Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kurung Day Photo Galore

Thanks to me that every girls in my team were forced to wear baju kurung! muahahaha

Because we're on night shift, we're are given the privilege to wear T-shirts and jeans to work EVERYDAY. nyehehehe

You know, I we need some change once in a while.. so I dengan secara bangganya (proudly) forced proposed to the girls to have a Kurung Day~~
The results?


we camwhored a lot a lot after work at the pool~~
I dont know why she wont smile when taking pictures. She's just the opposite in real life~

I was trying to shake my butt beside the pool~ haha

Cool Pose

Dancing pose??

I point you, you point me pose

So good to have a teammate who brings camera everyday!
Me, da peacock xD

Look like Hari Raya scene not?

Izura, lady in peach, set the camera on timer with multi shots.. so this is the result we got

Typical me with my ghostly pose

Eherm.. finally a proper pose

Chrissy, in case you're reading, this is how the Malay ladies dress up formally and baju kurung is also their traditional attire. Three of the ladies on your left in the picture above are malays while me and the lady in red kurung, Rovathy, are Chinese and Indian respectively xD

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been wondering...

we have always heard of phrases like 'made for each other' la, 'true love' la, 'soulmates' la, 'he's/she's my destiny' la, 'bagai pinang dibelah dua' la and bla bla bla la...

but come to think of it, how do you know who exactly is the one I mentioned above??

Like how?

Does he come in the same size as you? Or does he come in a size bigger than yours?

Does he have similar face like yours? Or does he have the same nose like yours?

Does he have similar interests like yours? Or does he share the same thoughts like yours?

Could he be the one sharing the same weird habit that you have?

Could he be the one you meet for the first time in your life?

Like how?

How do you know that he's the one?

Like something comes knocking on your head one day and says, "He's the one!" ar??

Like how?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brief Update

mIt's fatty's stanlee's birthday today.

We held a surprise party for him at the office~~

Another advantage of working night shift. Hehe

Manager's not in and the office is OURS! >=J

A surprise party which is not that surprised after all =.='''

Love this pic. Always make me laugh. Ivern's eyes are like O.O

Us girls, Desmond and the birthday boy..

Fatty the fat poser~

We asked him to cut the cake and he said, "wait! after this pose!" and it went on and on...

...until he finally cut the cake~~=.=

How can we let him go without a poke on fatty's face with strawberry jam?
Latest update:
I moved to another new place. And currently adapting to the new environment~~

Hence, no internet connection!

Ok la.. try my best to update every now and then >.<

Monday, November 03, 2008

Appy Birthday Mummy!

Ma mum is the best mother in the whole wide world!

In order to bring welcome me safely into this world, she bore the pain that she never thought she can ever bear during labour for 3 days. Aih, I tortured her even before my lungs are filled with oxygen. Wicked!

I am so glad to be mothered by ma mum cos I have the coolest mum! The friendliest, prettiest, cutest, loudest, funniest, most sporting mum in the whole universe!

Happy Birthday MUMMY!! MUAKS~~~


On a side note, I have always wanted to update ma blog but couldn't find the right time for me to do so. Hence, imma present you the latest pictures taken from last week till this morning~

Don't be cheated by the humble look of this lady! I mean the lady on ur left, haha. This cheeky and funny girl is Izura, or more commonly known as Zoro during night shift! Serves her right for giving all kinds of nicknames to us. We named her Zoro in return. Now I am known as Orangey because of this video I showed to her and the whole night shift knew and thanks to Zoro the morning shift people also called me Orangey now.
Ma fellow team mates!
From Left: Zatil aka Ang-gu-gu, Rovathy aka Pingu, Izura aka Zoro, and me aka Orangey!

And this guy on the left is named Kiki by Izura and when we asked why? She said, "Well it just happened to cross my mind". And funny Naza quickly posed as a puppy asking for treats when Kiki is heard/called! Hahaha
And this is taken this morning during break time at mamak stall! yeah! All the night shift girls rock! Too bad ma team leader is too shy that you can only see one side of his elbow.

And these 3 fellas are from another night shift team. From left: Ivern the knowledgable, Stanlee the fat ass who looks gangster-alike here, and Desmond who is more gangster alike when he's not smiling and I wonder what makes him smiled this morning when this photo was taken! xD Prolly the Aquas (tranvestites) made him smiled! wahahaha Ok. Not funny, he'll kill me if he reads this.

And this is me!! Did i scared you!?! Hahaha well, I took the sales girl's advice and tried on grey Freshkon colour lenses. And I must say I like it muchy now! They look so natural~~ Love the colour to bits!