Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home Again


will be flying back tomorrow morning; earliest flight~~ YAYS

But I will be leaving around 10.30pm later (No YAYS~)

Hope it's not too bad to sleep in the airport later T_T Experienced once before and it was horrible.

Hope time passes fastest here and slowest in Sarikei. Hehe

Till we meet again, adios~~

Muah muah

P.s: Mum will be smiling cos her "indon" will be reaching soon T_T

P.p.s: Gigi, here I come!! *hugs tightly*

Note: Gigi is my precious cairn-mixed terrier.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where is The Love?

I have these few thoughts that I would like to share,

Case 1

Is it happening in Malaysia only or is it happening every where? I am so sad to witness the shocking truth with my own eyes. I was at Tesco Extra, Cheras yesterday afternoon when I saw 2 men argueed.

Before this I was happily walking around, enjoying the Chinese New Year mood with the "Dong Dong Chiang" music sang by cute little voices while checking out prices of anything that I came across and tried to compare them with the prices I saw elsewhere. OMG i am so aunty -.-

And then out of the sudden I heard someone shouting. We strained our hears to get a clearer version. This is what I heard;

Conversations were conducted in Cantonese, translated into English

Men1: May ar!

Men2: May may ar?! Dai ga dou yao cho ger ma!! Ngo mai dou jo hip lo! Jong siong dim!?!
(What What?! It's our faults and I had already apologised! What else do u want!?!)

*men2 stared hardly and rolled eyes at men1*

men1: Tai may tai!
(Stare what stare!)

men2: May ar?! Ga jan ng tai dak ar?!
(What?! Now cannot stare ar?!)

men1:*grumbles and voice slowly fades away*

men2:*walked away*

and then, an aunty suddenly popped out from no where saying,

aunty: wah...may si ar? pasar malam meh? hiu~~
(wah..what happened? Night market meh?)

*turned and continued her flower-selecting activity*

At that very moment, I felt very very embarrassed though I don't know them.

Embarrassed because, majority of us who were present over there were Chinese.
Embarrassed because both of them are fathers.
Even more embarrassed when their puzzled kids were looking at the scene and that's how their daddies (role models) acted in public.
Embarrassed when one of their kids - a cute little girl, pulled her daddy's shirt and asked innocently with a cute barbie girl's voice, "Daddy, what happened? Why like that?"
Embarrassed because how come Chinese treat Chinese like this.
Embarrassed because what if a tourist came across this incident and laughed his ass out and thinks, "So this is how Malaysians treated each other in this Boleh-land eh? Malaysia Boleh!"

Where is the love ppl!!!! WHERE!!!!!!???? T__T

World is a scary place to live right now. People are hating each other. How sad. No sense of unity anymore. Everyone is too selfish to help.

Case 2

On the same day (after the first incident), while I was waiting for my bf at the sitting place near escalator, I was supposed to sit on the bench. But hor, tesco is so lokek with benches. Only 2 benches on the first floor when the place is like so big. And I saw the benches are both occupied already so I thought aiya nvm la.. let aunty uncle sit.

Then I was looking for a better place to stand and wait and while doing so, the ppl around me were like so busy pushing their trollies towards the escalators. Whenever I wanted to go right one trolley will come into my way, and when I turned left another trolley dashed along.

What I was kept in the middle. While trying to get out from the 'jam' a sudden, coarse and rude "HALLO!" startled my fragile and confused soul. As if I owe him million bucks like that T_T

I am not making a big fuss out of this one ok? I was really shocked and at that very moment I felt like showing him the middle finger at once and a "FUCK YOU" to complement my revenge. But I didnt cos that will make me look like him. Brainless and stupid!

A simple "Excuse me?" will die meh? At least I wont feel so annoyed and irritated. *$&%(*&$%

Where is the love people!!!???!! T___T

Case 3

I read this from the news online just now. I feel so sad at the family's loss of their brilliant girl. And very disappointed with the bus company (as usual).

So this is how we are acting. Ignorant and sambil lewa. Poor innocent souls.

I wonder if I should continue reading the news or not. THe more I read the more heartaches I get.

Where is the love?? What goes around, comes around ma! *sigh*

Monday, January 28, 2008

GIrls just lovee to shop

Last time I can stand in the front of 1 million crowds and proclaim that I HATE SHOPPING! HATE THE LONG HOURS OF WANDERING IN THE MALL. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

But now if you ask me to do the same thing I think I will shrink down to the size of an ant. ><

Trust me, if I dont make myself busy this long semester, my pockets will turn into ashes. T___T

So gila shopping nowadays T____T cos I am too free... classes only on Tue and Thursday.

For the past few days I spent over RM1000 already if I am not mistaken... I am never like this one la...Help me help me... T__T

I straightened my hair, I bought tons of new clothes for family members and I eventually need 2 medium sized luggage bags to fit them all when I am flying back home this Thursday wheee~~~
But 2 medium sized bags are not all.. I have hand carry stuffs as weell T__T

Goodness gracious hope the luggages wont stamp on me T__T

And last night I found out that I have this shopaholic symptom already.. die die..


I feel like pulling my hair when I am forbidden to go out when the sun is still shining outside.

Sg wang and Times Square are floating in my head every min every sec when I was locked up in the room.. Mampus mampus

And I feel like taking sleeping pills just to make all those thoughts gone for a while while I sleep cos I know I will forget everything when I wake up the next morning.

Dear God, please return me to my normal life. The one I have right now is not normal. ABSOLUTELY not me. T__T

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Best Lyrics EVER!

Since you've been gone I feel so much better
Cause I saw how mean you could be
I used to want some explanation
Now all I want is my Patsy Cline CD

How I've waited for today
When I could finally say

You jerk
You jerk
You are such a jerk
There are other words
But they just don't work

Sometimes I wish I'd mailed you that letter
That said the things I dare not say
Instead I set the thing on fire
I had to say this outloud anyway
I'm so glad I found the nerve
To say what you deserve

You jerk
You jerk
You are such a jerk
There are other words
But they just don't work

They try to be so cool
Insult you like a fool
Never take your call when you're nobody at all
Until you're somebody and then they want to be your friend
How come jerks don't know they're jerks
(I don't know)

So next time someone makes you feel little
Just sing this song inside your head
And like a great big cartoon bubble
These lovely words will dance above their head

How I've waited for today
When I could finally say

You jerk
You jerk
You are such a jerk
There are other words
But they just don't work

You jerk
You jerk
You are such a jerk
There are other words
But they just don't work

P.S: I just loveeeeeee to listen to this particular song, You Jerk by Kim Stockwood when I am angry. The lyrics are all the words that I wanna say so much.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello AJ~~

GImme a magician or Doraemon!!




I really need Doraemon's "Pintu Serbaguna" T__________T

I wanna hold my baby nephew so much!!!

Please welcome










AJ, my very first nay-piu~~

I, your beloved aunt Alice wanna see you so badly that she naively wished so hard that Doraemon really does exist so she can see you right when she opens the "Pintu Serbaguna" (or whatever you call it) though she knows it's not gonna happen T_____T

I'm just too desperate ba~~~

Come on... I need to hug this baby!! Really need to!!!

Ok this is what I am gonna do if I see him.

I'm gonna

1. pinch pinch his red chubby cheeks when my bro/sis-in-law is not looking

2. kiss him so bad till he cries out loud for help ><

3. take lotsa lotsa photos of him with his beloved aunt Alice

4. buy lotsa lotsa toys for him

5. buy lotsa lotsa handsome, macho, baby clothes for him

6. hold him all the time

7. bathe him

8. bring him out go kai kai

9. talk foo chow to him and make him confused! muahahaha

10. again, pinch hiM!!!


Oh well AJ, let me at least hold you in my dream T___T

Aunt Alice laps you so much~~~~~ MUAKSSSSSSSSS

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Angel does exist

A friend of mine, approached me through MSN yesterday evening and told me that he adopted a Brazilian little girl.


Yes. That was my reaction. And I started to have lots of questions floating in my mind.

How could he do that when he is in Sarawak and the girl is far far away from him?

And he's not even married?

How did they meet?

How did this happen?

How and why???

And after Q&A sessions, I finally learned that this generous friend of mine, is sponsoring USD 30 EVERY month to the 3 years old kid that he just adopted.

I was could he do that so willingly when that kid is so far away from him and she probably does not even know who is sposoring her education and she's only THREE~~~

He told me that he had always wanted to do this since he was young and now he finally did it because he finally has got himself a credit card.

Guys, my conclusion is... this friend of mine is truly an ANGEL(exclamation mark)

To be honest, I wish I can do the same thing but how can I do that every month to a stranger at the other end of the world when I can barely guarantee myself a promising future?

Guess this is what generous, kind, sincere, sacrifice, good, and Angel is like.

P.s: If anyone is interested to do the same thing, make sure you have a credit card. Then log on to

Monday, January 07, 2008

True Story

Was having a farewell dinner with my beloved family last night when I received an urgent call.

When we rushed to the hospital, we headed to the emergency room only to find out that the patient was still inside the operation room.

None of us can sit still though grandpa and his youngest brother were chatting away but I know, they were as worried as we were.

The chilly room increased our nervousness.

Someone told us that the wife is on the fourth floor, hospitalised since don't-know-when.

On the fourth floor, I stared at the OSK for a long time. It was a weird graphic, rare one, not the usual picture I saw in movies. It was a line, long-gapped with small, short pointed hills. I noticed my mum was staring at it too. Before it hit us, one of the nurses came to us and asked if we were her family members. We told her we were her relatives, and nurse then asked for her husband. Mum told nurse that husband met with an accident hours ago and was still in the emergency room. Nurse was shocked and symphatised the dying wife.

Moments later, husband was out from the emergency room. Bruised left eye, stitched forehead, blood-clogged nose, swollen wrists, and broken ribs. Hurt him most even with a little poke. Fresh blood stained on white bed sheets under his bald head. The urge to cry was there the moment I saw this old man laying helplessly on the bed. The inability to readjust himself to lay in a better, comfortable posture on the bed like how he can do by himself before the accident pierced my heart so much. My poor grandpa's brother.

He does not even know his wife is dying on the same night, in the same hospital and on the same block. Their children were not by their sides. Not even one. Only us, the outsiders were they. How sad. We decided not to tell him the bad news. Let their kids tell him soon when they come. IF they come is what I mean. I feel so sorry for them.