Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Return

HHmmmmmhhh ha... (inhaling the air in UTAR's internet lab)

After a long time of disappearance from blogging.. I've finally come back~~ kekekeke

Hopefully I'm a better person already as in happier, prettier(i hope, hehehe), nicer, fairer, smarter, more cheerful, more logical, more rational?? I dunno, I'm more than pleased to have you(all those who know me) as my judge ok? :P

Current Hair Colour: In the process of becoming darker...
Current Situation : Packed with assignments and presentations.
Current Mood : Fabulous. (Cause gonna go back in 11 days time!! YEAPYYY)
Curernt Location : UTAR's internet lab w/o speaker (pin drop silent here!)

Let me update you with what I had been doing/going through during my disappearance.

Well, things ain't going smoothly as soon as I came back to PJ. SIEN la~~ First and foremost, the honourable ENGLISH LANGUAGE SOCIETY is currently in a pathetic situation, MAN!~ Lots of paperwork to do and ppl aren't dedicated enough to work things out. Plus officers of Department of Students' Affairs (DSA) gave a lot of works and confusions. Haih~~ Just imagine ppl calling you in the middle of the night asking you to come up with a proposal which need to be submitted to DSA the first thing in the morning?? WTF... Poor secretary of the society wasted a lot of time, beauty sleep, phone credits, and energy to call everyone for this urgent matter. SIGH~~ think I better stop here.. If not, I'll probably drive you into ur dreamland. :)

Next is University Tower's family business!! As usual, UT is a nice place to enjoy and stay, but to maintain staying there cost a lot of $$$. That's why only poor ppl like me have to worry everyday. Few days ago, I was really tensed over the house thingy. Too worried and stressed up until I didn't realise that I'd hurt my friends' feelings by showing black faces. SORRY guys... But I really dun know that I am blessed with this ability to un-intentionally scared all of you with my sour face hehehehe(well, actually that's how I react when I have troubles in my mind, definiitely NOT angry at anyone, ok?) . But, glad that things are improving to a better stage already. I wonder whether I'll die young or not for worrying too long and too much.. hahahaha

Well, third thing is "I had put sth on my blog now, UNCLE~~" hehehe (hope you don't mind me calling you like that ok? Cause I enjoy doing so...and i'm somehow stuck with it dy) :P

Adios~~ Gotta be late for class if I didn't stop. :)