Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All the way from Taipei

Guys, meet my new companion, Ronaldo, because he wears a soccer T shirt. Haha

Lovingly bought by Mui Mui Perry for me all the way from Taipei neh. *bliss*

The Taipei Family.
L to R: Ronaldo (me), Nenek Zura, Datuk Perry Mui and Zatil Penyet.

I so wanna watch this!! aand also 2012 movie~~

Friday, July 24, 2009

Random photos again

I'm getting more and more forgetful nowdays. Don't know why and I don't wanna know why too.

Cos people will say it's the aging factor. PTUIK. 23 onlyyyyyyyyyyyy (supposedly 24, but I don't care. My birthday is not over yet =P) , aging your head.

I remember CLEARLY that I told myself to upload these photos and I'm only doing it now. >.>

The view from the office on Monday morning.
P.s: That's my hand at the bottom right, not my boobs. Stop staring~ lol
Love Monday morning (this week) cos it finally rained!! Alleluia~~~

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the woman who gave me life (couldn't do that without my dad, of course). I have to admit something, my mum really doesn't look like her age, does she? She's turning *drum rollssssss* 47 this November! I hope I inherited her anti-aging gene. Hehe

Baked some "Hari Raya" (that's what my colleagues called them when they get a taste of it) biscuits at home last week. I'm clearly too free. Haha

My roommies, the ones I sleep with every night back home.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess what?

You know what, I've learned the easiest ways of all to get a person on the phone without having to go through the long, winding answering machine.

Apparently these 2 naughty djs (Ben and Fabes from Fly FM) found out this article from Reader's Digest.

And they tried 2 methods out of 9.

Ben tried by pressing gazillion number at a time and it went through!

Nasty, but me likey!

While Fabes talked gibberish! Haha It was so funny but didn't work quite well. Then he proceeded by mentioning a competitor's name and viola~ he got through within 20 secs! How cool is that!

I'm gonna try that when I need it!

No more craps but getting down to business straight!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random pictures

Look what I found in dad's mobile! The February photos!
Mr n Mrs Ling

AJ with his famous The Rock eye brows. Pretty Mrs Ling and Tired Mr Ling. Haha

AJ looks sooooo longgg here

why both Mr Ling so serious?

Prefer the chocolate flavor with nut topping. Yummy!~

Mrs Lings

I look so fair~~~~ I like~~~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Bully

You know sometimes, i don't really wanna be rude.

Some people can tolerate being bullied, I can't. Nor can I tolerate watching the people I love and care being bullied.

The story is like this.

I brought my grandma to the hospital yesterday for her quarterly medical checkup.

We reached there around 7.30am.

Needless to say the hospital was already crowded though the sign says it opens at 8am.

So everyone was shoving through the crowd to submit their medical book. After submitting we waited for grandma's name to be called so we can move to the other room to wait her name to be called again for consultation and check-up. It's all about waiting. You know, if I can knit, I'm pretty sure I can finish a baby sweater already with the amount of time waiting.

All in all we waited for 4 hours just to get grandma to be checked and claimed some medicines.

4 hours! for God's sake.

Imagine the patience I need (I'm clearly impatient, you see, but because of grandma I waited patiently without a single whine).

Right till we made it to the doctor's room, the nurse with the blackest, sour-est, stupid-est, lansi-est face asked, "WHAT WERE YOU DOING WHEN I CALLED YOUR NAME?! YOU MADE ME CALLED YOUR NAME FOR THE SECOND TIME!"

Poor grandma couldn't understand what the heck she said and kept asking me to translate.

I was fuming and couldn't tolerate myself any longer.

So I fought back.

Me: Excuse me? You ingat nenek saya 30 tahun boleh terbang ka? Orang tua yang ada penyakit dahla kaki lemah, macam mana nak jalan cepat?!!!

Nurse: You tak dengar saya panggil nama nenek dua kali?

Me: You tak tau nenek saya duduk jauh kena jalan ka?!

Nurse: You tak tau duduk dekat sikit ka?

Me: You BUKA PINTU dan BUKA MATA BESAR BESAR you nampak ada lagi tempat boleh duduk ka?

Nurse: ....

I was gonna report you and your stupid attitude to your superiors!

But grandma stopped me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

QRB 8323!

Received a call from mum telling me someone hit dad with a car causing dad to fall in the middle of the road.

Knowing my dad's weakness, I quickly rushed out to the workshop before dad's heart went soft and allow that f*cker run off happily.

Doctor said the injury is not too bad - no ribs / bones are broken. Phew~ However if the pain persists, we shall bring dad to have his x-ray taken.

QRB 8323, WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN if anything happens to dad! I know where you stay, I know what kinda business you're doing. Mess with my dad and you can bid ur peaceful life bye bye! THE WHOLE SARIKEI WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND BEAT YOU UP AND TURN YOU INTO A PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT!

Mark my word!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'm CRAZY!!!! (updated)

I'm crazy I tell you. Super crazy.

Crazy!! Crazy!! Crazy!!

Look what OT(overtime) did to me.

Look what the crazy jam did to me.

Just because I don't wanna squeeze like a jam packed can of sardine during rush hour, I actually convinced myself to walk into a salon.

And I told myself, "Don't worry. It's just a trim. It's okay."

Last peek of my long long hair... bye bye long hair....

The so called "trim" ended up like this...

I feel like throwing up now when I see this picture again..

I'm crazy.

Upon the request of kakak Angel, this is how the back of my head looks like right now.

Yes, I feel naked at the back of my neck.