a good job as a husband and a daddy (I did my homework by interviewing my sis-in-law, you see). No doubt, my sis-in-law is well taken care of together with their precious diamond in her womb.

Feel so sad that we can't be able to be at their sides when the baby is born next year. He will be so far away from us and only get to know us through pictures when my bro points and says, "Baby, this is grandma, grandpa, aunty Alice, uncle Jeff and uncle Jerome"

Sad, but true.


I miss them a lot. Wish UK is just a stone's throw away so that I can fly over to pay them a visit whenever I miss them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Life is all about POWER

Man, sometimes it's hard to deal with injustice.


I'm just a human, a human with feelings, the only thing is that I am a bit abnormal. Abnormal in a way that I am born with a more sensitive feelings than normal human. I get upset easily, I get jealous easily, I give up easily, I broke down easily, and I gain hatred easily.

And life is testing my patience and also teaching me how to deal with it.

When G banged his door, L didn't utter a single syllable. Not a single fart.

But when we couldn't get hold of the door from banging because of the wind, we got scolded. Scolded for our rough-ness, scolded for not treating her property nicely.


Life is so unfair!

Just because G is working and we are students, he gets the best treatment.

L carries his balls like nobody business; full of love and understanding.

Just because G can afford to pay more, we get to wash all the yellowish stains on the toilet bowl every morning.

And the best part is L doesn't seem to make any move in telling him to clean his own mess although we voiced out for uncountable times.

She said, "He's a guy, and it's kinda sensitive to bring up this "hygene" issues to him".

And thus, the "hygene" issues that we brought up quite often some time ago remain in ignorance.

WTF?!! Just because he is a guy, who has a gf living next door, whose gf's dad is a friend of L, we got to clean up the motherfucking mess every morning after he used the bathroom la!?!

Huh, but we (Angel and I) didn't clean the toilet for nothing la.

We get something in return.

It's not that we dislike G, we have nothing against him.

We dislike L only. For being so kiam siap in everything!!! Like the saying goes, "The richer a person is, the more stingy he becomes". L is super damn fucking rich, can?

Below are some examples of her kiamsiap-ness and her bitchiness,

1) Ceiling fan cannot switch to 5 mode, max is only 3 even though the weather is like hell outside.

2) Cannot put too many stuffs in the fridge as we're making her fridge congested. (but the truth is that, she occupies 90% of the storage though she stays alone with us and when we OCCASIONALLY buy some fruits to put in the fridge, she starts to throw that laser look at us when we approach the fridge).

3) Cannot use her kitchen.

4) Cannot talk too loud in the house.

5) Door must not be closed without a single sound as the door will break.

Lesson learnt: I will never ever rent a room with owner staying in the house as long as I am still breathing. I had enough. All that were promised before agreement was achieved are all BIG FAT LIES after you moved in.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In the middle of finding the right thing...

While "war" is happening furiously at Angel's, I am having my "slow-paced" life over here.

I can start to feel the gap that is getting bigger than a leap distance between my fellow friends.

Been really really busy since months ago, I don't have enough time to sleep! I can feel time is ticking away so damn fast like lightning. Too fast till I haven't really get the chance to breathe in and breathe out properly. Man, this is making me really tired.

My countless acnes on my cheeks and forehead and some at my chin, dark eye circles and swollen eye bags are heavy evidences for the punishing nights I went through all these while.

It's been a long time since I last sleep before midnight.

Seriously running out of energy, beauty sleeps, time and not forgetting, $$CASH$$.

Joke of the day:

Brian pulled over the car by the side of the road and showed Jed where he'd first had sex.
"It was right down there by that tree. I remember the day plainly. It was a warm summer day. She and I were so much in love. We walked down to the tree and made love for hours," Brian recalled.
"That sounds wonderful," said Jed.
"Yes. It was okay until I looked up and noticed her mother was standing right there watching us."
"Oh my God! What did her mother say when she saw you making love to her daughter?"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back-dated post

I was supposed to post this entry last thursday one.. but then ho.. the wireless connection in my room sucks to the fullest after Go Go (the guy renting the room next door) moved to Seremban.

Sien lo~ No internet liao lO! Cannot read blogs lo cannot do assignment last minute lo.. but in a way good also la. Cos I tend to plan ahead to finish my neverending assignmentsssss. Wahahaha OK ok..

Back to business..

This happened exactly last Thursday night.

The sky was already dark as the sun was hardly to be found when Angel, YW and I were heading back home after YW and I pampered ourselves with Mc D burgers for dinner after spending long dreadful hours in the campus, except for Angel as she is disciplining herself to adhere strictly to her diet schedule. YW baited her to join our indulgence. Her reaction?

Well, a very cool “No thanks. I am on diet.”

I was like “Wah… the power of love”.

Oops… this will be another different episode altogether therefore, I shall not elaborate more.

Back to the incident.

As usual the 3 of us chatted on our way back home. We crossed the busy roads and headed into the dark lanes. Well usually we have to walk only one lane to reach home but unfortunately every Thursday, Metrobus will only stop at the front of Poh Kong as they don’t wanna go inside Chow Yang (I stay around that area, you see) due to the heavy traffic jam caused by Thursday Chow Yang Pasar Malam and those impatient bus drivers are smart enough NOT to drive into the Chow Yang area and got themselves stuck in the jam.

So, all the bus drivers will only drop us in front of Poh Kong jewellery which is the nearest walking distance back home. In order to reach home, we need to pass 3 dark lanes compared to only one on other weekdays.

The first lane, a lady in her office wear was walking with us. In order to keep track behind her, we increased our paces to a faster rate while the 3 of us chatted to create a relaxing atmosphere and at the same time keeping guard on our surrounding.

The second lane, 3 men were walking in our opposite direction. We panicked for a quick second and walked further away from them. Any suspicious figures approaching us can be the potential robber, raper or murderer, you see. Fortunately, nothing happened.

*wiping sweat off forehead*


The third lane; also the last lane.

As we were passing half through the third lane, I saw a motorbike parking behind the lane of my house. I don’t know why my stupid instinct asked me to turn to my right and checked out what the motorbike was doing there.

Right when I turned my head, I thought I saw a woman in helmet adjusting her vegetables in the basket at the front part of the bike that she probably bought at the night market and prepared to ride her bike home. But I was horribly WRONG.

It was quite dark that time so I tried to adjust my eye sight to capture a clearer picture of the “woman”. I was thinking why the “woman” is so stupid to park her bike way too far from the night market and I am pretty sure that every woman staying in SS2 will have the basic conscience that parking at the far, quiet and dark lane behind the houses is actually giving out a golden opportunity to get robbed or raped or even murdered in the end! So I suspected something’s fishy.

I looked back again and saw that actually it was a MAN.

It was an Indian man clad in a yellow shirt complete with a Bermuda with his helmet still on his head and was seen facing the white wall separated by a small drain behind the first terrace house. Okay, I was thinking he was answering his urgent nature call. FINE. That’s one of the advantage that men earned since they were born though that was quite a disturbing sight.

Mana tahu…

I was WRONG again.

If he was peeing, why on earth did he hold his birdie in full with his right palm rubbing it with a front-to-back-and-back-to-front action while revealing half of his backside?

The moment that I figured out that he was actually masturbating in his own world, I guessed he had already sensed our presence as he turned his head towards us. I didn’t realise that YW was actually looking at the same direction as mine. The moment I wanna tell her and Angel, she was horrified at the sight and I guessed my facial expression was clear enough to show that we have to RUN!!!

Don’t ask me why but that was the first thing that popped up when I saw that disgusting sight.

That maniac was staring at us while comforting his 6-7 inches birdie downstairs. SHIT! What a “multi-tasker”.

Both YW and I were so damn scared that he will chase after us for compensation after we found out what he was doing over there and I am damn sure that that was his intension to do by the way he stared at the both of us.

Too bad Angel missed the whole drama. She was blindly being grabbed by me and pushed by YW from behind into our small Olympic home-run. She clearly did not have any idea and started to panic why were we running like mad cows even though I shouted, “SHIT! That fella is masturbating la. RUN, girls, RUN!!!”

Guess she wasn’t aware of anything and still got time to complain that we dragged her into that sudden marathon while running. It was funny to think back but scary to experience that.

Hence my question is,

Are we making a big fuss out of this incident? Cos aunty (our landlady) said, we could have just ignore that guy and let him carries on with his exciting activity and walk calmly home instead of running home like lightning. But my point is, what if he attacked us pulak?

Any better suggestion or experience to share as what is the right way to respond to this kind of situation if we come across it again in the future?

*touch wood, touch wood*

Who knows your feedbacks can save one precious life.