Friday, October 26, 2007


yays~ today marked one of the happiest days in my life!


Cause under certain circumstances, my dad brought us a web cam!! Yays!!!

Daddy is the best!

Ta dah~ Penguini says HELLO to all of u with his red eyes~~ ^^

I named our web cam, Penguini. Reason being is that I like Linguini from Ratatouille. I particularly like his name. I thought his name is sweet, special and nice to hear. So I kinda named my web cam after him. Muahaha

Soon daddy will buy us dvd burners too. Yays more nice songs to listen.

Ahh... pampered ears~~ muahahaa

Okay.. so how does this Penguini came about eh?

It was last night when Chrissy and Choy (another friend I met in Nostale) made a deal to see each other through the web cams that I got trigered. I cant just miss the fun when they are having fun in front of me right right right? So I told daddy that I want a web cam too~ plus web cams are cheap nowadays. Daddy said ok. So before me daddy changes his mind I better take actions fast. So I went to town and bought Penguiniback home with me.

This is so much fun. Now I can see Chrisy and Chrisy can see me too~ and we cant wait to see Choy! :P

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Running out of time!!

Busy Busy Busy.

24 hours a day is totally insufficient!!


Just in case you guys are wondering what I am doing everyday..

Well, first thing when I wake up in the morning, I have to dry the family's clothes under the sun. And they are not only 2 pieces as I got to dry in PJ, it's like a basket of them!! Wa lau eh. PPl said if house got baby only then the house is full with clothes to dry. But MY HOUSE??! MY HOUSE??!! No baby leh.. all tua-tua one~~ Still so many clothes!! *sigh* Ok ok..enough elaborations i think? Hehehe

After that, proceed to wash dishes and it's rare to see no dishes in the sinky. Aduh aduh..

Then hor, vacuuming the floor lo. Mop them sometimes.

Water the plants like 2 days once. I dunno whether that's the right tradition or not but hey, my plants are still alive! So I assume that the tradition should be continued muahahhaa.

And then, bathe my two rascal pets like 2 days once too.

After that rest a while, cook lunch.

Bring out lunch for my mother. After lunch help her with business right until 5pm sometimes 6pm.

Reach home. SOmetimes I need to cook dinner too.

After that, if the clothes are dried, fold them. Baskets remember? *faint*

After dinner, bathe.

After bathe, my happy-hour time!


Online gaming!!!!!

Gaming with my partner-in-crime, Chris - American. He's so cute I tell you *chatting away*

Oh.. I'll elaborate that in another entry :P

In conclusion, I must praise my family members for "using" me to the fullest while I am still in Sarikei.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woo Hooooo

I'm officially back. Back in Sarawak, back in Sarikei, back to blogspot.

I just realised that I left my blogspot like for a month or so..

Gosh, if I were to earn money by blogging, I am sure I am gonna starve to death.

Well, learnt a lot of stuffs during my absence from blogspot. (I know, I always said so)

Went to Muar, Pontian, Kukup and Melaka right after finals. Well.. was thinking whether or not wanna put any pictures here and there.. but I am too lazy to do so. But Angel did a good work. So you can always visit her blog and read the details.

After Johor-Melaka trip, I went to Genting for vacation II before flying back here. Muahahaha Totally enjoyed myself to the fullest cause i know I am gonna miss PJ and KL at least a little for this 3 months holiday in Sarawak.

Well if I were to blog about every single thing that I encountered during my period of absence, it's gonna take agessssssss.

There were shitty Air Asia guy incident, whacky-prone children incident in the plane (they really got on my nerve!! and I feel like choke-slamming them so hard!) etc etc.

A minor accident happened today.

Well, I was being too "kepo" looking at my mum driving and me driving another car.

I didn't realise that the car stopped in front of me. So my car kissed their car's butt lo.

Was so worried that the car in front will hammered me on the spot, so I was like totally blank that time.

SO I quickly went down to check out how bad the damage is.

It was a MIRACLE.

Not a single scratch was found.

The owner of the car couldn't believe it. So she kept on inspecting and asking her daughter to double check, triple check and zillion gazillion check some more.

Well, what can I say?

1068 Aunty, trust your eye sight la.. what you see is true leh. No scratch memang no scratch la..

Muahahaha. I am so blessed today. THanks for protecting me my good Lord.

CAnt imagine the consequences if the opposite takes place.