Thursday, February 28, 2008


They say twins usually have those telepathy thing and six sense for each other.

That's how we are.

We have the same interests, we have the same hobbies, same ambitions, same favourite colours, same tastes, same dream house, same dream guys' look, same level of silliness (although i know she always say i m more stupid), same thoughts, same ideas, almost same weight, same fashion sense, same heights, same family problems.. yada yada

Took me a while to think of our differences actually (not talking bout looks la of course) and I figured it out that the only thing that differentiate us is the portions of food that we take. She will be the one who eats so damn little that i always say she eats like cat and makes me look like a dinosaur in front of my other friends =.=

The combination of the both of us are so superb that no one can deny.

We worked the best out of us because of our understandings and psychical-ness.

We never argued over stuffs when we're on our assignments because our thoughts and views are always the same to the extend that sometimes we don't need to voice out what's in our minds. Our minds are connected. It happened so many times and it is still happening so often that sometimes we got so irritated because we will end up arguing who said first and whose idea that belongs too. LOL

There was this incident when our tutor used to separate us for our tutorial activity. I was paired up with A and she with D. Task given was to write a short feature article introducing Malaysia as in what interesting activity we can promote to attract the interests of tourists.

So I came out with the idea of Off-Driving and happily thought that she wont be able to think of the same exact idea. Plus we sat far far away, me and A, at the back of the lab and she and D at the front corner of the lab. And guess what lo.. in the end tutor found out that 2 groups are doing the same thing and our tutor's face went =.=
It was funny and awesome!

A and D were like OMG-they-are-so-creepy and since then the whole class knows that we're inseparable. Hehe

Just like today, everyone found their groups but us. We are fine on our own. Just the two of us. Too bad the lecturer insisted us to join the other groups. She wants a group of 4-5 members. And there we were, in deep predicament of which group to join cos there are 2 groups of 4 members each seeking for only ONE more member and all of them were waiting for us to decide.

I held her arm. She has the look of unwillingness. So do I.

I said, "Don't worry. We're together no matter what! I don't care what the lecturer says but we're one and no one is gonna separate us."

She smiled and agreed.

So we went up to our lecturer and told the 2 groups that they can do whatever they want, as long as both of us remain together. And our wish was granted. One of the members of the team went to the other group and Yin Ting and I remain together.

No no no, don't get it wrong. We're not lesbians. We're soulmates, we're sisters.

I know we're graduating but our friendship will remain forever cos i treasure it a lot.

~Best Friends~

~(My forehead is not oily k? That's how smart gurl looks like, aiseh)~

~Found you, sis~

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Penimbang kurang seimbang or rocket?

Election fever election fever...

The posters are EVERYWHERE! Creating a super messy sight in PJ. Banners and flags all tied and hung from one lamp post to another, from tree to tree, from round about to the advertisement post... disturbing and blocking drivers' view.


Getting sick of it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Call me Genius!!

Hello all,

I am in my super cool and happy mood right now.

Guess what?

I am able to solve my own laptop's problem without any help leh!

CAll me genius la~~~

All this while, I always seek/beg/demand/scream for ppl's help neh.. because I ain't no computer experts.

Like usual (every time my laptop gives me hard time), I will pick up my phone, browsing my phonebook to find potential victims and harrass them with calls and sms-es.

And too bad all of them were too busy for me T____T

Pathetic right? *nods head vigorously*

But today???!!!! today??!!!!

God must have love me so much today that He sprinkled some "smart" water on me ><

and POOOOFFFFF i fixed it!! I fixed it~~ ON MY OWN!!!!!!

(Though it's only a small petty software problem for all of u whom i am 100% sure are more pro than me)

But at least la call me genius for this one time la


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tribute to Sarikei best doc

Alright, since a few friends of mine are starting to complain me for not updating my blog, let me just type one out right now since I am still emo-ing T_____T

Inspiration came when I read Ah Jen's post about death.

Like he said, "Life is so fragile, now you're here, tommorow you're gone".

The first person that came into my mind happens to be my ex-schoolmate's dad who passed away recently from a hit-and-run accident.

He is my hero and he will always be. I can feel the pain of losing someone great, loving and kind though I am not related to him by blood. I find it hard to believe the moment my mum told me he passed away. I protested. I remember clearly that I prayed for him deep in my heart when I got the news that he was in a coma. I remember asking God not to take him away as we love to have him around. I remember I thanked God for protecting him when his surgery succeeded. But why?! Why take him away again when everyone think he deserved to live forever? why??

Many mourned at the loss of the great, in fact, BEST doctor in Sarikei. He was the one that I as well as my family would go to when we're sick. He watched us grow.

The last time I saw him was 2 months ago when I brought my grandma to seek for his treatment. He looked weak and pale, but the best part? He remembered my name! "Alice!" he uttered.

His friendly, warm voice will remain clear in my head.

I wished that I talked to you more. You're like an uncle to me.

Rest in peace, Dr. Yap. And may God showers His blessings onto your family and may your pure, loving soul remains joyful in heaven.

I couldnt help but to agree with u Jen, "Cherish every moment, you dont wanna regret it later".


I am terrible,
I look terrible,
I sound terrible,
I talk terrible,
I live terrible,
I study terrible,
I walk terrible,
I feel terrible...

Dont ask me why, I dont know why.

PMS? Emo?

I dont know.

Someone please kill me. I feel shitty right now.